Hip-Hop Rumors: The Game’s New Mixtape, Kanye Loves Kanye, Tank Gets Tasered, Bro

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: We Don’t Need No Rumors Today! (But you know we did!) THE NEW ROUND UP! TVT Records is about to be a WRIZZY! DJ […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: We Don’t Need No Rumors Today! (But you know we did!)


TVT Records is about to be a WRIZZY!

DJ Don Cannon Preps Mixtapes; Debut Album

Snoop Dogg Goes Bollywood On New Track

AHH Stray News: T.I. Designs T-Shirts For Playboy

Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Webbie, Boosie Continues


You remember back in the day, I heard that The Game and his brother Big Fase 100 are back on good terms again. I hope it to be true. Brothers don’t need to fight – they are all they got! Anyway, I didn’t confirm/deny the rumor, but I heard something that supports it. I heard that The Game and his brother are working out a new mixtape venture that bigs up the West Coast. So, I know Game is in jail right now, but maybe the vocals were dropped before and then Fase will get it mixed and mastered?

What happened to all the happy (Young MC)/weird (Pharcyde)/ and conscious (Def Jef) rappers from the West Coast! Send me some artists that don’t use a gun to get their point across! ahhrumors@gmail.com.


We all saw the slick lil’ comment Kanye made about Common at the Grammys. Something about him telling Common not to drop albums the same year as him. Well, over the weekend during All-Star weekend, Common made a reference to people loving people that he said something to the effect of Kanye is loving himself. Sounds like a tongue-n-cheek reply.


I heard through someone at the Magic Fashion convention that Nelly is irritated by the Flo-ridah song “Low Low” so much that when he goes into a club, they aren’t allowed to play it. Now, if this is true, I think I have a suspicion why. What’s odd is that the song says “apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur, the whole club is lookin at her,” which is an obvious nod to Nellys brand. I mean, Flo-Ridah could have mentioned Vokal or something! “Low Low” is a great ad for Apple Bottoms, especially since they have broken their fifth year anniversary.

Does Nelly’s “Country Grammar” sound like “Low Low?”

Here is “Low, Low” by Flo Rida. There are some stylistic similarities.


Here is a report from Julia Beverly of Ozone magazine, an eyewiteness to Tank’s alleged beat down by the police:

“The singer Tank got tasered & arrested at house of blues early Monday morning in New Orleans…claiming police brutality. I have pics of him in handcuffs. He actually requested that I send out the pics because he wants the situation exposed and is willing to speak on it. Apparently he was with a woman who was being harassed by police outside the venue and when he told them to stop, he was tasered and taken into custody. The woman’s (eyewitness) blackberry contact is iradewitt@yahoo.com and she wants to speak on it also. Several police officers were actually overheard making sexual comments about the woman after Tank was in custody (repeated to me by a very reliable source). However, I will add that overall the police in New Orleans this weekend (in my experience) did a good job of keeping things safe without being overbearing.”

[Illseed note: it only takes one or two bad apples to destroy perception about the whole bunch.]

Here is an epilogue with pictures from Big Bev.

“The pics are kind of funny cause he is smiling & posing.. He said he wanted everybody to see that they had cuffed him up for no reason. I didn’t see the actual incident, these were taken after they brought him into custody @ University Hospital which apparently is also a makeshift police station. I don’t really want to be quoted or anything about the incident but if you hit iradewitt@yahoo.com she’ll be glad to tell you what went down.”


I got a red alert from The King of The Club Shugabooga from Cleveland and he hosted the Bizzy Bone CD release party Friday night at Peabody’s in downtown Cleveland! A lot transpired. First, the venue was sold out, and I’m told that people even flew in from London to attend this party. Bizzy looked healthy and clean and better than he has in a long time, I heard! He wasn’t on any liquor or drugs, I was told. He was even killin’ it on stage and did all the old Bone classics as well as new songs like his single Money feat. Twista!!

But here’s what fans liked the most about the show: At one point Bizzy said, “Who wanna see Bone back together?” The crowd erupted!! He jokingly followed that with “Then somebody contact them brothers and let ’em know, cause they got me on probation. I can’t even smoke weed!” So Bizzy wants us to all reach back and contact the rest of Bone! DJ Ice, Bone’s regular DJ, was spinning the records for Bizzy too.


Hey Mama Grammy RemixKanye West

I Don’t See NobodyFabolous

Best BelievePete Rock Ft. Redman

You Know The NameBobby Creekwater

Freedom Pt. 2Fred Knuxx Ft. Crooked I

Respect The ShooterG-Unit



Mannnnnnn…the Bizzy Bone party brought out MC Brainz ( Cleveland’s first platinum rap artist), now knowns as Brainz Davis. Chip Da Rippa ( Jive Records) is another ermerging rapper in C-Town. Here are the pics!

And you know I had to put up the MC Brains old video, even if the quality is terrible.


I just found this to be sooooooooo funny! No disrespect to Bobby V. I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened, but this has got to be one of the top 10 humorous accounts of a star encounter.

“I walked into his dressing room and I had to take him a list of things that ….every celebrity asks for…water, tea, chicken, etc. I made sure I had the mofos attention and I told him that I was bringing him what he asked for…..he just looked at me like I was speaking french to his fruity ass….then he gon turn his back to me like I was not even in the room…..then his lil groupies gon start laughin at me!!!…..I don’t know if he was off those pills, but with all honesty I should of had somebody rob him….Just joking!!!! He was so disrespectful……he could of said thanks…or good lookin out or something….Damn!!!..I know it aint a rumor but I jus had to tell somebody.”


Now, the person that wrote this is a person that I used to talk to a lot, but I think I am going to keep his name off of this. Because he was admittedly drunk when he wrote it. Read the letter. Understand, I didn’t edit it because I didn’t want to taint the raw, drunken unbridled emotions inside. Also, understand that I want to get into these parties so I do not condone these comment! I’m trying to get in the “club.”

“I’ll give u more on the scoop of what went down but I’m so hung over from lst night. Trust, Lebron James and Jay Z’s party was for the stuck-ups last night. If you were gully, you made your way to club Dreams last nite for the Hoy Boyz OFFICIAL reunion concert. 2 words, breathe taking, lol

Oh yea, I’m proud to say I have more juice then shatwy-Lo. While club hopping and hitting Club Dreams up for an hour or so, I seen shawty-Lo pull up with his whole squad. He comes to the door(rookie move becuz there is a back elavator entrance in the V.I.P. where all the important people go).So he comes up to the door and my dude Duggy, the bouncer says “no” lmao. So Shawty yells out “it’s L-O man!” duggy says, your not on my list so u gotta G-O…funniest thing I’ve ever seen. what made it funnier was after all that, me and my girl push our way through the Fabo click shawty had behind him and walked right through…just awesome.

NEways, back to Jay-Z…he’s a b***h. He threw a party i Saturday..i think..i forget..maybe Friday….no saturday..NEwasy, he through a party that was invite only @ club Metro..INVITE ONLY.

I mean hella hard to get in even with an invite!But damn near all the staff that works there, I went to school with. So me running the city like diddy,While gabby and Terry Crews are standing at the door giving all of there info to get in..once again, I slip my ass right in lol. But that was where my juice stop.At an INVITE ONLY party, J & B and the rest of the “friends” were in a closed off back room that I didnt have enough juice 2 get into. Terry Crews was the only one with the “common” people on the floor. If you rememeber, when he was in “the longest yard” doing the robot..imagine him doing that for the whole hour i was there…good times..NEways, going back 2 sleep cuz i’m done…i’ll dish more when i feel better. sorry for the drunk statements in the 2 paragraphs i written already, but if u dont like it…..deal with it lol

Let me clarify myself by “breathe taking”. The hot boys reunion happened but ended earlier….there were 3 murders in front of club Dreams around 12 (where the hot boyz concert was held)while I was inside and my friends texted me and told me to run for it. So I went out the back/V.i.P entrance lol. The Hot Boys reunion will be re-schedule for a later date. Prolly around July 4 when the Essence Fest. Comes into town. Hopfully Turk will be out by then because Mannie Fresh Is suppose to be taking Turks spot until he comes out the clanck. BUt Weeezy, Baby, Juve, and B.G. are all cool and will be back real soon! I can’t wait for this 2 pop off!! I’ll tell u about Wayne and his drug habits later. I can’tr tell u the amount off s### I seen him doing.”

On that note: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Weezy!


Jay took some interviews at All-Star, but it looked like he was a bit sleepy. Not for long as you know. They got it poppin’ later in the evening.


In true millennium Hip-Hop fashion, Max-B has posted his grievances about Jim Jones on the internet. I didn’t make it up, but Max-B and Jim won’t be be making up anytime soon. On his myspace page, Max B said the following:

Feb 18, 2008 12:02 PM

Subject: Out on Bail

Body: attention, If you seen jim jones on tha Street Talk dvd countin money like he was bailing me out,he wasnt, he was counting my money which was 120,000$,10% of 1.5million dollar bail

my bail was 1.5mill them n##### left me sittin’only reason he came was cause stax died R.I.P,i still needed 1.5million in houses,yall muthafuckas really think he bailed me out,that f##### told me he shoulve left me in jail when i said he had to pay me for my s### you be the judge…More on this s### later”


I love KRS-One, so peep the letter I got.

“Whats up Illseed, I know this aint a rumor, but I got to let you know that KRS-One through it down in Berkeley, CA on Friday night. The show started at 9, some local Bay Area artists did their thing, then at like 11:45 it was time for KRS. so all 300 of us was going nuts cause it was time for him to come. So after like 10 min, DJ is “like he’s around the coming.” Then the same thing happens like 15 min, latter. To make it short, his flight was late. So at like 12:45 KRS runs up on stage, “SOUTH BRONX” chat goes on. He played damn near every song in his catalogue and even did a 15 min freestyle over some Classical piano music. He kept it going till 3 am. This was by far the best show I have ever seen, even better than Wu, EPMD, and Public Enemy combined. HIP HOP is still alive.”

[Illseed note: Better than Wu, EPMD, and Public Enemy combined? You better have video or I am going to request that you stay off the crack rock.]


Click here to see “The Many Faces of Hillary Rodham Clinton” (Meant to be funny, not hate-filled)

Irv Gotti had his reality show and now it appears that Ashanti will get her shot on the Bravo Network. I couldn’t find anything to confirm this.

Mr. T is releasing a comic book /T graphic novel in summer 2008, but his publisher is going to releases a limited edition 4,000 copy run.

My boy Jorge told me, “I went to see Katt Williams in Bakersfield, CA. He must of been smokin’ some good green too, dude wouldn’t stop pacin’ and bitin’ his finger nails all night. Tweekin!” Well, I got from my girl AJ that Katt did his thing last night and was really funny. I can’t call it! Roll the dice.

What’s your take on the superdelegates? If you want to join 400,000 others that want the Hillary/Obama presidential run to get decided by the people, CLICK HERE!

There is a rumor that T-Pain and his mother are starting a record label.

Pharrell and have a new contest called “Star Bape Search” and they are looking for female rappers. The winner gets a song with Pharrell.

N***r comes on on April 22. Sigh.

According to CNN, Fidel Castro has resigned as president of Cuba! Whoa! Big changes ae coming down the line for real!


Britney Spears on Beyonce and Tina Turner:

“Too bad she can’t dance as good as Tina –who’s old enough to be her grandmother!”

The great Amiri Baraka on Barack Obama:

“An important aspect of Obama’s campaign is the exposure of the “wooden negroes” -Rangel, Andy Young, Donald Payne, Maxine & the rest of the hanky heads in the Congressional Blank Caucus. Not only must we continue to expose these buggers, but remember them next election time!”

40 Glocc on the rumors that he beat up a homeless person wearing too much red:


Peta to Aretha Franklin:

“Music lovers may think of you as a ‘queen,’ but to animal lovers, you are a court jester. I’m sorry, Aretha, but your furs make you look like a clown. Why not shed the old-fashioned look that adds pounds to your frame and detracts from your beautiful voice? Please consider donating your furs to the homeless as ‘queen of compassion,’ Mariah Carey, did. You’ll get a tax credit for the donation, and we at PETA will all sing your praises.”

[Illseed note: I cannot support this level of disrespect to my sister Aretha. Last time I checked Mariah wasn’t a pioneer. That’s word to Minnie Ripperton!]

Rihanna’s father speaks after he gets all clean and sober:

“The only thing I want is to be a part of her life. I have had her forgiveness, which you can’t put a price on, and I would never dream of asking her for a dollar.”

India.Arie on why she didn’t go to the Grammys:

“It was a very quiet boycott, but I boycotted the Grammys. Because I am just tired of the politics. At first I felt like I was being rebellious, but really I was just honoring myself. Because it hurts to sit there and know that you’re gonna get ignored.”


In the WWE event “No Way Out” Wrestlemania 3,000 over the weekend, Floyd Mayweather and The Big Show got into it. Now, Big Show got on the ground to humor Floyd and Money Mayweather popped him in the nose. I thought it was fake blood, but apparently Money Man actually broke Big Show’s nose. Look at the vid and tell me. Play215 from southwest Philly…What up!


Look at this piece and tell me PLEASE, explain what Lupe is talking about?


Shout out to Len Rock!


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