Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Boy Ends Careers! Mad Monkeys II! What? Charles Hamilton!? Stripper Friends!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. FOR THOSE THAT SAW…. Rick Ross recently referred to Eminem as a MONKEY AND A HONKIE. I just have to throw my hands up. If he can call […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Rick Ross recently referred to Eminem as a MONKEY AND A HONKIE. I just have to throw my hands up. If he can call a Black man a monkey…honkie isn’t forbidden! Eminem…where are you!?


Somebody told me that I had better “get on my job.” Why? TMZ.com published some pictures of a dude that looked a lot like Tupac and offered some caption about Tupac being alive. Somebody has to save dummies from themselves and I am that person. I filter out foolishness and edit for idiots. I love Pac, but that brother is no longer walking among us. If he was, he would be arrested for faking his own death – that’s illegal, you know. (Nobody should talk this personally – it’s probably not directed to you.)

Here is the picture if you are inquisitive.

How is Pac more alive than a lot of people on Earth now? SMH.


Before I get to the rumors, I just wanted to say that I am close to staying in the house. I thought the Swine Flu was mostly a thing in major cities. But check this out:

“A major concert featuring Atlanta rapper Young Jeezy was canceled by officials at The University of Delaware today (April 29) due to an outbreak of the highly contagious Swine Flu.”

Click here for the full story.


Forgive me…I can be dense from time to time. But, somebody hit me with this urgent message that Charles Hamilton updated his Facebook status with the following message:

“Two humble blue lines may have changed my life. Forever. Stay tuned (s### is wack/dope… lol)”

All you street savvy people – tell me what that actually means.


D Block Behind The Scenes Video Shoot: AllHipHop was on the set with D-Block for their song “Get This Paper”

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As far as I can see, the only career Souja has hopes of ending is his own…unless he’s sending a jab towards Bow Wow. In that case…hmmmmmmm…


I don’t know where these things get started, but somebody tried to say this chick is a man. She’s named Caviar and her voice is bugged to me, but she looks good. She was on Ray-J’s show…but lost.


I heard 50 Cent is going to be working on or with a movie called “Officer Down.”

Girls, if you want to be immortalized on camera…click here for Chicago Larry…the greatest photographer of all time!

Shout out to A+ and all of the St. Maarten HipHop Community! I heard Rick Ross rocked it out there! Rumor has it promoters tried to put Ross in a Holiday Inn and ended up paying for an $8000 per day villa.

Well…50 Cent is taking too long. Perhaps this is some strategy. I know he’s got some books on the way, but sheesh!

Click here for a wedding fail…somebody kill the best man!

I don’t know about Kanye, but Lil Wayne did not make Time’s most influential list. Y’all got hoodwinked!

Quincy STILL hasn’t heard from Al B. Sure even though he wrote a heartfelt letter asking. Well…that’s a mile-wide rift.

SMH. Bow Wow experienced a twitter fail when he accidentally gave out his personal e-mail and phone to all of his 15,000 of his followers. I heard they called immediately.


SUPER HERO IN CINCINNATI! I am quitting rumors to become a superhero. I want to fight crime. My specialty will be to fight rappers that’s don’t live by the rules of the game. Anyway, this dude named The Shadow Hare is a real superhero in the Nati. The Shadow Hare is now roaming the streets in an effort to really fight crime through legal means. He uses like handcuffs, tasers and pepper spray. Sounds like Jay-Z’s friend TyTy. LMAO! My bad. He stopped a homeless man from beating a woman, feeds the homeless and helped track down a racist with his Cali cohorts. That’s right…he’s got friends. The Shadow Hare is down with the “Allegiance of Heroes!” These people are located all over the nation and they all fight crime. There’s Aclyptico in Pennsylvania, Wall Creeper in Colorado, Master Legend in Florida, Mr. Extreme in California and others. Hopefully, they know how to run as well, because we don’t want to see them getting hurt.

Click here for the video! OMG – classsssic!


I got this letter yesterday about the real end of the world and felt it was worth sharing.

what up illseed …since ur voice speaks to many i felt you were capable of doing what i cant by warning people of the days to come leading to 2012 when the illuminati will begin a population reduction process. they are already affecting us by putting fluoride in our drinking water, and it happens to be the main element in rat poison! you have to research this and get the word out to people and tell them to storage food and water for the horrific weather we’re about to experience that they wont tell you about until its too late and everyone is panicking scrabbling to get food for their families. it will be chaotic, and martial law will be declared. 2012 is the year that all of the planets will allign and planet “x” will be in our solar system which will break the earths magnetic field and leave us vulnerable to the suns most harmful rays. we all need to come together and build a underground bunker to survive!!! the government wont save us ..that will be up to us. you should google “2012 survival guide” and go to yowusa.com i could write for hours about this but you have to see for yourself. peace


(It looks like my Monkey Mafia Parody is picking up steam! I got another letter from a “monkey” and here is what he said.)

**This goes out  to the CEO of Maybach Muzik Group Aka Rick Ross Aka Bawse Aka I started the disrespectful Monkee name calling Fad.. This is our second press release we have attempted to settle this amicably by sending you our first warning  but it appears you do not take heed .in your recent interviews you still refer to 50 cent and G-Unit as monkees!… we primates have taken serious offense to the manner in how  you continue to  disrespect our name with reckless abandon like ÿeah dats wats up..” 50 cent is a f**kin Monkeee”..Huh? Hell F**kin No….Be warned! this will not be settled by legal action we are not doing interviews on Oprah or Larry King  we WILL! take this to the streets ! ..In other to prevent repercussions and consequences from us we ask for two thing .One.. Refrain from  calling us G-Unit and calling G-Unit us  Gorillas and Monkeys are not the same its like calling a Korean , Vietnamese..  Second and above all… Acknowledge our Gangsta. Unless these terms are met we @ T.O.A.S.T will recreate a scene from “Planet of the Apes”on your next promotional tour will show you the real meaning of “Banana Clips” and what it means to “Go Ape”..like we said we are not sure if you are aware or you even watch the news ,  these days  monkeys can do reconsstructive face surgery,.. No Anesthetic!.  Most of us do carry that toast.. never slippin! ” we tote dat Gemstar around here it aint nothin..youve seen what one of our Goons did ontop of the Empire State building .. Ross you dont want it with us real talk…cuz  they aint nothing more ruthless and foul than a bunch of p##### off Monkeys running around with Burners .. we Kill At Will like Ice Cube…Word!

Monkey Mafia Aka *The Organization Of Always Strapped Tree Dwellers *T.O.A.S.T



Somebody sent me a video of this little kid rapping to Jay’s verse on “Swagger Like Us.”


The team that runs together truly has fun together.


Like I said, I play fair. I got this letter as a counterpoint to a letter I published yesterday about an in-store with Rick Ross in NYC.

Illseed! What up homie! I read the rumors religiously, but today I read something that forced me to send you this email. I read the tid bit from the cat that supposedly works at the Best Buy Rick Ross did the in store at here in NYC. Now I did my research to find these pics…I found them! Let me start off by telling you I was at the event not as a hater but as a supporter. Most of those pics were from early in the afternoon when the street team was setting up for the event. The one pic that had about 10 people on line is real, but it was taken at 5pm. The event wasn’t supposed to start till 7pm. Most of the people started showing around 6:30 and after. I would say he had a good 50 – 60 people out there waiting to get their CD signed by the time he showed up which was around 7:30 or so. When I got out from the signing there were still people on line. I just had to let that be known. NYC used to have REAL, AUTHENTIC opinions in Hip Hop. Now it seems like the young heads are a bunch of dick riders, riding the dick of whoever they’re told to ride!! So if today they’re supposed to hate on Ross then they will. Tomorrow it will be someone new. Nah mean?

Remember folks only believe HALF of what you see!!!

Biggup Illseed for letting me get this off my chest!!

The Grey Ghost


Even Rick Ross shows up in this new video for “Too Much.”


Does anybody have the answer? At any rate, Lil Wayne praises Gunz HERE!


F**K 13wham.com and the news station!!!!! These people ran one of the most racist and stereotypical news reports EVER. Now, I simmered for a few days on this and tried to ignore it, because that is what I do. I look past a lot so that I don’t have the highest of blood pressures, but this is crazy. See the video and contact them here if you want. And just so you know they admitted they could have gotten people in the burbs on this report and didn’t. WACK!!!!! I hope they choke on a chicken bone one day.


What nice pics of Usher and his son. Its pretty refreshing to see a superstar act so normal…to really respect fatherhood.

Tyra had to go to court for something related to a stalker…here are the pics.


Busta Rhymes gets upset with Germany for making him pay to take a dump.

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