Hip-Hop Rumors: Tanisha Thomas Taps Natalie Nunn, Others For New Bad Girls Club Show?

Word on the street is, Tanisha Thomas is executive producing a new show starring familiar bad girls.

That’s what the rumor mill is saying. I heard that Tanisha Thomas of Bad Girls Club Season 2 is stepping into the executive producer role and working on a new show featuring a couple of other infamous bad girls from various seasons.

A couple of those women are Natalie Nunn (season four), Flo Kaja (season Flo) and Sarah Oliver (season 11) but folks are tight lipped on what the show will actually be about. It will be interesting though because, Flo and Natalie are frenemies, and Tanisha and Natalie are also frenemies. It gets really explosive when they all get to feuding.

I can say that Tanisha once mentioned that she was tired of all the so-called bad girls thinking that life is just about fighting, and being the Queen B by ripping other girls to shreds and that her hope is for the girls to see themselves acting a fool on TV and start to make positive changes in their lives. That being said, perhaps this show will feature more positive aspects of Flo, Natalie and Sarah’s lives. Flo is married with a daughter and wants to make sure her baby girl grows up to be a good girl, Natalie is married and also a business woman and Sarah also has a few business ventures going on so maybe this show will go a more positive route if it gets picked up.

Slightly more positive anyway because you know a hot temper, especially when cameras are on, doesn’t just simmer down over night. It takes time.