Hip-Hop Rumors: Soulja Girl Mugshot, More Suge Info, Detox, Nick HUGE Mariah Tat,

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS!Hip-Hop Rumors: Suge Knight K.O., Pictures And Details Hip-Hop Rumors: Detox Track Leak?! Foxy & AZ=Old Flames? Mariah’s So Icey! TODAY’S RUMORS WEDDING BELLS FOR PAP AND […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

YESTERDAY’S RUMORS!Hip-Hop Rumors: Suge Knight K.O., Pictures And Details

Hip-Hop Rumors: Detox Track Leak?! Foxy & AZ=Old Flames? Mariah’s So Icey!



Rumor has it, bells of marriage are ringing for Remy Ma and Papoose TODAY! Whoever thought Pap less than a man of his word, think again. They are supposedly going through with it today. They are supposedly allowed to have two guests each. I wonder if Kay Slay is going to be invited? Anyway. This is a new twist to anybody’s life, especially a young man like Papoose. Conjugal visits anybody?


Go, Usher, Go: Businessman Andrew Williams wanted his girlfriend to see Usher and reportedly paid like a million in U.S. dollars for that to happen in London. I heard he did a gig at a nightclub and serenaded her “Happy Birthday.” I heard the show wasn’t so good though.

Party All The Time: I heard Kelly Rowland, Usher and Nelly enjoyed a night on the town in the UK. Wait ‘til Tamkea hears this!

BOO! Usher was opening at One Big Weekend for BBC’s free festival with Madonna headlining, as I told you last week. He made a big mistake. He opens his mouth and shouts out Manchester, not realizing that he was in Maidstone. Bad move. I heard he got boo’d by a few people in the crowd for the rest of his set. I also heard he got boo’d when the mistake first happened and it subsided. A friend of mine said that the temperature was “boiling hot” and Usher took to the state in a leather coat. In the press area, I heard Usher wasn’t feeling the scene too much and really just wanted to leave.

Usher Said: “Radio 1 was amazing! It’s my first live show in the UK for four years and it was an honour to kick the weekend off. The sun came out for us. The crowd came ready to party and they lifted the roof off! It was the first time I’ve ever been to Maidstone and the first time I’ve performed some of those tracks in the UK, but you all received us so well we’re definitely coming back.”


I heard a really, really well known Hip-Hop artist that has blessed many hit records was struck with a personal blow. I heard this artist lost his mother over the weekend. Its bad enough to lose a parent, but on THAT day.


Here is the mugshot:

I think red is more her color. Here is her brother talking about her ailment.


A lot of us are fans of Zab Judah, but new rumors are emerging that hurt. He was all set to fight Sugar Shane Mosely and the worst tragedy happened. He supposedly fell and cut his arm in the shower. Sources are saying he might have been fighting in a club in Vegas and got the business…..who knows? But why would he be out partying when he has a fight in like three weeks? I hope this isn’t a valid rumor. Also, Shane’s not trying to reschedule the bout now. He’s moving on.


Trina was there and then she was gone? Only 50 people showed up to see Trina? I don’t know, but she looked colorful on “106 & Park” on Friday. Read on:

The slip and slide diva Trina was supposed to perform live in Jacksonville nc, she was all over the radio saying that she was gonna be there performing and what happened absolutely nothing granted there wasn’t many people there maybe like 50 but she didn’t even get out of the van to speak to the few faithful fans that was there. We waited and waited and nothing finally the dj and the sound man packs up and leaves with nothing said. So everyone is outside talking and they said she was gonna go to the club in the next city over witch wilmington NC, so many of the people went there and made the 45 minute drive. Some how they had informed the club of the situation and they posted a sign up that said Trina was coming there and they even spoke with her manager to confirm it.the club quickly became packed. Again the diva never showed and her manager stop answering his phone. Just to let her know she is not welcome back on the eastern part of NC and all the radio stations will be talking bad about her and the police are filing a report on her and the promoter. This is not a rumor but true facts. We use to love Trina but we have no love for her now. She really need to do a make up show.

SUGE KNIGHT KO’D: VIDEOHere is more info on Suge. They are now saying it was a pole that put Suge on the ground. Here is the other info and rumors anyway. I think all this may be discounted now.

YEP. I really cannot believe it happened, but I have to say it indeed happened. Somebody knocked Suge Knight out for about three minutes. If you know this person, let me know. I just want to know who he is. No issues over here.

One of my homeys was there and had a slightly different perspective on that time out time. 10 minutes? This is a slightly different account on the same thing.

I was at club shagg in hollywood los angeles may 11 around 2:30 am and after da club was over I seen Suge Knight and like 3 of his boys kicking and stomping this dude that I always se on da club scene but the dude got up and ran 2 his car and pulled back up in front of the club and jump out and ran up on Suge Knight and knocked his ass the f### out his nose and shirt was all bloodie and he had a big ass knot on the back of his head and he was literally out for around 10 minutes and everybody was taking pictures wit they cell phones and his boys didn’t do s### bcuz I think they thought dude had a gun after he got out of his car and the dude was alone and he was only like 6′ 2″ and medium size built kind of skinny a lil bit but he connected a cold solid hit right in the face its ugly for Suge Knight right now but I’m already knowing he bout 2 put sum money on dude head bcuz dude was letting it be known and showing his face 2 much but that dude got goons 2 and he said Suge can’t c## 2 hollywood no more.

Read the previous rumor and see the pictures of this tragedy.

And here is the video:


Mandela Gets What Mandela Wants: Nelson Mandela has gotten his wish. Amy Winehouse will perform at this 90th Birthday Celebration.

Cory Gunz Blazed Too Much? I head that Cory Gunz may have been too lyrical for his own good. Lil’ Wayne has a song called “I Gotcha” but I heard Gunz was taken off for upstaging the Hot Boy.

The Game Goes Alternative: Has The Game gone alt? I heard he has recorded a remix on Duffy’s “Rockferry.” I have to admit I had to look this song up. Game seeks to work with Amy Winehouse, but not to give her “work.”

Jay & Beyonce’s Honeymoon? Rumor has it that Jay-Z and Beyonce got in a quick and secret honeymoon in Arizona at a luxury resort. Maybe, but Arizona doesn’t seem “Jay & B” to me.

Holy Flipmode, Son! Busta Rhyme’s sidekick Spliff Star Arrested In Sweden! Read about it here!

Robert, Fate Awaits: If you don’t know R. Kelly’s trial started. It is officially on after six years of delays.


A 13-year-old kid from Texas stole his Dad’s credit card and proceeded to order two hookers. The kid, named Ralph Hardy of Newark, Texas, ordered a new credit card from his dad’s credit card company and spent $30,000 with his friends. He was a real bad boy though, because he ended up playing Xbox with hookers in a hotel room. The girls never did anything with the boys and the cops let them back on the stroll. He said he didn’t think his dad would get mad over it and eventually had to cop to fraud.

Last, but not least – When Ralph grows up he wants to be a politician. He’s got the right aspirations.


The boy Prophet from the “Detox” rumors has decided to speak up to clear some air. Here is what he said to me, “I don’t know how you got your hands on it but now a lot of people are contacting me wanting the scoop on if its really a song from Detox. This type of thing could kill relationships I have as well as put a block on my blessings so I want to get the record straight as soon as possible.” See the video.


What happens when you get a movie ensemble comprised of Lark Voorhies, Fedro Star, Rick Ross, FLo-Rida & Noreaga. You get:

NICK’S MARIAH BACK TAT!I know a lot of you have seen this, but I have to run it even late late.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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