Hip-Hop Rumors: The Farting Rapper? Shawty Lo Exposes T.I.? Kimbo Slice VS Mike Tyson?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAY’S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Illseed’s So Hood! Suge’s Nemesis Talks! DMX In Court Vid! Hip-Hop Rumors: Man That KO’d Suge Knight Speaks!RAPPER’S FARTING – SILENT AND DEADLY? Its really messed […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.YESTERDAY’S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Illseed’s So Hood! Suge’s Nemesis Talks! DMX In Court Vid!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Man That KO’d Suge Knight Speaks!RAPPER’S FARTING – SILENT AND DEADLY?

Its really messed up when an AllHipHop.com writer will send you something, but not even give you the name! But, the writer told me that she went into an interview recently. When she walked into the conference room it was just her and the rapper in a conference room. She said soon as she walked in to start the interview, she was hit with the putrid smell of a FART!!!! She said she tried to hold her breath but was forced to inhale the stench. She said the rapper acted like nothing happened and just conducted the interview in the label conference room like there wasn’t the foul smell of pure a** there. (FYI: I am trying to get the name outta the writer. But she just said it was a well-known Southern rapper.)


Apparently there was supposed to be an “Access Granted” on Wednesday with The Game and it never came on. What happened? We all wanted an inside look of his new song “Pain” featuring Keyshia Cole! Rumor has it, 50 Cent either paid to have it not run or it didn’t run because of pressure from the G-Unit General. I don’t know, but BET re-ran something instead of The Game. This is just a rumor, but it has snowballed. I heard that 50 Cent and BET may have some friction based on the group’s recent appearance on the network. I don’t know why he’d want to stop The Game though, since I heard he still makes money off of sales of LAX should it do well. Game told AHH that he got off G-Unit easily since he wasn’t signed in the same way Young Buck was. Oh well.


Mike Tyson is about to be 42 and Kimbo Slice is 36. One is hungry and the other is eating. There is a powerful rumor that Mike Tyson might be fighting and I don’t mean that video game (EA’s Knockout Kings)he’s going to appear in. Anyway, I heard this is just a dream for Kimbo Slice. Tyson isn’t in shape and he is too busy being a star with a movie.

Mike Tyson appeared at the Cannes film fest in France and premiered a movie on his turbulent life. I heard he was even teary eyed. This story is all from his perspective, not others like Robin Givens.

I don’t want to see Mike Tyson fight again.


For some reason, I thought Romeo was in college. Nevertheless, he is now looking for a prom date to escort him to the big dance. Guess what this is? A new reality show that features baby Master P in which is searches for his “Cinderella.” Here is the information on the show.

“He has the glass slipper, are you his Cinderella? The whole casting process and prom date will be taped for a worldwide television network reality show special. We are looking for supermodels, actors, beautiful girls, and celebrity models. Female models must be 17-25 yrs old only, all ethnicities, very exotic model types, beautiful body, outgoing, friendly, and fun!!! Great personality for reality TV!!!

For more information, please send photo and contact information to:bumpitcasting@aol.com


Nick Cannon’s already spending Mariah’s money! I heard he was testing Maseratis, but I had no idea he was straight coppin’ pricey whips! Well, he was. He copped the care and raceed off with it! He go the jawn from the Ferrari-Maserati dealership in Beverly Hills. Perhaps it was a present from wifey? Handle BIZ, Nick! On the wifey side, who is the luckiest – Jay-Z, JD, Nas or Nick Cannon?



It appears like 50 Cent is looking to score again on the business tip. With his record deal with Interscope Records about to expire, he is in talks to make the jump into super mogul. 50 is reportedly in negotiations to sign a record-breaking deal with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation via MySpace Records. This deal that would surpass Jay-Z’s recent $150 million Live Nation deal! I didn’t think that was possible in this day and age. The special deal – should it be true – would give News Corp. a stake in 50’s music, concerts, books, website, and his music label G-Unit Records. Any artists signed to G-Unit would also be signed to MySpace Records (THERE IS HOPE M.O.P. FANS!). The deal could be valued at $300 million and 50 would suddenly be one of News Corp.’s biggest shareholders. His next solo CD is called Before I Self-Destruct, but he only keep blowing up!


How can Usher’s mother get this bored? I heard Usher’s mom is totally moving on from her star client and has started a lable. The name: Jpat Records. Why? Her name is Jonnetta Patton and she managed the career of one of R&B’s biggest stars until he went and got married. I heard she signed a group called Kwiet Storm and R&B male singer named Dante. I heard she is mining talent at Bauder College student in Atlanta.


The man that KO’d Suge is doing some more talking. Check him out.


I mean…I don’t quite follow, but Shawty Lo is stirring up the pot by showing pictures of T.I. in middle or high school (1999). I don’t know what the year means – do the math. I guess, this means nothing to me. I don’t care where T.I. is from or whether he is from the burbs or the city. All that matters to me is that his next CD is tighter than the last one. If I can get that, I am COOL If you care about more, click here.

Congrats to T.I. and Tiny. The pair have a baby boy. It really is bigger than Hip-Hop. Lets try to let T.I. grow up and be a productive society member with mad guns.


News: T.I. Welcomes New Son Into Family

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News: Rapper Foxy Brown Fires Manager; ‘Devastated’ By Her Own LP

News: DMX Shows Up To Court Late, Pleads Not Guilty

Take Me When You Yo Yo: Britney Spears is going on a vacation with Mel Gibson and his wife. Ok. That’s just weird.

Who Cares? Britney Spears is preggers. Do tell. She lost her other kids and just made some more.

The Soul Survivor! I thought Patrick Swayze was a goner, but he is really fighting and defeating pancreatic cancer! The odds were/are against him. I want him to live a long life! For EPMD’s sake!

IT IS SO ON! The R. Kelly trial is going down. The child pornography jury consists of eight whites and four Blacks.


AKON talks about the allegations that his gangsta ain’t so thoro (MTV):

“It’s an article. Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions and views. At the end of the day, the Konvict movement is keeping me out of jail. It’s nothing I want to glorify or go back to. Honestly, I’m glad something like that came out, because it opens the minds of other people who’re thinking positive.”

Kanye West on Young Jeezy’s dopeness:

“When I say good rap voice, that’s Jeezy. … When he hears the track, his voice is so signature, he can just say whatever he wants. But then he don’t even just say what he wants. He was one of the people post-Andre 3000 to gain that respect for the South lyrically — Wayne, T.I. and Jeezy — post-Scarface and 3000 and Trick Daddy, that era of rappers. Me and Jeezy are the exact same artist except from a different place. I’m inspirational, he’s motivational.”

I beat Kanye to this months ago when I wrote “The Inspiration Called Young Jeezy.” Read my ish!!!!

Ying Yang Twins on their place in the Rap game:

“The Ying Yang Twins are as diverse as OutKast. We not as far out there as them cause they are a couple of years older.”

Foxy Brown on her new CD called Brooklyn’s Don Diva:

“Unfortunately, during my incarceration, this CD was compiled without my approval. I heard this CD in its entirety, for the first time, just says ago and was devastated.”


Rape Dat Ho Dance?

Has it really come to this? I thought we had hit the ceiling with the ignorance, but I guess we were wrong. This goes through the ceiling and into the roof and possibly in ignorance orbit.

Parents in the Memphis, Tennessee area are in an uproar, following the emergence of a disturbing dance video allegedly recorded by Mitchell High School students.

Local CBS affiliate News Channel 3 (WREG-TV) has launched an investigation into a video which appeared on YouTube approximately one month ago titled “Mitchell High School Memphis… Rape Dat Ho.”

The clip appears to have been recorded on school property, and shows at least seven students engaged in simulated sexual acts, which one parent referred to as “sex with clothes on.”

While the students are dancing, others can be seen and heard in the background chanting a chorus of “Rape Dat Ho.”



Where the hell is PETA!?!

I thought she was going to eat one.WHO RUNS HIP HOP!?!

Watch the video right here!


BECAUSE I CAN…Gabby Union Rocks!


Read the last and final installment of Dropping Pounds With Cipha Sounds.




Ashanti on having kids:

“I need, like, 12 (kids)… I love kids. I definitely want to get married… I’m so family-oriented,” the songbird told Sister2Sister magazine. “I want the big wedding, I want the long marriage; I want kids. (But) I’ve got to stack my cheese a little bit more… I want to be able to bring my kids into the world nice and comfortable.” (Read the rest of it here)

Peep pics from her Maxim shoot and press shoot! (For the rest of the pics, go to the Ill Community.)



They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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