Hip-Hop Rumors: Selena Gomez Broke Up Brick Squad?


What the b##########? WHAT THE HELL???

Gucci Mane suddenly dropped Waka Flocka from Brick Squad. It came out of nowhere! I didn’t know a thing until now. Apparently, the folks over at MTO are charging that Gucci dropped his dopest rapper because he slept with Selena Gomez. Basically, the rumor is GUCCI LOVES SELENA NOW and WAKA HIT THAT ALREADY. WTF? This is in line with the rumors of old.

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SO. Basically, Selena Gomez was loving the crew? Wow. And then the rumor has it, Gucci became enraged and emotional that Waka hit it, claiming that Waka was being disloyal. This leads me to believe Waka may have done something after Gucci fell in love. I just cannot see Gucci falling in love with anything but drugs. That’s just me.

Here is the catch. Gucci may have “dropped” Waka, but he’s still got him on paper so he will continue to make money if Waka releases any new material.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry! -illseed.

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