Hip-Hop Rumors: The KKK Planning To Kill Obama? BET’s Rip The Runway Run Down!

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS! Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil’ Wayne’s Detox? C-Murder & The Game’s Mom? Mariah & the White Girl? THE KKK IS PLOTTING TO KILL OBAMA If you were duped […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.


Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil’ Wayne’s Detox? C-Murder & The Game’s Mom? Mariah & the White Girl?


If you were duped into believing that the KKK is someshow supportive of Barack Obama – think again. The KKK has already stated explicitly that he will be killed sure as hell. The Secret Service has already been contacted. Obama is already under the watchful eye of the Secret Service, the earliest of any presidential candidate. The Imperial Wizard of the Klan said they are definitely going to try to take Obama out. Click here to listen to the great Willie Dee of the Geto Boys and his song, “F**k the KKK.”


You all might not know, but BET recorded their annual “Rip The Runway” fashion show yesterday in New York. Nelly and my baby moms Lauren London hosted and Diddy was the producer. Below is a run down of how things went from somebody that emailed me their assessment. The televised version will air on March 4. ‘Til then, check this!

Diddy came out and ran down the history of fashion and got the crowd hype.

Tocarra came out on Missy Elliot’s set and shook what her mother gave her.

Nelly’s accent is serious…”wear” is “werre.”

Lauren London is hot as hell!

NERD performed and they had a posse of nerds with funny colors on.

Meanwhile the girls were super hot walking the runway! The designer was Zac Posen. I think Rocsi came out with a mirror.

Pharrell’s artist Teyana is 17, but her boobs are 25. She was hopping around like a jumping bean to the N.E.R.D. song.

Somebody that looked like Charli Baltimore was out there and looking very good. Coming back in the game on some modeling ish!

Snoop performed and previewed Rich And Infamous, his clothing line. Estelle walked the carpet. Shante’s line is CoRiRi or something. She came out too. Funny. Snoop is growing up.

Unbelievable. The crowd did NOT go crazy when MOP’s “Ante Up” came on. Sad!

Diddy pulled some strings and got Cheri Dennis on the bill.

After messing up Nelly said, “You know I ain’t no damn host!”

“Succeedos”…or did he mean tuxedos or is that a new Diddyism?

Nelly introduced Sean Jean. Terrance J came out and got good cheers. Cheri is a good singer. Making Da Band dudes sang.

Snoop from “The Wire” came out in  a men’s Sean Jean suit. Cassie also modeled.  Lauren London had the serious dominatrix look in all patent leather.

Nelly, Kevin Liles, Reggie Hudlin, Debra Lee and other powerbrokers chopped it up in the balcony.

The Sizy Sexy (plus sized models) came out. Plus sizes meant they could be tall too. The bald girl from America’s Next Top Model. Overall, they weren’t that tight as models. Webbie did not seem enthused at all to be rockin’ this set.

Nelly messed up and somebody commentted on him not being able to read and he replied, “I know how to count numbers.”

Trey Songz sang during the swimsuit segment for Amaya. They had some hot models and some stick figures too and some that looked like strippers. LOL!

The Retro Kids or some fakes were in full effect mode…til they got booted from the stage.

Nelly wrapped the show with Apple Bottoms…Flo Rida performed. Does this mean that the Nelly hating Flo Rida business is BS? I don’t know, Bill. Anyway, Tocarra came out again and was looking good. Liris Cross also walked in a green dress – smoking!

AND that was the end of the show. Diddy, Lauren and Nelly came out and encouraged people to vote.


If a dude hung you off a balcony and took your million dollar publishing, would you smile in a picture with him? Click here to see what transpired recently!

To Jay-Z: your fans in The 651 aka MINNESOTA would appreciate it if you stopped there on this Mary Tour. Chicago is too far for them. Kia said, “Please!?”

Shout out to the homies DJ Real, Phillip and Flo Montana for getting me that Lik’s “Mary Jane” remix!

Rumor has it, Rick Ross used to go to college and also be a corrections officer in jail.

Also, I heard that Jackie-O’s root problems are those that she has with Poe Boy Records, not really every artist in Miami.

How cool is it that Nelly and KRS-One on “Self Construction” together?

According to Young, Black and Fab, Malinda Williams and fiancée D-Nice might be trying to hide a pregnancy.

Not a rumor. Sadly, the 92-year-old sister of boxing great Joe Louis was found frozen to death on Monday. She was found outside her apartment in just her pajamas and one show. She had Alzheimer’s. Very sad.

Kelis is releasing a greatest hits CD…hmmmm…

Deelishiis’ man ain’t gay and she spazzes out to prove it! Click here to listen!

The Patriots didn’t deserve to win the Super Bowl. I said it once and I said it ten times: THEY CHEAT! Now, there is a new claim of spying on other teams plays. Read it here!


One world: YUCK!

Gene Simmons has gone the Ray-J way with a sex tape that has leaked to the internet. Well, I saw a clip of it and I wanted to rip both of my eyes out. Anyway, it is Gene and some blonde chick that some have resolved to be a h#####. Now, Gene isn’t married, but he has been with the same person for many years. This person in the video is not his lifemate. His lawyers are sending cease-and-desist letters all over the place….but its still leaking.

Do you all remember AllHipHop.com’s interview with Gene where he gave Hip-Hop some advice??

Here is a sample of what Gene said in that interview with AllHipHop: “Also I’d like to hear a rapper who can really speak English exceedingly well, somebody who can pronounce every single word, doesn’t make up his own language and just is a breath of fresh air. Someone who comes in with a suit and tie and really comes off as well dressed [and] well educated just to be different.”


Raekwon on how he gets down on Valentine’s Day (New York Daily News)

“I’m the type of dude who may be in a helicopter over the city having sex.”

Etta James on Beyonce playing her in Cadillac Records:

“I wasn’t as bourgie as she is, she’s bourgeois. She knows how to be a lady, she’s like a model. I wasn’t like that… I smoked in the bathroom in school, I was kinda arrogant, so those are some of the things I would want to tell her.” [Illseed note: I don’t know if that’s a compliment or a diss.]

Tank speaks on being a victim of police brutality:

“The most frustrating part of the entire incident is knowing that I did not do anything to pose a threat but was treated like a criminal. With a clean-cut image and a lady by my side, the law took matters into their own hands and chose to endanger my safety and those accompanying me. New Orleans is still very much in trouble beyond the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I’m a living witness.”

Jadakiss on why music is slumping:

“N***a’s is garbage. The game is f***ed up [because there are] a bunch of ringtone, tight-pants-wearing motherf***rs. I’m just doin’ me. The music is f***ing garbage, man. Kanye came out with hot music. He sold records. T.I., same thing. Alicia Keys, same s**t. If your s**t was hot and you had a machine, you sold records.”

Michael Palladino, president of the Detectives Endowment Association [New York Post]:

“This was a planned publicity stunt timed to influence the jury.”


Bill O’Reilly and his racist, Freudian slip:

“I don’t want to go on a lynching party against Michelle Obama unless there’s evidence, hard facts, that say this is how the woman really feels. If that’s how she really feels — that America is a bad country or a flawed nation, whatever — then that’s legit. We’ll track it down.”

Now, I don’t know what sort of media is out there or what so-called leader needs to step up. Bill O’Reilly is racist, plain and simple. There is no justifiable way that this man should be allowed to pollute the public airwaves with his rhetoric under the guise of some sort of pseudo conservative.

See the video:

Unless WHAT? You won’t do a gotdamn thing O’Reilly. We’ll track you down, homey and that old KKK bastard too.


I want to crush your head!

You don’t want me to revert to my former self, Bill. I’m a monster.

I’m bout ready to knock you out!

Seething right now…sooooooo….

Somebody stop me from:

I will just say…like so many others…

It is time to take the country back. Common said it, “The  revolution is here.”


Remember the little 7-year-old girl that took six bullets from a slimeball that tried to kill her mom? Well, she is totally alive and recovering (Thanks, Kevin). Mom caught a pair of those slugs too. Read the story here!


Check this out. There are some things that an elderly man should/could be doing with his life. Taking care of his doting grand kids, chillin’ on the porch with some corn liquor or if you are John McCain, running for president. If you are a 72 year old from New Carrollton, MD, then you might be found transporting over a million dollars in weed in the trunk of your car. Police in New Carrollton charge that they found that amout of marijuana in the elder fellow’s trunk. Guess how they caught him? Dude was involved in a fender bender car accident! The weed weighed about 146 pounds and was worth about $1.3 million in the hood. They said the man’s son was Redman…I’M KIDDING.


This could be the funniest thing to come out this year.


I can f**k up a mean wop! Maybe I can be a dancer for Ciara! If you can dance, look below!


I have never used this term, but for some reason, “Jesus, take the wheel” popped up in my head.


If I can, I will have more later.


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