Hip-Hop Rumors: The 4th of July With Illseed!

I DON’T DO THE FOURTH OF JULY! “Picture us coolin’ out on the fourth of July and if you heard we were celebratin,’ that’s a worldwide LIE!” That’s a quote from the former revolutionary known as Flavor Flav on Public Enemy’s “Louder Than a Bomb” (this was decades before reality TV). So, I present to […]


“Picture us coolin’ out on the fourth of July and if you heard we were celebratin,’ that’s a worldwide LIE!” That’s a quote from the former revolutionary known as Flavor Flav on Public Enemy’s “Louder Than a Bomb” (this was decades before reality TV). So, I present to you my rumors on July 4th since it is business as usual for me! No need to explain why I don’t celebrate. Either you get it or you should get it. Shout out to Chuck D and Prof. Griff!


I have to fess up, this new song of 50’s…I LIKE IT A LOT! Now I was looking at the comments from the people and saw a lot of pure hate towards 50 Cent. We all know how this goes. After we build up our stars, we have to tear them to shreds. But, check out “I Get Money” and comment on it. I like it and it’s a good sign for Curtis!MORE 50 CENT – A JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE VID ON THE WAY?

So, enough of that. 50 Cent has unofficially officially joined forces with Justin Timberlake for his next video. I’m hearing that these two have already started to put together a video for Curtis’ next single. Now, I heard this song is going to be particularly raunchy and be called “P###” or “Pornography” and the radio version will be called “Technology” or something to that effect. I was told that the vid was filmed (or is being) while both stars are in the London region. Joseph Kahn is the reported director and he’s already jetted to London for this short film. I’m hearing this video will take on a science fiction feel like The Matrix and Justin, Timbaland and 50 Cent will be secret agents. They will be strapped with special goggles that allow them to see through women’s clothing. I mean, iss it me or does that concept sound like a bad p#### flick? I’m not sure what to think of this conceptual concept, but I like that song “I Get Money.”


Aw man! This was a good one. I have to give it to my boy Quan from Del-State University on this one. Gus Johnson interviews Spike Lee and…well just click and watched about 20 seconds into the interview. CLASSIC. (As somebody said, “The most professional use of ‘PAUSE’ ever.”)


My boy Musikizme hit me up on those 50 Cent rumors on the hype man and the concert and all that. So, he said that Hot Rod (Phoenix, AZ G-Unit member) was the hypeman for 50’s London show and he’s the one 50 put on “pause” during the concert. First of all, Yayo was reportedly unable to gain access to the UK, because of his criminal past dealing with guns. I heard that he was on stage with 50 and then sat down in front of Whoo Kid. When he did…he attempted to get back in the mix and 50 snatched the mic from him and said, “I ain’t paying you s**t to do nothing.”


Here is what Paris is doing right now. Don’t nobody want yo’ coochie crotch! Close those chicken legs! Photo credit: TMZ.


My homey Boi_Boi_Kfish is from the Lou and he hipped me to some stuff that’s going down with Nelly and Huey. I admit, I don’t know, but Nelly’s never really hurt anybody! Anyway, he said that Huey did a recent interview on 100.3 The Beat in St. Louis and aired it out. Here is what KFish said about the whole situation. I told y’all I don’t know a THING! (Just so you know, this letter is printed in all its raw and unedited glory (for all you prospective editors out there).

Here is his report:

“Huey pointed out how Nelly aint even from St. Louis, he from somewhere in Texas, he pointed out he always reps St. Louis this, St. Louis that, but u never see his ass here in da Lou 4-real, but u always see his flunkies,(The St. Lunatics) in the streets, stores, and clubs. He also made a good point about hw arrogant his ass is. I’ve met Nelly a couple of times myself and I know, he has a very f##### up attitude 4-real. Anyway thats just my personal opinion. He really does tries to take credit for every rapper that comes out da lou 4-real. Why do u think he tried to go after Chingy when he first came out? Chingy use to tour with him and he was also on Derrty Ent. Before he signed with DTP. Then when chingy signed with Luda, Nelly tried to take some credit just because he toured with him, (Remember The Beef video?). Then if think about it, Since he got his label Derrty Ent, what artist has he brought out besides Murphy Lee and Da Lunatics???

Well they got a gang of local artists on they label, and u got a couple of them that are actually pretty good, but u dont hear them outside of st. louis. We got this big music movement here in our city called the “New St. Louis,” ( Some artist include Da Banggaz, Gena, Luny, Koko C’Vere and Huey)which Huey is apart of, and pretty much, we just trying to get away from that style of music that Nelly and all the other artists from st. louis have made our ciity known for. 4-real, the streets dont wanna hear that sing-rap s###!!! Im not sayin huey is the best example of what we bringing, but he’s a start and our foot in the door. we tryin to make st. louis the next atlanta as the music goes and we just lookin for some support. Anywayz I Just wanted to let u know what was going down in my city.”

I can’t verify the facts here, but its all rumors. Shout out to Kfish and Nelly. I think he’s a cool cat!


I get mentioned in this rap song..that’s what up. Shout out to Symon Dagrapp on the song. Check it out here.

My homey Shem Hotep hit me up and was asking about 50 Cent and Ciara dating. I heard that a while back. I’m not falling for it. I don’t care how close they appear to be in the vid. That’s acting, but it’s the sort of acting that probably makes Wow Bow jealous. (That’s not a typo.)

Have any of you seen all those old pictures of 50 Cent from back in his hustling days? If you have any send them to me! My link died!

Anybody out there heard of a rapper named MC Mechanism? Free shout out to anybody that can tell me where he was from AND send me one his songs from back in the day! (Hmmmmmm?!)

Shout out to my homey Godzend out there in D.C. keeping it hot in the Capital!


“Jackass” Johnny Knoxville filed for divorce today from his wife Melanie. I wonder who got sick of who? She tired of his idiocy or is he tired of her for being boring?

People have confirmed that Nicole Richie is 3-months pregnant. Can you believe it? She’s gonna have a real illseed all that drankin’ she did. And her baby could be born in jail if she goes to the clink for that DUI. Anyway, congrats to brother Lionel Richie on being a grandfather.

Wayne Brady’s wife Mandie Taketa Brady filed for divorce from the star. I bet if he was still on TV and doing his improv thing, and his career was poppin’ like Pippen, she’d be right on the couch watching!

The Spice Girls have reunited! Each Spice Girl will get about $20 million EACH for their world tour! CRAZY! Mel B was looking RIGHT!


WC “This is Los Angeles”


The drums on this do remind me of “1 Thing,” but the track is “Hold On I’m Coming” (by Sam and Dave). Still, I’m a resolute Amerie fan. I like this.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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