Hip-Hop Rumors: T-Pain Reality Show? Lil Wayne Part 3! loyd Mayweather and Chilli?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: A Rap Pimp Wants Brit Spears! Remy Ma’s Accuser Testifies! Hip-Hop Rumors: Halle Berry Has Girl! Wayne Tears Up The UK! Kanye Wants To […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: A Rap Pimp Wants Brit Spears! Remy Ma’s Accuser Testifies!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Halle Berry Has Girl! Wayne Tears Up The UK! Kanye Wants To Slap Twista?


File this in the “OH GOD NO!” category. I heard that T-Pain might be in the process of negrotiating…I mean NEGOTIATING a reality show. T-Pain, I have grown to live with, but a reality show might take me over the edge. Guess who is rumored to be putting this show out? That’s right, you guessed it: the V to the H to the 1.


All that madness in the UK caused Lil’ Wayne to dead all the shows in Germany! Read the official report on Wayne RIGHT HERE!

As for the unofficial stuff and what I heard…here we go. I heard that Lil Wayne and them dudes met a side of London that we don’t normally think of over here. Several fights broke out in the audience and that was a no no. Then I heard that on the stage, several men actually tried to rush the stage in an effort to ROB Lil’ Wayne. This is when those men got stomped into oblivion. Lil’ Wayne allegedly proclaimed, “I want that n***a’s head on the stage before I leave.” I heard his bodyguards did just that to the invaders. I haven’t heard this from too many places, but I heard that somebody licked off a shot from a gun and they just aborted the mission. There was all sorts of security with Lil’ Wayne and London officials so there was nothing really going to pop off.

After somebody hit him with a bottle, I heard that marked the end of the show and he let them know that. Go to the bottom of the page to see all the drama, including the bottles flying.

According to a UK writer (who shall remain nameless for the moment) said, “Right now, if I were Wayne, or any other UK or US artist I’d be like F### London. I just wouldn’t be interested in playing for a bunch of ignorant t####.”


I got this from my Bossip buddies: Its pretty common knowledge that Wow Bow has been dating Melody Thornton from the Pussycat Dolls. Whoopty whoop! But, word now is that the pair is getting serious! Whoo HA! Now, let us get serious! How serious can a 21 year old playboy rapper really get? They say that Woweezy flew Melody in from Kuwait so she could celebrate his 21st birthday with him and be the best looking babe in there. As long as nobody attempts suicide upon them breaking up, is a good look. Ride out til’ the wheels fall off.


Here is what Kimora had to say about her being preggers:

“I’m in the paper every single week – that I had a fight with my ex-husband, or that I was mad at one of his girlfriends, or that I’m pregnant, or that I demand Fiji water. Lies upon lies upon lies.”

Here is what boyfriend Djimon Honsou told AllHipHop about her allegedpregnancy:

“No comment.”


Did Kristen Davis get exposed? Who is Kristen Davis, you might ask. Kristy played Charlotte York on the popular HBO show “Sex and the City” and she was the “innocent” one. In real life, she is a grown woman that gets her swerve on! There is a one-frame image of somebody that looks JUST like Davis going downtown on some dude that is supposedly Alec Baldwin. Its pretty raw stuff so I’m not going to put that out there, but this is all whatever to me. She’s a grown woman that seems to have gotten caught out there.


Shout to DJ Wits. The Albany, NY-based DJ passed away last Friday. This dude was a regular nice guy that happened to be a mixshow DJ at Music Choice’s Rap channel for years. He had a seizure he had in his sleep. Go to his myspace page at http://www.myspace.com/djwits and give him a shout and look for more information on funeral arrangements. AllHipHop’s condolences go out to Wits’ family and friends. RIP. Meet you upstairs!


My boy Bjarni hit me up and told me something that I love to hear – a Hip-Hop show! No editing – just feel the raw emotion and happiness:

What Up Illseed i just gotta tell u about tha f**kin greatest concert I have ever been 2, Dj Premier Came out 2 Iceland Reykjavík and rocked tha muthafuckin house. Me and ma friend were by the stage the whole muthaf**kin time it was just f**kin insane, he brought Blaq Poet with him, Blaq Gave me and ma friend a beer n s### the whole show was just crazy 2 much insane stuff happened we got autographs n s### and took a picture wit preemo just crazy. Premier is one of the realest muthafuckas i have ever seen seriously he showed up 2 the club just wit Blaq poet and his manager no big security detail no 10 big bodygaurds or nuttin

Nobody robs Preemo or face death!


Want to see a feminist female analyze Ludacris’ song “Area Codes,” the one about all the babes? You should – if you are a lady –because it shows the kind of woman he likes. Click here for it!

Some people were hitting me up about Tibet on some ol’ “WTF,” but I just want you to know that Chinese military and tanks killed about 100 protesters. They are in a state of martial law right now.

Steve-O is an idiot. He is now on suicide watch at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He also caught a drug case for felony possession of cocaine, dude.

A company called Delicious Blunts is allegedly using the image of Biggie Smalls to sell rolling paper for weed. I think they better pay Biggies mama or get snitched on!

On Friday night at the 40/40 Club after all the s#### left, Bow Wow continued celebrating his 21st birthday by sipping of Jay-Z’s drink of choice Ace of Spades. At first, I thought Jay-Z was there, but…uh…NO.

I found this to be slightly funny, but also I felt bad for the fans. A fellow named Nathan emailed me and said they waited like 15 min for a flick with Luda and the bodyguard ruffed them off with the, “You better get outta here.” So Nate says they now call Ludacris “Rudacris.” TOO FUNNY! Get it?

Check out Lil’ Kim get harassed by the NYPD and get off! Driving her Lambo with a certified nerd! HOLLA!

Floyd Mayweather and Chilli? Just friends? I’m finished! Floyd reportedly bought her He brought Chilli roughly nine pairs of shoes for roughly $4,000. That’s roughly the price for…nevermind.MUSIC BREAK!New Game “Big Dreams” – CLICK HERE!Papoose “Fat Joe Diss” (He devoted 7 minutes to Joe) – CLICK HERE! Plies Ft. Mike Jones and Akon – “Keep My Burner”Paul Wall Ft. Chamillionaire and Lil Keke – “Exposed”

Ray Cash returns! It’z Me (Whop It Out) – CLICK HERE!RANDOM QUOTES

Sheek Louch on Prodigy:

Sheek: He’s a clown. Dudes like them, you let them go. [Prodigy’s] harmless. Come on, dawg. I know your man and the work he put in. But you yourself, n****s will frog you up. Give you noogies and s**t.”

Hillary Clinton on her worst crisis:

“I could hardly breathe. Gulping for air, I started crying and yelling at him, ‘What do you mean? What are you saying? Why did you lie to me?’ I was furious and getting more so by the second.”

[Illseed note: That was about the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky.]

DMX on Barack Obama:

“What the f**k?! That ain’t no fu**in’ name, yo. The n***a’s name is Barack. Barack? ***** named Barack Obama. What the fu*k, man?! Is he serious? Ima tell this n***a when I see him, “Stop that bulls**t. Stop that bulls**t” [laughs] “That ain’t your fu**in’ name.” Your momma ain’t name you no damn Barack.”

[Illseed note: DMX and Barack will never meet.]

Tracy Morgan on Barack Obama,  and owning Tina Fey:

“Personally I want to know what qualifies Hillary Clinton to be the next President. Is it because she was married to the President? If that was the case then Robin Givens would be the heavy weight champion of the world.” [illseed note: see the video below]

Saturday Night Live suspends Tina Fey’s pro-Hillary Stance:


New York and New Jersey Governors are the biggest losers of the year! In this case, perhaps the biggest loser will be the soon to be ex-wife of to former New Jersey Gov. JimMcGreevey. Last year McGreevy came out of the closet, claiming he was gay and cheated on his wife. Well, the wife was all, “I didn’t know about this s**t” and they proceed to watch their life unravel. Well, now a man says to her, “You knew your man was gay, because I was screwing him when we were all in the bed together.” Teddy Pedersen said this all started before the political couple was married and through their marriage. I just want to know, in a ménage a trios where the two dudes are gay, who is taking care of the chick.

“We called it the Friday Night Special,” Pedersen said. The “intense” escapades, he said, usually began with a “couple of drinks” at a local T.G.I. Friday’s and culminated in “a hard-core consensual sex orgy” between the three of them at McGreevey’s Woodbridge condo.

SMH. Dina McGreevey lost. Spitzer lost. McGreevey lost. Who won?


Shout out to Gov. David Patterson (Democrat), who is the first African American Governor of New York City. And the first legally blind governor too! Here is his speech.


“I ain’t s**t without you.”

Just before the chaos….

The end…”Stop being scared, man!”

Its over……here come the bottles on the stage.


I guess I will give this person the opportunity to give his take on the Lil’ Wayne stuff since there are a few takes on this story. He was there but doesn’t want to give his name. I know it’s getting a bit boring, but here you go, because this is a very detailed account of the night:

Good Morning,

This isn’t to say that my night with Weezy went without incident.

– Lil Wayne was scheduled to have soundcheck at 7pm…an hour before the venue opened. He decided not to come to soundcheck, and the venue opened promptly at 8pm as scheduled.

-Lil Wayne showed up to the concert an hour and a half late (1230). The crowd by this time was anxious and booing because Weezy was late.

– So Weezy finally comes on stage after all this time….performs for 5 minutes, then stops performing and starts complaining about the sound. The management then wanted to leave. The sound was per the contract and after expressing that we convinced him to keep performing (thank God)…

– So finally Weezy gets back on and performs for about 40 minutes and bounces immediately afterwards….

Artists and artist management should know that European booking and touring is not like US touring in many ways (I’m American myself). Hotels, food, venues, and living is completely different. The key agents and promotions know each other and reputation is very important here. In short if you’re like Weezy’s management and make unreasonable demands and act unprofessional, nobody will want to deal with you and you will have a short shelf life here in Europe.

Sorry to launch into this monologue, but all I heard about leading up to Weezy’s performance was how difficult his management was to deal with- demanding private lear jets, making a promoter buy him musical equipment to perform though it wasn’t in the contract, then keeping the musical equipment.

It’s unfortunate that his tour in Europe had to head in this direction.

I hope that we can have the rumors clarified and corrected immediately. As the largest online publication on the web, I know you would want the news to be as accurate as possible.



The Core DJ’s reunited Cash Money down in New Orleans and Juvenile was down there coping well with the loss of his 4-year-old daughter. Like I said, we all take and deal with loss differently.

The rest of the crew…

Look out for Lady Drama…


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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