Hip-Hop Rumors: Tony Yayo & Young Buck PPV? Saigon Goes Home! Carmelo Rappin’ With Cassidy?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. TODAY’S RUMORS! SAIGON IS GOING BACK HOME Not Mooseknuckle! Not Africa! When I say Saigon is going home, I have to say that I know exclusively that Saigon […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.



Not Mooseknuckle! Not Africa! When I say Saigon is going home, I have to say that I know exclusively that Saigon is returning to his roots. You know that Saigon and Just Blaze got a release from Atlantic after sitting on the shelf for about forever. But, just when you thought he was done, I get word that he is resigning with Mark Ronson and his Allido Records (a subsidiary of Sony). You might recall that back in the early Saigon era, he was doing some serious work with Ronson, work that predated Amy Winehouse and others like Wale. So, right now, Saigon is looking like he’s about to win and win big!


I don’t know where this quote came from, but I think it is from Cassidy’s recent mixtape with Green Lantern.

“I Just finalized my partnership with Carmelo Anthony, you know the kid who lead the league in scoring, do it big and ball all the time. Yeah, well we just finalized the deal and we bout to make it happen asap.”

So, from what I heard Melo is rappin’ now and he’s down with Cassidty. Maybe he got inspired by Shaq’s “Tell Me How My A** Taste” rap. I don’t know. I just hope he is better that Ron Artest, with all respect to the big homey.

Also, it would seem that Cassidy has dissed Lil Wayne. Go to illseed.com for the video. Let me know what you think.


I know there is some [mis]info going on out there that Lil Wayne was tore up in a New Orleans club, but sadly that just isn’t true. I mean, its not “sadly,” but I know that people are clamoring with hate. Here is something more on the positive side, Jigsaw hit me up and told me that Wayne was down in Dallas and represented at the Power House show. I heard he tore it down and even shouted out Play-n-Skillz, who are from Dallas. They produced a song for Weezy too. Security was so tight, they couldn’t even get to the stage.


I hate to say it, but I heard Yung Berg didn’t get a lot of love from the audience in Dallas. I’m not sure if this was in response to the “dark butts” comments or whatever. I did hear that Plies fared well. So did Pretty Ricky, which shocks the mess out of me. Anyway, Yung Berg need not feel too bad. I heard Soulja Boy’s boy VIC didn’t fare much better. Overall, I heard the show was really good.


I’m not sure if this is the case, but I am going to put it out there. If this is true, 50 Cent is probably the smartest man in rap. Here it is. With all the Superhead books that are coming out (See Nas and Mos Def), I heard 50 Cent did the unheard. I heard that 50 bought the rights to Shaniqua’s life story! Shaniqua is the chick he has a kid with and claims he tried to kill her. She’s also suing him for $50 million. I guess, that offensive move will prevent her from releasing all of 50’s business for a profit. (I wonder how much her story cost?)


It might be Michael Buffer time if Tony Yayo and Young Buck get their wish to fight each other in a ring.

You may have read this on my blog but Young Buck went on XM Radio and officially challenged Tony Yayo of g-Unit to a boxing match. Here is the quote:

“As far as Yayo – [he] talking about he wanna fight? I’ll do it off of real n***a s**t. I swear on my child’s life. If they line this s**t up, where me and that n***a can go in a ring, we can put that s**t on VH1 we can make that s**t real life. I’ll have Floyd Mayweather training me. I’ll knock that n***a fat, flabby, old, non rappin’ a** out.”

Now I am hearing that G-Unit is ready and willing to make this fight. I heard that Yayo is ready to go. This sounds like a stretch, but promoters have reportedly jumped on this opportunity. I hope to see this fight made.


In Nigeria, what would you do? If you tuned into the rumors over the weekend, you know all about Jay-Z, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell and others in Nigeria for a concert festival. Well, Chris Brown was there too and I heard he had himself a good ol’ time. He reportedly sat at the bar for about 2 hours or more watching cartoons on his laptop with all his friends. LMAO! Somebody told me, they can’t fathom know he and Rihanna work it out- she is too mature! Chris did do the press rounds, but nobody filled him in on Nigeria or why he was there. Also, the people were reportedly clamoring over the Rihanna stuff but no confirmation.

Do we need a confirmation? Not really. We know what it is.


I heard Fat Joe was the headliner over in Nigeria. That’s right. Mary J. Blige is here and super big. Chris Brown is here and super big. In Nigeria, they opened for Fat Joe, who shut it down to the glee of the fans.

I didn’t include this in my weekend report, but I heard Usher’s concert in Nigeria was disturbed by violence after a fight broke out in the crowd. They said some people were drunk and got too rowdy. It was broken up quickly.


I’m not sure how true this one is, because I know Treach is always in the hood of Newark, NJ. So, I am hearing from a source of mine that Treach was at a club called Lounge 13 and he was with some dude. Suddenly, somebody is in the street and it appears to be Treach whomping the mess out of somebody something ferocious! In the process of this alleged scrap, somebody clocked Treach with a sucker punch! Treach caught one, but I heard he is OK. Somebody is going to send me some pictures so we’ll see the real deal, if there is one.


Enough! Amy Winehouse was reportedly caught with coke in her nose. Her dad has admitted we’re going to watch Amy die. He says, “She will die. But it won’t be from a drugs overdose. She will die from emphysema. That will be the most likely scenario if she doesn’t check her behavior. We are talking about a long, slow, painful death – gasping for air. I would like all the people who would give her illegal substances to think about that.” What’s he smoking?


Bout Time: Flesh-N-Bone is finally out of jail from what I heard. I heard he walked yesterday!

Pissy! Porscia Coleman, Russell Simmons former girlfriend, has deflected rumors that she and Russ broke up, because he is a control freak. “Russell is my best friend,” she said.

008: Alicia Keys rumored to be recording the new James Bond theme, an honor that was supposed to go to Amy Winehouse. Keys got this.

Pay To Appear! My boy DC Ca$hville told me that a new hot club opened in Nashville. I heard a gang of people showed up like Gabrielle Union, Kim Kardashian, Whitney Houston, Kid Rock, Ex NFL player Eddie George and Snoop Dogg.

Smart, Amy! Amy Winehouse has reportedly opened a club but her fans were saddened. Apparently, Amy was supposed to be showing off her DJ’ing skills. She never went on.

Angelina Jolie Delivers: She had a boy and a girl. Congrats.

AKA: Michele Obama was reportedly inducted into Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Over the weekend, they celebrated their 100th anniversary.


Gene Simmons of KISS has fallen in love with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice.

“She told me it was OK to call her Condi. I find her very sexy.”

Bernie Mac after saying some crass remarks at a Barack Obama fundraiser in Chi-Town:

“People like rumors. They’re going to say things like you was at the club with Lil’ Kim, and you and Kanye West got into a fist fight. You can’t get upset. You’ve got to keep hope alive.” [Read more of this below, thanks to Shelz!]


Can hair rollers save the Brown Estate?

Damn near the entirety of what is left of James Brown is going to be hawked to the highest bidder. Now this isn’t all that odd, as many a dead star has had their stuff on the block at Christies considering a lot of family members become so damn money hungry after the death of their famous loved one. But in normal form, the folk hovering around Mr. Brown’s estate can’t agree on anything. Some folk want the auction to happen, some don’t. And of the folk who are down for the auction, they can’t agree on where the money should go. There is some foundation that some feel the money should go to and others want to see it go directly to the estate, which last I checked, was running in the red. But yooo…. They are even auctioning his hair rollers. (SMH) Christies believes it’s about a million dollars worth of memorabilia.

Bernie Mac gets the hook at Obama Fundraiser

Bernie Mac’s stand-up had the folks in Chicago looking for Sandman this past Friday. I am assuming when the person who put together the fundraiser for Barak Obama considered Bernie Mac as a performer, they were thinking of the Bernie Mac Show Bernie. But instead they got the Def Comedy Jam Bernie and folks were not happy with his choice of material. His normal fare was met by heckles and requests for him to get off of the stage by the audience who paid over $2,000 dollars per person to attend the event. Once Mr. Obama took the stage, he admonished the comedian saying it was a family event and he needed to clean it up. You know, Mac’s routine has never changed, ever. Maybe the staffer who thought he would be a good choice never saw Kings of Comedy.

Q-Tips gets at Mos Def’s Wife

So Mrs. Def is doing the obligatory press tour to market her book when she ends up on Lip Service (Shade 45’s prime time Monday night show). Now we all know that the Crew on this show do not cater to their guests and they unleashed a surprise on this chick; Q-Tip. If you don’t know, Q-Tip and Mos are friends and Tip came in blazing. He yelled that the girl was foul; that she was sh*tting on niccas. He said she was just using Mos to sell her book and putting their personal info out there was just wrong. The crew pretty much clowned her during the entire interview and I don’t think she ever got it. So, I really hope she sells enough copies of her book to get through school because she seems a little dense to me.

[Illseed note: you can hear this in the podcast section on AHH.]

Is Busta too gangsta for Britain? Looks like he may be. I’m hearing that Busta was supposed to be involved in a free concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall on September 26th  for London’s volunteerism campaign, but due to his lengthy legal woes that may not be an option.Spokesperson for the U-K Border Agency says, “We continue to oppose entry to the U-K of individuals where they have been found guilty of serious criminal offences abroad.“ If denied entry Busta will be among many who have been turned away including Martha Stewart! guess we know who wont be killin em in the UK!  Ouch… Meet Dave Only Makes $5 Mil…… Are You Surprised? Really…. Looks like Gabrielle Union has found another way to send her career into recession! Her new film Meet Dave which she co stars along Eddie Murphy only made a measly $5.5 million this past weekend. The messed up part about it is that it played in over 3,000 theaters and still got no burn! Not for nothing but why did Eddie even think this movie was worth the trouble! I hear he’s looking at retiring…. Now may be the best time! As for Gabby you still have your looks but those only last for so long….. I hear Russ is taking applications! Not tryna be funny just getting my match maker on damn! 😉 Time for me to suck up to my boss!     Can a sista get a raise now 😉 (When I  get those nudes or a number…sure!) 

Ice Cubes Back…….  And if this aint enough for you thirsty peeps check out the track list now: 1. What is a Pyroclastic Flow?2. Jack In the Box3. It Takes a Nation4. Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It5. Hood Mentality6. Why Me? (ft. Musiq Soulchild)7. Cold Places8. Do Ya Thang9. Thank God10. Here He Come11. Get Money, Spend Money, No Money12. Get Use To It (ft. The Game & WC)13. Crack Baby14. Tomorrow15. Stand Tall16. Take Me Away (ft. Butch Cassidy) Cop the album on Aug 19th! Lady Dramas Food for Thought: Does anyone else respect Terrence a hell of a lot more since he showcased his gangsta on 106 & Park the other day? Is it just me or does Cube look like he just stepped off the set of higher learning on his album cover! What up Fudge!    Will Yung Berg ever recover from his statement? And furthermore will his pu$$…. rate ever recover? Cause I know he’s facing a serious drought now a days? And for those who want to know what I’m working with behind this keyboard you’ll see sooner than later! Ill keep you posted! What up friend in my head INE&J! 

Go hard or go home! Till next time 😉  ILL PICSMy homey sent this to me. Not a bit of disrespect to Rick Ross, but this is funny!

I’m not sure if Nore’s weight gain is funny. I know he’s always been eatin’, but is he still on the run? He and Ross the Boss need to start a group.

The whole crew has a shirt but Nore. I think this is a bid for Celebrity Weight Loss.


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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