Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game BBQ’s! Kanye’s New TV Show! Cam’Ron’s New CD!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS Hip-Hop Rumors: OBAMA! Shawty Lo Gets Peaced? Rihanna The Skater? Lil’ Wayne To Rehab? Hip-Hop Rumors: Pharrell Pushes Big Boy Off Stage! Is Lil’ Wayne A […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: OBAMA! Shawty Lo Gets Peaced? Rihanna The Skater? Lil’ Wayne To Rehab?

Hip-Hop Rumors: Pharrell Pushes Big Boy Off Stage! Is Lil’ Wayne A G.O.A.T?



There is a real cool rumor going around the way that Rhymefest are presently working on a television show together. I don’t know too many more details than that, but if this is true, this could be the illest collaboration since “Jesus Walks.” I don’t have any details on the actual show, but I will look around.


This is a very old pic of Shawty Lo. Clearly this is before the lure of the Trap made him a hood star. He looks more like a serial killer or a janitor that just missed the “Janitor of the Year” award. He’s official and caked up now – no worries. They are saying TI released this as revenge for his lil’ high school pic Shawty found.

Back Like Crack!

The original image of a nice Tip.


In case you didn’t know, this is considered Black Music Month. What I just realized is that AllHipHop and iTunes are giving away FREE music for the duration of this month. A song a day, they are giving away! So, here are the songs that are already available for you to download.

Artist: Ray J ft. The Game

Song: “Where They At”

Artist: Killer Mike

Song: “2 Sides”

Artist: Yung Berg

Song: “The Business”

Artist: Ras Kass

Song: “It Had 2 Happen”

The regular page is right here: https://staging.allhiphop.com/promo/bmm/


What’s new?! But, what is crazy is dude is calling his ALBUM – get this – CAMEL FACE HUNTING SEASON. The former Roc-a-Fella Soldier has signed to Amalgam Digital, home to Joe Budden, Kurious, Tash (of Tha Alkaholiks), and the Juggaknots. Camel Face Hunting Season is dropping in September. Maybe Peedie and Joe Budden can do a song together dissing Jay-Z or something. Then Amalgam can sign Amil and some others that never popped off from Def Jam.

Peedi Crakk said, “Yup. I’m back! And I feel unstoppable. My flow is advanced and as an artist, I’m getting better, especially without the claws of Roc-A-Fella digging at my back. I’ve been a free agent for the past 3 months and now signing with the Amalgam Digital label for my first project I feel even more unstoppable. They are providing exactly what Peedi always needed…proper promotion and distribution. BANG! It’s Camel Face Hunting Season”

You all might have forgotten the interview AllHipHop did last year with Peedi and he was airing Jay-Z out. Yep! Click here to re-read that baby.


My good friend Al hit me up from Fort Myers, Florida and told me about his encounter with DMX on Sunday Jun2, 2008. And, guess what? It was a nice, positive one. Here is what Al had to say to me:

DMX was with a guest who appears to be his baby momma, where? Walmart! I passed by him twice and I knew it looked like him. He went up to a Walmart associate and asked her to open up a lane because it was so busy. If you want to confirm you can call Walmart in Ft Myers, FL. 4770 Colonial Blvd, Fort Myers – (239) 274-2927. He took a lot of pictures so throw the rumor out there and you might get a picture of him and his baby moms. Apparently she lives in Cape Coral, FL. She had a big tee shirt on and some baggy pants. So I really can’t tell you if she is hot or not. She wasn’t looking that hot that day though. Dog is VERY SKINNY. Not sure what’s up with that. He had on a dirty wife beater and some baggy Ruff Rider shorts with some Timbs. Yo he looked like he been on the block. He took a picture with a lot of females and baby moms looked p#####. She said something to him pointing at the girls. He gave her a kiss and appeared to tell her to chill. He did take pictures with some Walmart people and a lot of kids. He didn’t act like he was too good or anything but he did want to get to the head of a line. He was very cool though and I would have got a picture but he was really taking them with females and kids and I didn’t want to be a d**k rider so I just observed. Like I said somebody in Fort Myers should send you some pics. Just from my observation looks like Dog is a real down to earth n***a and next time he puts out an album I will be at the store just because he seems like a real brotha. No faking.


Apparently there is a fraudulent Lil’ Wayne Diss Record going around by Lil Flip. Flip did a record with another dude and made a reference to “never kissing a man” and everybody took that as a diss to Lil’ Wayne. WONDER WHY? But, Flip said that he freestyles his stuff off the top of the head and some times stuff just comes out! No harm no foul. Now, I am hearing that Wayne’s Young Money “gang” is apparently about to diss Lil Flip over the misunderstanding. I heard G. Brisco or Brisco dissed a bunch of people like T.I., Flip, Yung Berg, Bugsy and more. Hopefully, he never releases the record now that Flip has cleared his own name.

Again, click here to hear Lil’ Flip talk about Lil Wayne.

Get better Flipperoo:

KINGWOOD, TX June 4, 2008. Houston’s platinum recording artist, Lil’ Flip, was involved in a car accident late Tuesday night, June 3. Lil’ Flip was taken to the hospital were he was treated for neck and wrist injuries. His car was totaled in this accident which occurred on the southwest side of Houston, TX.


The DJs are really coming out. Mike Prat is the dude that does/did the Wayne’s World Mixtape Series and Wayne called him out HERE. He replies. This actually interesting and pretty funny. LOL. I never heard of this dude til’ today. LOL @ “Animal Syrup”


I can’t lie. I didn’t see it and I couldn’t find it online. But, I heard that G-Unit is or is about to be on 106 & Park again. This time, there was no 50 Cent/ Rocsi friction, but I heard it certainly was awkward. I heard the Rocs was a bit apprehensive and seemed to look as if she was worried about the Guerrillas. But Tony and Banks didn’t attack her, but nobody was hugging either. Like I said, I didn’t see it, but I heard that Janet Jackson was there that show and she was the star attraction.

New G-Unit! “Straight Outta Southside”

I see you Yayo, reppin for Sean Bell. But, yo…this is super gullified Hip-Hop. I love how it reminds me of “Straight Outta Compton,” but sounds completely different. What if these dudes got just a bit political?

Straight Outta Southside – G-Unit


I’m sure you all are sick of Amy Winehouse by now, but I feel it is my duty to keep people in the know so when something happens it is not a shocker. She had a terrible showing at Portugal’s Rock in Rio festival last weekend. Well there was all this crazy stuff like she was blaming her band and stuff. But she’s kept the band. Put somebody told me, and I can’t co-sign, but they said Amy did coke on the stage twice in front of the crowd. She said that her poor showing was due to sickness and she forced herself to show. RIGHT.


This is very cute. I hope he does it like every day.


Heeeee’s Back! Here is the new Cam’Ron! He’s coming back, y’all! Click the link. Anyway, here is the latest. Cam has been seeen fairly recently with JR. Writers and some of the other Dips. He’s seems to be doing OK. I hear he is working in the studio on music and expect to release another album in the near future. It’s been so long I cant remember where he is signed. Anyway, he’s doing the thing thing. When Jim Jones popped up at Summer Jam, Cam was nowhere to be seen.

HUH WHAT? Mel B is going to be working with Janet Jackson on her solo CD. Now, that’s some scary spice.

BFF!! Wow! 50 Cent reportedly gave Val Kilmer a car worth $100k just because they are cool. They are both in the movie “Streets of Blood” and they both play cops.

GO OBAMA! Jay-Z was reportedly cheering at random about the Obama nomination victory!

Go Estelle! Mary J Blige was on hand in the UK to cheer on her British counterpart Estelle. Mary requested “American Boy” at a club in London and said she was a fan.

The End of The Road. Hillary is going to end her campaign this week. Nobody told her Barack did that on Tuesday June 3rd.

The Ink Is On The Wall. I am hearing Mario has signed to The Inc. He danced his way to a deal? Can’t verify.

“F**k a** , Fake A** Plies!” Trick Daddy is dissing Plies for not coming to a video shoot with the rest of the Florida home team.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Lil Wayne might just be in rehab when his album drops next week. I’m getting word that he is in there right now.


Khia Goes Off – AGAIN…adds BET to the mix:

“Who is in the hot seat this week????? Dem F### N#####, Radio stations, BET and all the muthafuckas trying to c###-block the Queen!!! I know a lot of yall b###### are mad because you put up walls and tried to block me and stop me but I’m still running along side yall ass… Independently without you!!! Guess what b######?????? I got the mic now…… And everybody wants to hear what the Queen has to say!!!!”

Madonna on how Pharrell of the Neptunes made her CRY:

“I was singing and I didn’t understand the rhythm that he wanted me to sing in and he was kind of giving me a hard time and I was sort of taken aback by the way he was talking to me, so I said ‘You know what? we need to talk. We went upstairs and I said, ‘You can’t talk to me like that,’ and burst into tears. And he said, ‘Oh my god, Madonna has a heart!’ I started crying even more, and we had it out. Now I love him and we make great music together, but I think we had to go through that.”

Charlie Sheen is a new kind of RAW. He told his ex Denise Richards the following in a text:

“I hope you and your worthless retarded father get cancer and join your stupid mom (who died of cancer). Rot in hell…” [What did they do?!?!?!]

Lil’ Mama On Kinda Meeting R. Kelly:

“I met R. Kelly. I was in Chicago at a basketball game and I was performing, and he was on the floor with the basketball players, and I was performing all around the gym and all the basketball players were just looking at me, and R. Kelly was tapping on them like, ‘Yo, who’s that young girl? She’s crazy!’ And I was just rapping all hard and crazy. After I finished, they all gave me my props. He chose to stay really far away, because of the rumors and stuff like that, but he really showed his respect, and he’s a classic Chester Molester. I got respect for that guy.”

SPEAKING OF KELLZ: Read the latest: “The R Kelly Trial: A Play by Play Part Seven: A Quickie with Cue Cards”


I’m telling you. It’s going down! Check out this video of an office worker losing every marble he was born with in the office. When the suit-and-tie cats start acting this way, watch out!

This isn’t a sign but some cruel ish! A girl got cancer in her senior year of high school and they wouldn’t let the girl walk. Leanna Elizalde only had ONE class to finish. I mean, cancer almost finished her! Check out the video here. Thanks Freezy!


Check out this new video “Barack Star – Shook Up The World.”

Check out this video by Zieme, Andy Hilfiger, and Young Quincy. It compares Barack to Muhammad Ali, whereas Hillary compared herself to the fictional Rocky Balboa. Nice song. Lol @ “Rocky and I have a lot in common.” Maybe she should have compared herself to Smokin’ Joe Frazier since he’s a REAL boxer THAT WON from Philly.


Check out Pharrell shove this kid off stage again.


Former President Jimmy Carter told Barack Obama that picking Hillary Clinton as his running mate “would be the worst mistake that could be made.” Well what do you think?


Jay-Z was apparently asked about Obama’ victory and this was his reply.

Ice-T brought out Lil’ Ice…and, of course Coco.

That dude Fredro Starr was the same place Ice Family was.

The Game at a BBQ with the kids!

The Game Family!

Is this Jeezy’s new car?

Remember when Rev. Run was Tougher Than Leather? Click hear to read DMC talk about that 1988 understated classic.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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