Hip-Hop Rumors: Tyra Banks Planning a Kardashian Style Makeover?

Rumor has it that Tyra Banks plans to use Kim Kardashian as inspiration for a makeover and media comeback.

Word on the internet curb is that Tyra Banks hates the idea of becoming irrelevant, so she feels it’s time to make a come back, and she’s taking her cues from Kim Kardashian.

A source close to Radar Online says that America’s Next Top Model is doing well and will return to TV for a 21st season, but that’s not enough for Tyra.

“She’s plotting a big overhaul and plans to make Kim Kardashian types of appearances in jaw-dropping outfits and made up to the nines. Tyra is also considering doing a new reality show centered around her own life,” the source told Radar.

Tyra initially never wanted to do a personal reality show but now she’s strongly considering the possibility. Deals aren’t done just yet but she is putting a lot of energy into the thought process.