Hip-Hop Rumors: Trey Songz Arrested Again? Bun B Joins Jay-Z! Trick Daddy Not Joining G-Unit?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.  YESTERDAY’S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce Is Pregnant? R.Kelly’s Scary, New Look! Remy Ma Update!Hip-Hop Rumors: Ray-J Has Song About Sexin’ Whitney and Dissing Bobby!TREY SONGZ IN PHILLY   […]



All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered

in our ear. Read on.

 YESTERDAY’S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Beyonce Is Pregnant? R.Kelly’s Scary, New Look! Remy Ma Update!Hip-Hop Rumors: Ray-J Has Song About Sexin’ Whitney and Dissing Bobby!TREY SONGZ IN PHILLY


Trey Songz is always popping up in

the news over something. If its not him leaping in the

crowd like Wolverine, he’s getting brutalized by the cops. This time, I heard

he was at St. Josephs University

in Philly and had a lil’issue. I guess the sound man

wasn’t on the case all that much and he let the crowd know alllllllllllllll

about it. Well, I think the fans took offense since they were there just to

hear the homey sing. Well, the crowd reportedly started hurling things at the

stage. (This is happening too much, people throwing stuff.) Well, Trey is a

real R&B G as I told you. He jumps in crowds and he let it be know that he

would kick the collective a** of the crowd if they didn’t stop. Security did

manage to pinpoint one person that was pushing the issue and his security was

reportedly on him! The boy, security and Trey went outside of the venue and hasn’t been heard from since. The Trey Songz Triangle.



There is more to this story, but I saved it for the end. You

won’t believe it…or maybe you will. Either way, it’s a crazy phase.




In the Houston

tour date Jay-Z didn’t really do anything with B, but he brought out a

different B. Bun B! The Southern master and Jay-Z did “Big Pimpin”

and then Bun B performed “Pocket Full Of Stones.” I

heard Chamillionaire was there too.


As I was putting this up on the site, I was told by Jigsaw

of AHH Bun B was with them at the ASCAP “I Create Music” convention out in LA.

He told me that Bun B shared his knowledge with and eager crowd. Chamillionaire was there too sharing his info.


Here is a video of

the pimpin’ performance:


Here is a video of

Jay-Z’s political performance:



Shout out to -Brandi Garcia, KBXX 97.9 The

Box and




Remember all those rumors about Trick Daddy joining G-Unit?

Well, I am told we can basically scrap those rumors. I heard that this was

something that was in the works, but it was halted by the politics of the day.

As you know, Trick Daddy is from Miami

and as you know, DJ Khaled is one of the biggest and

most sparkly spin doctors of that region (and the world). Well, Trick was all

ready to sign, I heard, but the politics of the game came in. 50 Cent and G-Unit

don’t get along with Khaled and other artists. Khaled has radio on lock and I heard people let Trick know

that if he went that route, some of those promotional avenues and support

systems may not be so readily available for him. I guess Trick Daddy stayed

with the home team.




I don’t know why they are toasting. They did some songs

together. Check out the video.





Kanye West is all set to headline

the Global Gathering in July in the UK. He’ll be rocking with Mark Ronson and Moby.


Buffie Da Body pregnant? If so, by who?


MOP has a violent p#### movie coming out. Billy Danze told Karma Loop TV, “”It’s about when you catch

a chick cheating and you can’t believe that you’re seeing your girl’s ass get

busted…whatever….But we had to take some of the violence out though. It got

a little too crazy.” [spotted at idolator.com]


The Game recently went into the studio with Ne-Yo. Trust me on this.


Sean “Diddy” Combs

accidentally slashed his foot

with a champagne glass last weekend. He is fine now.


 Alicia Keys has reportedly discovered her sexual side. Is this an indication that she’s sprung and about to get married? According to US magazine, she has recorded her

“most sexual song yet” and that she is ‘discovering my sexual side.” Bout time! You are 28.



Is this what Hip-Hop is turning into? I love Hip-Hop so if its going to turn into this, just kill me. I don’t know what

to say other than, “Kill me,” because that is the first thing that came to my

mind after seeing this.



You can never be president!


RIP TO PROOFFans and loved ones gathered in Detroit this afternoon (April 11) to

remember slain D12 member Proof and commemorate the two-year

anniversary of his death. “Since he’s been gone he was the head of

everything, so I’m trying to straighten things up and it’s hard. No one

can fill those shoes,” D12 member Mr. Porter told AllHipHop.com. A

candlelight vigil was held from 4-6pm EST at Woodlawn Cemetery, where

the artist was put to rest six days after his death in front of a crowd

of 2,000 people, including best friend Eminem who eulogized Proof.

Proof, born Deshaun Holton, was shot at the age of 32, following an

altercation outside of the CCC Club on East Eight Mile Road. According

to police and eyewitness reports, a fight broke out between Proof and

35-year-old Keith Bender inside the nightclub, which was operating

after hours illegally. The fight continued outside, where Bender was

allegedly shot first by Proof, who then suffered a gunshot wound to the

head at the hands of bouncer Mario Etheridge.

For the full story log on: https://staging.allhiphop.com/stories/news/archive/2008/04/11/19636137.aspx 











Read this letter regarding the Trey Songz

situation. I heard Trey went to jail behind this mess.


Hey illseed.

My name is RiTa.I read your reports and the features on AHH all the time..but i

thought you may be interested in knowing…I’m a student at SJU. I have one

more year at HAWK Hill! Anyhow Yesterday our school Saint Joseph’s University

held its annual spring concert. And for the first year I can remember we

actually got some black performers to headline in the personage of Lupe Fiasco

and Trey Songz. Boy do i

wish that Trey Songz never came. His whole act

embarrassed us all. I know you all are thinking this is not the first time. But

seriously, our school is predominantly white catholic school (known for our bball school…which ironically is 90% black-look up Jameer Nelson and Delonte West)

and a black artist coming here to perform is a big thing and a big deal.So hopefully he doesn’t ruin it for the future. But

let me give you a rundown.


I had the privilege of

working at event staff/flashlight cop for the event and I saw everything that

took place last night. First Trey hops on the stage and does his thing for one

song. Everything is going well until the sound goes out. At first we all think

it’s the sound system but it turns out that Trey Songz’s

DJ forgot to power up his computer or make sure his battery is working properly

because his whole equipment stops working. Like..dude you’re getting paid to do a f**king concert

have Trey Songz or the record label get you a decent

working computer. Anyhow… Trey Songz

plays it off well, doing some acapellas and a lap

dance before he of course can’t stall any longer and blames the sound

technician. Word got out fast that it was not the technician but his dj. So after the dj realizes(or admits) that his computer is f##### up he

borrows our college DJ’s computer and turntables. The DJ’s name was DJ Cousins.

I’ll mention him later.


Sooooooo. After the music is

re-connected again after about a 10 minute silence Trey is beginning a song

when someone from the audience has had enough and throws something at Trey Songz. He then proceeds to hop off the stage with his bodyguard , who retrieves the student from the front row of

the audience and literally drags the student out of the backstage entrance and

literally throws him out of the arena into the street. Trey Songz

was very upset. He follows them out of the arena just before his manager tries

to stop him from going after this white kid. Trey Songz

then begins to beat the s### out his manager, punching him in the face and just

giving it to him. Yelling “get out my way..why didnt you do anything..you supposed to look out

for me? Trey Songz manager just took the beating like

a man. I guess that’s how you act when someones

paying your way for everything and supporting your family. I just want to clear

up the rumour that Trey Songz

or his Bodyguard beat up the kid. THAT’S NOT WHAT HAPPENED! [Illseed note: I got far many confirmations to the contrary.] I’m happy because

that would have gong against our school bringing “Hip Hop” people

back to the school. So this whole process takes about 45minutes and the stage

is empty. DJ Cousins ended up hopping back on the turntables and keeping the

crowd going. THanks DJ Cous



45-50 minutes later..Trey Songz’s

manager then decides to cancel the rest of the performance (if that’s what you

want to call it). Word is he wanted to come back and perform but that was

turned down by the University because he is not headlining material and it

wasn’t in the contract. Word going around the University is that he didn’t get

paid. The good thing to come out of this whole Fiasco (pardon the PUN) I have a

new found respect for Lupe who made his way backstage during the ruckus to try

to calm down Trey Songz and get him to go back on

stage. In fact…Lupe made the great decision to go on stage a few minutes

early to give the crowd what they wanted to hear…real Hip Hop…and he

delivered. He was enthusiastic, moved the crowd, and gave a passionate

performance. I had food & liquor but didn’t get the new album. I will be

buying that album A.S.A.P.


I give all artists a

chance but today I must say…Trey Songz gets no

respect in Philly for leaving fans out to dry and Lupe gained a big amount from

his performance and demeanor last night. I’m not mad at Trey for going after

that fan but at least finish the show. It was already half-ass to begin with.

Anyway…it is what it is. I didn’t take any pictures but I know a lot of

people were snapping away. When I get some photos I’ll send them your way.


BTW…the girl that

sings that song for Hip Hop saved my life was there. She performed and did her

thing. I liked her vibe. I met her backstage she was cool.

The hype man had a lot of energy and even

rocked our School apparel. I respected that!OK – I know I said I was out, but I love you enough to bless you with these rumors. Now, I am out!Happy Birthday to Boss Up and RIP To Proof!YESTERDAY, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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