Hip-Hop Rumors: The Weekend Edition!

Today’s rumors are sponsored by Dirtball or whatever his name is. Peanuts was it – word to Charles Schultz ! WHAT CAN I SAY!?! Here are some rumors to hold you over this weekend! Yesterday was Friday the 13th. It would have been bad luck for me to do rumors on that day. I might […]

Today’s rumors are sponsored by Dirtball or whatever his name is. Peanuts was it – word to Charles Schultz !


Here are some rumors to hold you over this weekend! Yesterday was Friday the 13th. It would have been bad luck for me to do rumors on that day. I might have fallen down a flight of stairs or dip my hand is a pot of grease. Here you go!


According to sources, Shawnna is gone from DTP, in part because Def Jam refuses to invest more money into her projects. What is being attempted right now is DTP find another recording home for her. I heard they are looking for a major label to host her. Shawnna really is a dope rapper so I hope it works out.


Tyrese is probably going to be Luke Cage…yep! They are looking to adopt the Now, years ago, when I first heard this, I admit I was against it, but now I think Black Ty is pretty cool. When I first put it out there, Tyrese emailed me a lil’ heated and I told him how I felt about it. I’ve changed my opinion. And, frankly based on the pool of actors to choose from, he’s No1. for this role. Now, Terrance Howard negotiating to play Diamondback the villain. What proably would have been cooler is if they had Iron Fist in there too, but his suit would probably look weird on camera.

Here is some info on Luke Cage aka Power Man.

Cage was the first African-American superhero in a comic book series. The

comic book adaptation is about a former gang member who is framed for a

crime he didn’t commit. In prison, he volunteers for a medical experiment

that goes awry, giving him superstrength and bulletproof skin. Using his

newfound powers, Luke Cage escapes and becomes a hero for hire.

MY SONS GREW UP! (More rumors below!)

Do me a favor and play these at the exact same time and you will get an even bigger kick out of it.

When they were young and rowdy.


What’dup err’body. Its “dat dude” Freezefiya, or Freezefiyah, or Freeze-Fiyah.

Since no one can’t get it right, just call me Freezy.

LoL, Another Ride or Die Chick

Damn, and you thought Kim Porter was bad…Everyone is convince that Shar

Jackson aka “The Other Baby Momma” is trying to get close again to K-Fed, the man who

dumped her while she was pregnant with his kid. Despite that,

when things were really bad between Britney and Fed-X (K-Fed), Shar was always

the one waiting in the wing to comfort him as a “friend.” Sounds fimilar. I think a video vixen made a book about this. NEways, now years later after the supposed breast lift and tummy tuck, K-Fed is now considering Shar as “hot” these days.

For someone to get dumped while pregnant and still afterwards try to patch things up and get back together after being embarrassed….That’s a ride or die chick my friends!…..or a gold digger since K-Fed is about $13 million dollars richer these days. It is what it is.

Its Not Me, Its You!

Whatever happened to blaming a flop on your record company? Are Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony calling it quits? That’s the word is. Now ALLEGEDLY (KeyWord – Allegedly) Jenny blames her hubby Marc Anthony for her flop CD since he demanded she reach the “Latina” side of herself and he looked over production. From what I know, Jenny has only pushed 50,000 since her cd released and was banned from some Latin stores in NYC. It doesn’t help that Marc can be known as to controlling which J.Lo doesn’t like at all. For Jenny, I think three times the charm…..She should herself on the back if she caught that last line.

Can He ComeBack?

Ja Rule is back in the studio. Word is he’s 43 songs deep and should be

dropping his first single soon called “Free” off of his new LP Mirror. Ja has

lost some of his hood points since the battle with 50 but one song can launch

you right back in the Game. Usher – Yeah….nuff said.

Fabo Maybe A No Go?

This isn’t good. Word is Fabolous may fall victim to the infamous Def Jam

Pushback. This is where the rumor gets grainy. I’ve heard two different version

of this rumor so let me break it down for ya. Since Fab isn’t burning up the


1.Def Jam is rumored to be thinking about shelving the whole LP and let Fab go back into the

studio and try again.


2. Just “meth” the album out there for the fans that have actually waited. If it

gets a buzz, great. If not, he will be in the studio and will be able to study

what worked and what didn’t.

That’s all i got! Get ready for the Dipsex vids coming out April 14….Do I really have to explain what I mean by that lmao…

Freezy F. Baby


I heard that Tony Yayo may have been dropped by either G-Unit or Interscope.

Shyne is on the way home this summer, I heard.

EVE IS ON FULL SURFACE. Eve isn’t back with Double R like I thought. She is on Swizz Beatz Full Surface label.

Cheetah Girl Kiely Williams is now dating Jr Rottem, the Hip-Hop producer. Isn’t she wild young?


But, most of you are dead wrong for trying to ride do dude. This so-called Hip-Hop double standard is a flawed argument that will so be exposed by illseed. Click here for the previous update!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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