Hip-Hop Rumors: Rick Ross Say Sorry To The Gays! Who’s Dissing Keri Hilson?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! RUMORS! If you see something, say something! Email me here! Shout out to my Twitter fam! We had a lot of fun yesterday. Wow…LOL! I might […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



If you see something, say something! Email me here!

Shout out to my Twitter fam! We had a lot of fun yesterday. Wow…LOL! I might get on there more.


A good friend of my good friend called me today and said that he had been told by a very, very reliable source that Lil Kim is going to be joining TLC. YES. Lil Kim assuming the rapper role in TLC? Well, here is the latest. The details are being worked out where Kim will join them on their tour in Japan that’s coming up. OK, at first it sounded crazy, but on second thought, not so insane. Kim in an established name in the game and going overseas, they will probably fare well. I don’t know if this is a permanent change, but as a temporary move…not a bad idea.


From what I understand Nicole Wray did do a record where she was dissing Keri Hilson. However, I will say that I am hearing that Ms. Wray and her people have had second thoughts on actually releasing the record. Basically, they realized that them going at Keri is something similar to Keri going at Beyonce. So, that’s’s that. Good luck, Nic!

Now, my girl on twitter told me that Nicole Wray IS going to diss her. So, I take back everything that I just said. SMH at R&B singers acting like they are Hip-Hop.


I didn’t even know that the gay community was upset with Rick Ross, but lo and behold here is Rick saying sorry. He took his time to sent a parting shot to 50 Cent in the apology.

“I heard I offended the homosexual community recently with terms I’ve been using the last few weeks – terms like f###, punks, homos, gays — we all know. And what I want to say is I apologize. I sincerely apologize to the gay community, to the people I offended with the words like f###, gays, punks. You know, words like that. I apologize. And just to let the gay community know how sincere I am with my apologies, I’m offering and willing to do a record with a openly gay artist such as Curly, Curtis Jackson, 50 Cent. We all know he’s gay. I’m willing to do a song…Even Elton John…Both two great gay artists…So I apologize to the gay community. That’s from the boss…Now all the gays, we good. Peace.”


A couple weeks ago there was an “internet rumor” circulating that David Banner said the only reason why Black Woman get perms is because they don’t really like themselves and that it’s also another form of “Black On Black” Crime. Well Recently David Banner stopped by “Live with Kendra G” and cleared up the rumor! So Black woman..BE EASY!


PEOPLE, BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING! The internet is not your kitchen table and your conversations and interactions on the internet can be seen by many people. I say all that, because this dude played himself sooooooooooo bad. I wont say his name. I will say that he uses Twitter and he decided to be critical of the company he worked for. See, this dude didn’t work for some schlep company…he worked for a big time tech company. Bad move. Somebody from the company followed him on Twitter and you know what comes next. The “rat” snitched and the dude got fired. I don’t know how big the rat was, but it may have been some form of superior in the company. And, so it was…this dude that actually had a great job now has nothing.


I am hearing that there are some real viable career options in the world of strippers. I heard that Magic City in Atlanta are trying to improve the unemployment rate. Get your resume together, because they are reportedly having a JOB FAIR! There are so many beautiful women out of work and they are looking great for the strip bars. These ladies can make their own hours and get paid that straight cash money. I heard that other professions are thriving. I mean hookers and escorts. Its hard out here.


“I’M GOD AND B***CH YOU NOT” This dude is the man…I think…not.



If you want to hear a man getting terrorized as his wife “Chris Browns” him – CLICK HERE!

Rick Ross shot his video in the Bronx and I am hearing that some of Bang Bang Boogie members (of the Bronx rap crew) are not pleased that Lord Tariq appeared in the video. Cuban Link and Mysonne may have taken exception to the cameo. Could BBB lose a member over it? Streets are talking.

Whatever man. The gossip blogs are saying that Rihanna is now dating Wilder Valderrama. Also, their reps are saying Chris and RiRi are “taking a break.”

Am I wrong for feeling bad for Dame Dash? I do.

I could be wrong, but I have been told that Wendy Williams has taken to rapping. There is supposedly a video in circulation on the internet.

Apparently, the T-shirts that read “I’ll Chris Brown A B***h” are selling like crazy. Pretty sad. Its not like its humorous like Wayne Brady.

Apparently, somebody on the Special Olympics bowling team has challenged Obama to a game. I hope O buss his tail! And did you see Obama son that reporter. Hahah…ok. That’s it.

Looks like Janet and Jermaine are back on good terms. They were recently seen at the airport all hugged up and chumby.

Some model named Natasha Ellie has denied that she was the actual person texting chris Brown that Feb. 8 night. Not his manager. Not Keshia Chante. WHO?

Lil Kim reportedly told Big Boy that she’ll NEVER speak to Lil Cease again. I smell a Lil Beef.

My homey Jasiri X has a new song called “Blogs” where he runs down all the sites and blogs. It’s real ill. Stay tuned for the video.

Jim Jones rejected a plea deal that would have required 10 days of community service for allegedly attacking a Ne-Yo’s friend.

Not a good look here but, Lloyd Banks’ diss track “Officer Down” is charting above Rick Ross’ single “Magnificent” on the iTunes. Ross is ahead on Billboard, but that’s just odd. LOL.

Rihanna is reportedly looking for a new house in Hollywood. Good move.

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are reportedly buying a home that costs $115 million.

I heard it cost Britney Spears $417, 000 (that’s 417 THOUSAND STACKS) to divorce K-Fed.


Kenyon Martin talks about the love of his life, Trina, and hiss momma (The Denver Post):

“Mom was cool with her. Mom probably listens to more hip-hop than I do! And then with my mom just getting to know her and the person she is, that meant a lot to me. If Mom approves, then I guess you’re OK. . . . and my mom loves her to death.”

Kanye discussed the public’s infatuation with his sexuality to Complex Magazine.

“I really think it’s because society tries to dictate the way a guy is supposed to dress and the way a guy is supposed to act, and I refuse to conform. A lot of these dudes would never be accused of being gay just because they all look exactly alike. If people could just realize the amount of mundaneness and followers that lack creativity… I think people’s mentality is like, Only gay people are that creative. And it’s true there are a lot of gay people who are incredible creative minds, but there are straight people who are incredible creative minds—and there’s gay people who can’t dress or create at all, too. Closed-minded gay people probably say they dress ‘straight.’”


I just want you to know that there is no reason for me not to have posted this video other than I’M HATING.

CAPTION THIS!What the heck is Teyana doing with herself?

She’s still cute, at least.

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