Hip-Hop Rumors: @Tyrese Jumps Into @JcoleNC And @diggy_simmons Beef!



Power 105 busted out with a new Diggy diss this morning! Shout out to C Tha God, Angela Yee and Envy.
It looks like J. Cole won’t be using that help that Tyrese offered. He has recorded a new diss for Mr. Cole World. And he takes some personal jabs. Here is what Diggy had to say to J. Cole.

“I guess I rattled you, snaggletooth/You know better/Thought J stood for Jermaine, not Jet Setter/You seen me and shook my hand, coppin’ pleas in person/ Now you wack, less than a man, mention me in verses. Man, you used to have dreams of my big sister kissin’ ya / Now its nightmares of a young brother dissin’ ya / Sneak disses and jabs, I don’t really see the benefit/But I guess you lame enough, probably keep you relevant.”

But then, Diggy swoops in for the kill….

“Maybe you should have signed with me instead of Mr. Carter, I guess you mad at me ’cause I have a relationship with my father…”

Here it is…


This is rather random! Tyrese is now riding for Diggy Simmons after J. Cole dissed the son of Run on a rap. Damn. How do you diss the son of run? LOL! Here is what Cole World said.

“The game need balance, the game need balance / woke up to the rumors of ni**as wildin’ / picture me hatin’ on a young ni**a with talent/ Album flopped but it’s cool – he caked out on his allowance”


So Tyrese jumps into the fray for a seemingly defenseless Diggy.

(Note: when I first posted this, I forgot this picture of the Tyrese tweet.)

Don’t forget, Tyrese is a rapper too. His rap name is Black Ty and he’s from Watts.

Here is the vid of J. Cole’s diss. Its at about the 2 minute mark. He also did this at Rock The Bells, but I just didn’t bother to report on it.

Diggy did kinda flop, but why? He was pretty cool for that kid lane.

But, Cole…this kid is 17.

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