Hip-Hop Rumors: Trey Songz & Joe Fight? Tahiry & Trey Songz? Why Tiger Got His Head Bust!

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. THE DAILY TWO SENSEWhat’s up everybody!? I had a great weekend. I hope the weekend was as good to you as it was to me. I don’t […]



All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

THE DAILY TWO SENSEWhat’s up everybody!? I had a great weekend.

I hope the weekend was as good to you as it was to me. I don’t do

Thanksgiving, but I definitely took time to get my “thank” on. So, with

that I thank you for all the emails and stuff that were sent to me. I

got a few “hate” emails from people that wanted me to update every day

over the vacation. That’s all good, but I needed that break.

I have never seen as much hate as the hate directed towards 50 Cent

after the poor sales of Before I Self Destruct. Sheeeeesh! I know 50 is

the subject of scorn and all that, but the average person is acting

like they are Rick Ross. I can see Ross celebrating! LOL! Anyway, I’m

actually interested in seeing how 50 Cent responds to this. This is

really is first slump since he came out. I want to see what he does.




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Aw man, what is going on? Joe Budden and Tahiry were the Hip-Hop King and Queen, you know, of the regular-types. But now, it looks like Tahiry is doing her own thing crazily. Right now, I have a rumor about here and Trey Songz in Montclair, NJ on Saturday. Here is how it went down, according to sources. First, they are saying Tahiry was escorted into the VIP of the club by security. Now, I heard she and Trey were chilling in the VIP most of the night. Now, when Trey was performing, it was a different story. Dude was wiling out! I heard he was pouring Champagne in girls mouths live on stage. One girl even plopped out her boobs for all to see! I heard he said something about, “What girls are going home with ‘Trigger’ (his alias name)?” But I HEARD at that moment he looked over at Tahiry, saying, “I’m going to have some amazing sex tonight.” For some reason, that disgusts me…not the Tahiry part. But, according to onlookers, Tahiry didn’t look comfortable after he said that part. ALAS, the night ended in a fight between Trey’s security and some patrons. I heard Trey’s team messed those dudes UP and the club was torn apart!


Now according to theybf.com, this whole fight started after singer Joe and his crew came in the place to be. All this tussling happened in the VIP. Here is another firsthand account of the fight part.


“R&B singer Joe came through Lounge 501 last night, but wasn’t a booked act. So naturally the club tried to accommodate him. Here’s the underlying drama, Joe was seated in Trey Songz section. Now Trey arrives and although everything appeared to be cool, Trey wasn’t that excited about Joe taking up his space. No one really wanted to let Joe know he had to move from that area (assuming because he had the gonnies with him). And Joe’s goons weren’t that excited about them being side eyed by Trey’s people! Joe’s goons got a lil roudy with Trey’s security and a small scuffle begin. And based on the looks of Joe’s camp they weren’t victorious. By this time, Joe’s people are being escorted out by Trey’s security looking a bit hurt, but the situation appears to be tamed. That’s when they turned back and attempted to finish what they started. Now Trey’s skinny ass gets involved and gets knocked down. And more so than Joe’s camp being involved, all the regular dudes were throwing punches and trying to get at him. They were trying to kick him and punch him. Eventually the situation was ceased and Joe’s camp left the building. In all the mayhem Trey and his camp left without a scratch. Joe’s camp on the other hand, not so much!”




In an interview with DJ Whoo Kid, Tahiry talked about working with 50 Cent. Nothing is going on, he would seem.


“Being involved with 50 – the video shoot. He’s awesome. No, no, no, [denying an affair] he’s awesome. He is a very smart person, he’s very care-taking. He took very good care of me. See, let me explain something to you, I’m not with the whole [revenge sex stuff], everything that’s happening, people have their issues. It is a [coincidence] on my part, I was called for a part in the video, his love interest and I said ‘Okay, 50, why not?’ I’m not thinking about Joey, I’m not thinking about anybody else, I don’t care what he’s doing, what he’s with who, anything that has to do with him, it’s no longer my business…Let’s move on, can I live? I’m going to continue to do me whether another record comes out about me, another blog. I don’t really care.”


Nuff said.




I felt bad about this reader, who was clearly being very honest. He told me that he was upset about his sister and that he didn’t even know how she came to be a damn groupie for Bone Thugs! All he knows is that they came to town one time and he “heard” she was at the hotel that the Thugs were at. Well, his brother-in-law went down there to handle his biz like a man. Do you understand? This was one man’s sister and another man’s WIFE. Well, dude kicked in the door, but wasn’t waving a .44. I heard he crashed into the wrong room and the Bone Thugs beat that a$$ like e broke in the wrong room! Dude ended up with multiple cuts to the face and a broken leg! What’s worse is he didn’t even find his wife or the reader’s sister until the next day. I hope the thugs didn’t splack that! 


Snoop is a wild dude.

“I’m trying to proposition the networks right now. If you’re wanting to hire a nice black exciting young male who wants to turn the TV world right up – get at me. I heard Oprah Winfrey is leaving and there ain’t nobody do what Oprah did but ahem – hello! hello! And I can bring my wife on so we can have the women and the men on there discussing things.”



This is getting a lil’ TOO serious. Well, it has been too serious. But, 50 Cent alleges that Rick Ross or somebody acting on his behalf tried to get at 50’s son’s mom. And 50 suggested they would get something they didn’t want had it occurred.


“See, you know what’s interesting about them (Ross and Tia) that’s different from me is even when I’m upset, I’ll think things out, you see what I’m saying, and make the best possible move under those circumstances. Like, they actually indirectly tried to contact my son’s mom. Yeah, and then like, they would have only had them show up somewhere for me to have ’em shot at that point. You see what I’m saying, because she would have told me. You gotta understand, even when I’m completely p##### at her, she’ll go, ‘Yo, drop it off kid, they gonna be at the corner of such and such.'”


Last year, Eminem’s mother is now married to a bi-sexual man that sued her last year, according to Radar Online. Peep this:

 The mother of superstar rapper Eminem, Debbie Nelson, is reportedly engaged to her agent who sued her last year.

 As reported earlier, Neal Alpert sued Nelson in 2008 over profits of her book My Son Marshall, My Son Eminem.

 According to Radar Online, Alpert found love with Nelson and dropped the lawsuit against her over the summer.

 Alpert confirmed the wedding plans to Radar and the couple are looking for a venue to make their matrimony official.

 “It’s going to be a nice-sized wedding, that’s for sure,” an insider told Radar.

 Adding a twist to the story is the fact that Alpert is bisexual.

 “When it comes to marriage it’s not about the sex, it’s about being

with your best friend,” the insider explained about Alpert’s sexuality.

“He has always been a gentleman and respectful and never sold her out

for a penny, even when he had the chance.”



This dude goes in on Rihanna and calls her a flat out liar. Its not like he was there, but this is…interesting for some reason.





Tiger Wood has something to hide. Well, he categorized it as a “private” matter, but there is something going on. He even sounds a bit like a rapper. Dude has repeatedly turned down police requests to speak to him about a car accident. The “accident” ended up with his wife using a golf club to break out his windows. Also the “accident” resulted in Tiger being unconscious for about 6 minutes! Just yesterday, Tiger said that the accident was “his fault” and his wife acted “courageously.” Courageously upside his head!!!!! LMAO! Here is the statement in full.


“Although I understand there is curiosity, the many false, unfounded and malicious rumors that are currently circulating about my family and me are irresponsible. The only person responsible for the accident is me. My wife, Elin, acted courageously when she saw I was hurt and in trouble. She was the first person to help me. Any other assertion is absolutely false.”


Now, the National Enquirer is on the case and they are making additional claims. The main on is that Rachel Uchitel is the mistress. Rachel reportedly has a history dating married men, regardless of their marital status. In other words they are saying she is a professional jumpoff. Rachel denies it all and if she knows what’s good for her, she will continue to do so. FOURRRRRRRRRRRR!









Wow. I’m so stupid, I didn’t know Rosa Acosta had implants.


Also, shout out to all the people I may have offended last week. I’m not going to highlight it, but “my bad!”


Looks like the day of reckoning is coming down. Jennifer Lopez’s sex tape is expected to “leak” any day now.


50 Cent has declared in a recent interview that he intends to put out Young Buck’s album….ohhhhhhkaaaaayyyyyyyyy!


Did I mention, Mya got robbed? No? Well, she did!


The whole Rick Ross to Floyd’s crib was Floyd Mayweather’s idea!


Rihanna is expected to sell like 200k in her first week.


Uhmmm… Scottish singer Susan Boyle is looking like she is going to sell like 500k her first week.


I was watching football last night and Prince was watching. I think he was going for the Vikings for all that purple.


Jay-Z is supposedly going to celebrate his 40th in the Dominican Republic. I swore in my brain Jay turned 40 already.

 The P#### Cat Dolls have disbanded.

Mariah Carey is looking to have that baby in 2010. Give Nick his lil present.



Rihanna on her sex life status:


“I don’t miss sex because I still have fun by myself. You get what I mean?”


Will.I.am on J-Lo’s fall at the American Music Awards.


“She didn’t fall. That’s a move called “The Pop Up.”




Somebody did an R&B remix of “Forever.” Cool remix, but the gems of this are the historical pictures in the video.





Four uniformed police officers were shot and killed on Sunday morning as somebody bent on revenge walked into a Seattle coffee shop and let off. The police were the victims of a “targeted attack,” according to police. Nobody know what really happened, but details are emerging. The cops were prepping for their shift on their laptop. And a man casually walked in and left off enough rounds to kill all four men, but nobody else in the shop were harmed. Also, the person got away without so much as some money. A police rep called the scene a “carnage and a scene out of a horror movie.” The person that did it is supposedly a Black man. They are saying this same person bombed a police car lot.




Same Damn Lo Sweater from Gasface on Vimeo.




She had some issues with her umbrella last night in London.


Also, while her sales may not be crazy, RiRi has been offered, 500k to perform in the Middle East.  According to reports at Page Six, Rihanna slated to rock a huge New Year’s show at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi! She was supposed to do this back in May but that CB fiasco got in the way.





They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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