TIMBO TO DO THE UNTHINKABLE? Timbaland has been talking a lot of talk about retiring and passing the torch. I think that’s all a diversion to do what no other producer can do. A lot of Hip-Hop producers are talking pop this, pop that, talking about how they are working with all these pop stars. […]


Timbaland has been talking a lot of talk about retiring and passing the torch. I think that’s all a diversion to do what no other producer can do. A lot of Hip-Hop producers are talking pop this, pop that, talking about how they are working with all these pop stars. Well, Justin is the new King of Pop and I’m hearing Timbaland is about to mess with the old King for his coveted comeback. That’s right. I heard Timbaland is going to be moving Michael Jackson from his Dubai home to Virginia Beach so he can bring Mike back. A lotta Hip-Hop producers do pop, but Tim has worked with pop stars like Bjork. Can he bring back MiJack?


The Cassidy songs have been rolled out, one per day for those that didn’t know. There is one more coming, but here are the other ones. Also, here is the interview with Cassidy. You guys are rabid over the Philly homey.

“I Don’t Give A F**k”

“The Boyz Iz Back”

“The Family” (Nice joint with Peedi Peedi)

“Make Moves”

“The Death of Cassidy”

“Hop Out” (Samples Kool G Rap!)


People have recently been talking about the picture of Usher holding hands with an unidentified woman. Well, that photographer is extremely lucky to get that picture.  I heard that they got a picture of him and that unknown babe, but nothing is going on. He’s not creeping. I heard he soon got into a vehicle with others, but refused to sit next to any females in the vehicle for fear that the photographers would get a picture of him and a woman not named Tomeka. It has to be rough with rumors being spread that they are cheating on the mother of their first kid. He’s not doing it!


Is Foxy Brown missing? I heard that her friends, family and manager can’t find her. A-HA! Those pesky New York papers are at it again. On July 8, the New York Post wrote a story stating that Brown was missing, but she hosted the Urban Awards over the weekend. “We’re all trying to find Foxy,” Brown’s lawyer, State Sen. Jack Sampson, told the Post. Her publicist, family members and friends also came up empty when we asked for their help in tracking down the rap artist.” The Post story has since been removed from the ‘Net.


Man, Gucci Mane should be down in the Hip-Hop Hall of Fame for his beef with Jeezy. You know, I’m also speaking on all the things that went along with it. He went on to diss other people, even sending slights to Jay-Z and Beyonce. Well, I’m getting a rumor that he’s got a new target: T.I. I’m hearing the song is called “What Kind of King.” Now, Gucci just got on Asylum with his own label deal and Asylum is under Atlantic, Tip’s recording home. Incidentally, Gucci just did a song with Ludacris called “Freaky Girl.” Interesting. Maybe its just a bad rumor, huh? We’ll see! (Since I wrote this, I heard the song. Its about to get hot in the South, because he blasts Tip for saying sorry about the Chaka assault. Gucci also criticizes him for wearing suits, being a smaller man and says he’s in Bankhead more than Tip. Shout out to Germane Propane!) Expect this to be on AHH real soon. When it is, I will give you the link.


I’m not sure if this is the case, but I have been informed of a rumor that the Field Mob dudes have broken up. Although they have had quite a bit of success, it looks like Shawn J and Smoke are going to try their luck as soloists. On the low, one of these two dudes did a lil bid last year and, rumor has it, it sort of deferred their anticipated return via DTP. They allegedly weren’t able to promote the album. Oh well, best of luck.


I’m going to admit, I don’t know a thing about the girls from Danity Kane, but I heard they lost a member. One of them, D. Woods, has apparently left the group in persuit of greener pastures away from Bad Boy. Anyway, D. Wood is also looking at a bunch of other solo stuff, including acting. I’m not mad. The Girl’s Club describes itself as, “the official female replica of the Wu Tang Clan” on their myspace page. That’s incredible and ambitious to say the least. Check this out.


My boy Flaco hit me with this angry letter. I’m not going to sugar coat it with my words. Here is the raw letter from a solider at war.

“The dude DMX was suppose to come out and perform in Iraq and Kuwait three times fam!!! He was a no show all three times. The Army wasn’t even going to mess with him a third time but crack head X people said he is coming. The folks in Kuwait were so sure he was coming they prepared the run way and airport for his arrival. Of course as with all celebrities extra special security measures were in place just for him. They waited for this man to walk off the plane …he never got off the plane. F**k DMX shout out to Sean P from youngbloodz for coming Paul Wall, and Fifty was out here to.”

FLACO – The War Time Ambassador


People just don’t want to be realistic with Janet and her body. She’s over 40! With that stated, a new rumor reports that Janet might lost a deal to do a fitness DVD, because she has put on a few more pounds. If you’ve been on the net, pics of a plumber Janet have been in circulation. She doesn’t look bad, just like a regular human. Anyway, the pictures are of her in a t-shirt and sweats.


Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama appeared at the Essence Music Festival in New Orleans over the past weekend. They both skipped the “green” Live Earth concerts that took place all over the world.

I will finish the “contract killer rapper” rumor in a few days or something, you know, when I’m ready.

Mya and Palow Da Don? Dating? I hope not, because he’ll lose his title “King of All White Girls.”

People seem to hate that 50 Cent/Justin Timberlake song, but I predict it’s a hit. I actually like it, because its different and has a whole different sound than we are used to hearing. Kind of like when Kanye, Pharrell and Lupe rapped over Radiohead.


Keep f**kin’ with Reh Dogg and that’s going to be somebody’s a**…you bum online friends!


I can’t speak on what people on that “good good” act like, but take a look at this and let me know what you think. By the end, he’s coming off pretty crackish.


YO! A 12-year-old girl and her 10-year-old sister were arrested for trying to kidnap their neighbor’s 1-year-old. Can you believe this lunacy? They are idiots and have already been charged. Click here to read about these clowns and how their own mother “snitched” on them (LOL). I don’t care how old they are. There are more than a few screws missing.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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