Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game Cries Over Hip-Hop! Jim Jones Goes At Kanye West! A Rapper Attempts Suicide?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. I FEEL GOOD![:D]   I don’t know why. There is no reason, but I feel good! If I was like James Brown, I’d bust a split. I […]



All content

within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of

what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



I don’t know why. There is no reason, but I feel good! If I

was like James Brown, I’d bust a split. I wasn’t on the net all day yesterday. Good

for me…but we’ll see how the rumors are affected.





Recently, Jim Jones checked it with “Live with Kendra G. and DJ

Touchtone” on 100.3 THE BEAT in Philly and Jim Jones confirmed

the fact that Kanye West was upset this past June when he closed the show at

Hot 97 Summer Jam. Jim Jones said tell Kanye to eat his heart out! He said he

heard Kanye was acting like a little girl but when Kanye was told

that Jim Jones was still in the building he tried to retract his statements.

When Kendra G. asked him were they cool Jim Jones said, ” Kanye

is the one in the industry who throws tantrums and people become use to it and

we don’t take things he says to personal because he is like the “Revenge of the

Nerds to me.” He is the one who wears full buttons ups Danny Terial

style!  I don’t like tight jeans! I only like tight jeans on females and

that comment is not just for Ye! It seems like jeans are getting tighter and

sneakers are getting bigger!

 I have to say, when did

tight jeans on males get become in style? Just a question…



Oh these rappers! What will they do next – nobody knows

except me! This is the latest. Yes, we all know Tyga of Lil Wayne’s Young Money

got robbed for his Young Money chain. Well I head that Tyga and  Bugsy are working on a short comic film

called “How To Get Robbed.” From what I understand, this lil’diddy of a

film will actually re-enact and pop fun at Tyga and his embarrassing situation.

If you know Tyga, he’s cocky about it so, I guess, he can make fun of himself.





Before Shelz takes over, go to illseed.com to see the video

of this event. But, on the real, I feel the Game and what he was saying about

Hip-Hop. He’s an emotional dude as it pertains to rap. I can’t hate.


Shelz: So there’s this vid on YouTube of The Game explaining

why he no longer wants to co-exist with other rappers.  He explains that when he attempted to get a

gaggle of rhyme masters together to do something in honor of Sean Bell, he got

no help; just a bunch of excuses. He went on to say the golden age of hip hop

is where he feels he would be better suited and accepted. And guess what he did

during this interview.  He cried.  It was an honest and sincere boo-hoo.  Didn’t I tell y’all a couple of weeks ago

when Jackie-O let the tears break that Buck was the Pied Piper of emotion

leading the hip hop masses back to their deeply rooted feelings? But seriously,

I was touched by his outburst; probably because I totally agree with his point.

He was hurting….. or maybe sometimes that nicca just be confused too. Sniff.






You know something?

Rappers suck!!!!!!!


Why? I will tell you why. The Game made this song “911 Iz A

Joke” and it was a song that was recorded prior to the Sean Bell verdict. But

certainly the song was inspired by the crime perpetrated by the NYPD. Anyway,

The Game reportedly tried to get all sorts of rappers on the song, or a version

of the song to protest the case of Sean Bell. She said that he couldn’t get one

good rapper on that song. Now, I know there are some rappers that have done

songs – respect due- but there is nothing all coo coo crazy going on. Kudos to

The Game and all the rappers that did step up.


Rappers Suck Part II!


Remember that “Yes, We Can” Mixtape with Russell Simmons,

Green Lantern and ALL THESE HYPED UP RAPPERS? OH YEA! We were going to help get

Obama elected as the president, because we believed! Well, from what I heard,

Green Lantern has had all sorts of issues with getting artists to commit to the

mixtape. In fact, as you can see we ain’t heard a dag-on thing since about

April on this venture. Why? Rappers are wack and they only care about money. I

got news for you, rapper. When your money is gone and you are gone, nobody will

remember you. It’s like you didn’t exist!

 Remember this?




Shelz: So we know Mitchell Rose is suing Jay Z for 88

million dollars contending Hov stole his “whisper tone” and made it

famous.  Jigga man has been served at

both 40/40 clubs and supposedly will be served at Def Jam.  Now I’m not really sure what kind of

information you need to have to haul someone into court, but I read this dude

filed a copyright infringement suit. 

What did he copyright? 

Whispering? Well hell, he can take everyone to court.  But anyway, Rose’s loony ass was on V-103 in Atlanta today.  This dude claimed not only did he create this

whisper thing, he also had a flock of protégés that he was teaching it to when

S dot walked away with his creation.  He

also said he wants to challenge Butterbean to a cage match because he’s a boxer

also. Oh and he’s representing himself in court because he’s a lawyer too. Elle

Duncan, one of the folks interviewing him, asked him to kick 16 bars of the

whisper.  Yeah, he’s a rapper too.  He tried, going over the same two bars

several times, but amazingly enough, he never whispered.  But you can get his book at Amazon because,

guess what?  He’s an author too.





I can’t call it, but do you think G-Unit would break up over

poor sales? Not when there is a Koch or Babygrande out there! Anyway, the

rumors are poppin’up all over the place that G-Unit is no more. Now, again – I think

this feeds into my ongoing rumors about Rap at Interscope. I have continuously

heard that the label is trimming the “fat”from its business. So if you didn’t sell,

you are getting dropped. If you are on the shelf, you are getting dropped. Now,

G-Unit is a different sort of entity, because they are clearly anchored by 1)

talent and 2) 50 Cent. I think they need to show up at AllHipHop week so they

can push another 200k!









My homey Breezie-Ific hit me with this latest rumor on Mya.

 Mya was chilling at the  Barbados

Hilton when she was contracted by the Barbados government to make a


appearance. Well, Mya either wasn’t feeling well or “didn’t feel like

going out” that night. The Bajan people are PIIIIISEEEEEEEED!  


“It was not that she was not in

the island. She was very much in the island, lounging at the Hilton Hotel,

which was allegedly paid for by the Tourism Authority. But word filtered back

that she ‘did not feel’ like coming out to the club, but just felt like

‘chilling in her room’.




There are always two sides to a story- maybe more. Mya was in


but I am hearing now that she wasn’t compensated as she was promised. THAT is

the reason why she didn’t show up.  Mya’s

management allegedly said that the promoter agreed to pay her before she made

her appearance but did not.  When she was

NOT paid before she was to appear at the event, she went and took a chill pill

on the beach.  Allegedly, the promoter and

the club owner wanted to make the money first and then pay her after the

show.  That actually makes more sense

that Mya just not showing up for a paid performance. We know she wants every

dollar she can get. Thanks Profit/UrbanNewz.com. 



WHAT? Did you

know Nelly is working with Chuck D? His new album, Brass Knuckles, will feature the Public Enemy front man. Interesting.


Go To illseed.com

to hear The Game talk about what happened at that funeral where she allegedly

socked his cousin. His cousin allegedly stepped to him about paying for half, something

the cuz said Game said Game would do…but didn’t. He says he hates his family

more than 50 Cent…!


Do You Believe?

What do you think? Did Lauren London lie to us all?


I Still Believe:

Who remembers that song? You have to be of a certain maturity to know that,

nomtalknbout? Anyway, I am hearing that Swizz Beatz and Mashonda might be

working things out. Swizz: its cheapa to keepa!


Nas Is Crazy! I

heard that Nas didn’t even know the name of Keri Hilson, the super cute singer

in his video, “Hero.”


Not Coolio, Man! Coolio

recently did an interview for AllHipHop.com and I heard he is steaming mad at

tmz! I heard he accuses the website of telling the cops about his expired tags

so they could arrest him!




The Game is still

talking that retirement stuff:


 “I’ve been spending 100 per cent of my time

being Game, so I haven’t been able to focus on my producers and my artists, so

this year I’m gonna get it crackin’… the same way Dre, Quincy Jones and Diddy

do it – by being a rap mogul. There are a lot of ways to keep hip-hop alive

without being an artist. I don’t have to be vocal to make it happen.”


What Jesse Jackson said

about Barack Obama:


“I want to cut his

nuts off. Barack’s talking down to Black people.”


[Illseed note: Jesse, Jesse, Jesse…please sit down. Does

anybody remember why Jesse was really ousted from the presidential race before

in the 80s?? HIS BIG MOUTH! Sit Down, Sir! Please!]


And then there was

the apology, which Barack accepted:


“For any harm or

hurt that this hot mic private conversation may have caused, I apologize. My

support for Senator Obama’s campaign is wide, deep and unequivocal. I cherish

this redemptive and historical moment.”


50 Cent on his

current mess with his baby moms and his son:


“I think my son

Marquise doesn’t want his mom to feel like he’s a traitor. The time I spent

away is the time he developed this thing he’s afraid to break with her. There’s

nothing you can do about that. This is the toughest (thing I’ve had to face),

because he’s my motivation.”


Barack Obama tells a

young person the straight up truth in Georgia at a rally (blogxilla.com):


“You are probably not

that good a rapper. Maybe you are the next Lil’ Wayne, but probably not, in which case you

need to stay in school.”





Women have to worry about fiendish men assaulting them

sexually, especially at events like Woodstock

or the old Freaknic. Anyway, in Madison,

WI, they are on some new ish.

Three men are facing attempted sexual assault charges after they allegedly dug

up a corpse just so they could have sex with it! Now, in 2006, Alexander

Grunke, his twin brother Nicholas Grunke and friend Dustin Radke were arrested

for that crime, but there was no law that addressed necrophilia in Wisconsin. That all

changed recently when the Supreme Court of the land ruled that people can be

charged in such cases. Now that the law has been changed, they are about to be



I mean, this is probably mad ignorant, but who is this corpse?

Is it Anna Nicole Smith? I mean, it’s got to be some kind of woman to be all

that! Well, this 20 year old woman named Laura Tennessen was killed and they

saw her face in the paper’s obituary and thought she was fly enough to sex

after death. They went to the cemetery with shovels, a crowbar, and a box of

condoms – wow. They were caught before they could smash. Wow. That’s sick. I

have to say it’s a bit weird for them to charge them. The crime was almost

three years ago. I hope blogging never becomes illegal….sheesh.




Woman Shoots Self

While Trying To Kill Mice


POSTED: 9:44 am PDT

July 8, 2008



VALLEY, Calif.

— A Mendocino County woman who was trying to kill mice

in her trailer with a gun ended up shooting herself and another person.


Sheriff’s officials

say the 43-year-old woman pulled out her .44-caliber Magnum revolver after she

saw the mice scurrying across the floor of her trailer on Highway 20 in Potter Valley.


But she accidentally

dropped the gun, which went off as it struck the floor. The bullet went through

the woman’s kneecap, bounced off the keys sitting on the belt loop of a

42-year-old man in the trailer and grazed the man’s groin before ending up in

his coin pocket.


Authorities did not

release the shooting victims’ names.


The mice escaped the

shooting unharmed.







LAX Track List : -State of Emergency (feat. Ice Cube)

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-Bulletproof Diaries (feat. Raekwon) (Produced By Jelly


-Cali Sunshine (feat. Bilal) (Produced By Nottz)

-Game’s Pain (feat. Keisha Cole) (Produced By Knobody)

-My Life (feat. Lil’ Wayne)

(Produced By Cool & Dre)

-Angel (feat. Common) (Produced By Kanye West)

-Camera Phone (feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced By Cool & Dre)

-A Thug and a Gentleman (feat. Ne-Yo) (Produced By Jonathan

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-Us Live (feat. Chrisette Michelle) (Produced By Scott


-Put Ya Hands Up (feat. Busta Rhymes) (Produced By Scott


-Dope Boys (feat. Travis Barker) (Produced By 1500 or


-Touchdown (feat. Raheem DeVaughn) (Produced By Nottz)

-Ya Heard (feat. Ludacris) (Produced By Nottz)

-Nice (Produced By Irv Gotti)

-House Of Pain (Produced By DJ Toomp)

-Letter To The King (Produced By Hi-Tek)

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