Hip-Hop Rumors: Somaya Reece Writing a Book Series With Jackie Christie

Somaya Reece tapped Jackie Christie to help her write a series of books.

Somaya Reece seemingly fell off the radar after her departure from Love & Hip-Hop but she says she’s been busy working and attempting to rebrand herself. The folks over at The Jasmine Brand caught up with the ex-reality star/rapper who says she’s working on a series of books and that Jackie Christie from Basketball Wives LA will help her. Mmmkay…

Anyway here are some thoughts from Somaya:

“I really beasted hard for my dreams and the thing is that some people respected it, some people made fun of it. Those people who respected it, respected that I wasn’t sleeping around to get on – I really was like – I don’t care, I got to be home, this is my dream and I’m going to pursue it and that’s what I got to do. So that’s what I did. And I’m so hungry, I’m always hungry and I always believe that you’ve got to be a student first in order to be a boss so I’m constantly trying to find new avenues – I’m currently writing some books.”

She added:

“Jackie Christie, which is a friend of mine, she’s helping mentor me with my book. She’s published many successful books and people want to hate on her but she’s a boss! She has credits so you can undermine her however you want but it’s the reality and I’m really just looking forward to just doing it. And I just took all the negative and turned it into a positive and I always will, so…”

Somaya didn’t specify what those books would be about but she clear on one thing, and that is, she doesn’t miss her days on Love & Hip-Hop.