Hip-Hop Rumors: Usher Getting Separated? Tina Turner Disses Beyonce! Saigon To Roc NAtion?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z & Beyonce on Oprah? Wendy Williams Shoots Rumors Down! Stop Bitchassness! Hip-Hop Rumors: Queen Pen Addresses Rumors & Haters Hip-Hop Rumors: Dr. Dre Kinda […]


All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

YESTERDAY’S RUMORSHip-Hop Rumors: Jay-Z & Beyonce on Oprah? Wendy Williams Shoots Rumors Down! Stop Bitchassness!

Hip-Hop Rumors: Queen Pen Addresses Rumors & Haters

Hip-Hop Rumors: Dr. Dre Kinda Doesn’t Speak On Suge. DMX Wife Spiltsville? Funny Money Mayweather? Michael Jackson & A Black Eye?


MCC, Mariah Carey Cannon recently told MTV UK News that she is going to spend $4 million on her wedding! OOOOOPS! I mean, she called them to deny the rumors that she will spend that much money on a wedding ceremony. One thing is for sure, she is married and now goes by the name MCC! How cute and re-affirming. She describes Nick Cannon as a “stone smash.” I’m going to leave that alone.


You have to love the pure honestly of D12 in this new AllHipHop interview. Check out this quote.

AllHipHop.com: Do you think you guys are overly criticized for the style of rap that you have?

Kuniva: I mean, we aren’t the most hated on, but we hear it. Our mindset right now is to show and prove, a lot of people discount us because we are sometimes overshadowed by Em. We are always overshadowed by Em. S**t, it’s hard to keep up with Em on a track. Who hasn’t Em sh***ed on, on a record?

EMINEM is on!

I am getting good vibes that Eminem is actually going to sign on for the Mandela 90th birthday party celebration. Mandela gets what Mandela wants. Amy Crackhouse is already on deck for the June 27 gig at London’s Hyde Park.


Here is a bit more info on that supposed Lil Wayne boycott at 102 Jamz in NC. Nobody has hit me up about it so I will have to go on street talk. People aren’t really talking about this and some insiders have dismissed it as just an internet rumor. But, others say that its probably true, just unspoken. Apparently and allegedly Lil’ Wayne and/or Baby double booked or something the last time they came through that region. I guess they are trying to send a message. I heard Trina did something similar in NC. Oh well. Shout to NCCU!


Saigon says, “Goodbye Atlantic Records”

“My album is a masterpiece that will go on to make history.. I refused to let it be mishandled by some people who only care about a dollar when my music is about so much more than just financial gain.”

You might have heard that Saigon has departed his label, Atlantic Records. I heard that he might be going over to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation imprint. Could make a bit of sense considering Jay-Z appeared on the remix of “Come On Baby” and is quite chummy with Just Blaze. You know, nothing is for sure on this page.

Click here for the new Saigon song “Gotta Believe It” and here for the article explaining his departure from Atlantic.JUST BLAZE TALKS ABOUT LEAVING ATLANTIC        “We have been quietly working to get released from Atlantic.

Sometimes you need to do things without talking about them. And get what you want. We finally got that…With 100% ownership of the masters.

(Most folks who claim they own their masters when they get released may

have them (or copies of them) in their possesion, but they don’t own

them, so they can mixtape stuff all day, but can’t go on and ever

offically release them… we are free to take them wherever we like,

however we like )((Most folks that get a release granted don’t even get their masters

period and whatever label they DO end up on will have to buy them from

the previous label, plus all types of overrides and fees))

Thank you Atlantic for recognizing the situation for what it really was and doing the right thing.There are already new situation(s) in the works.More to come.”


This reporter Sue Simmon from NBC News 4 in New Yawk dropped the “F” bomb on live TV…then apologizes. I think she should get with Bill O’Reilly. LMAO! Classssssic!


There are rumors galore that Kobe Bryant might be on the prowl again with another women. You know, I can’t sit here and give you the crap dirt, but people are suggesting that a Laker cheerleader named Vanessa Curry is the lucky babe. There is jibber jabber Laker organization has already taken steps to cover this up. I personally think Kobe loves his wife and kids too much to mess that up. Also, he’s got that crazy situation from before to remind him.


You know that babe Vanessa Carlton of “1,000 Miles” fame? She signed to The Inc records under good ol’ Irv Gotti. Why? Nobody quite knows how this was seen as a good idea, because she is soooooo pure pop. Anyway, I heard that Ms. Vanessa has defected from the label that Irv and Ja built. Here is the crazy part. When it dropped in late 2007, she moved less than 30,000 copies domestically. I heard Irv and the Inc really fought for this one and I heard it was actually a really good album.


First, read out play-by-play on the R. Kelly case. It is written from a real snarky point of view.

According to reports, a mole could set R. Kelly free! And not a spy either…

R.Kelly’s defense has already charged that the singer couldn’t be the man in the pornographic videotape because he has a big mole on his lower back. In the video, I guess the mole cannot be seen. Kelly’s team also claims that the girl in the video is a prostitute and not a teen. How R. Kelly would know THAT and not be in the tape, I cant say.

Here is the “Bookdocks” take on the R.Kelly situation.


Somebody Is Working! Somebody is working overtime to suppress that video of Rocsi dissing 50 Cent. No biggie. I won’t be posting it again, but 50 is certainly talking. He’s charging that she wanted to get bizzy with 50. Not my words, so listen to 50 Cent talk about Rocsi and – oh my damn – he gets quite reckless.

Oh. Don’t forget where this seemed to come from. Rocsi was very vocal when Kanye and 50 were competing:


Last weekend, Bizzy Bone and the rest of Bone Thugs N Harmony appeared a concert in California. Also, Fleshy N Bone is expected to get out next month so they are expected to make that reunion album happen.

Here is the video:


Turned Away? Has Usher filed for separation from Tameka, according to Young Black and Fab. What the hell? They were just together all happy.

Chaz Talks Foxy: You know Chaz Williams of Blackhand does very little talking here he talks and seems to issue some sort of warn about mentioning his name. Hear it for yourself.

Chaz Talks Foxy Part Duece? Love Foxy Brown and Chaz is the homey. Chaz and the Blackhand crew get all “tongue and cheek” over who heard the Foxy album before it went to press. Click here.

Soccer Daddy Dissing: David Beckham snubbed an offer to appear in a video from Usher. The Brit promised to appear in “Love In This Club,” but Ursh told Capital radio, “David was supposed to come down and chill and be in the video but he stood me up.”

New LL COOL J: LL Cool J sounds very fresh and very dope on his new song called “I Cry” with Lil’ Mo.

Lo, Drop The Camp: The group formally known as Camp Lo is now known only as The Lo.

Go Spike Lee, Get Bizzy: Spike Lee is reportedly working on a documentary on Michael Jordn for 2009.

BYE BYE BYE: Boy band mogul Lou Pearlman was sentenced to 25 years in prison over conspiracy, money laundering and using false statements in a bankruptcy proceeding. He was the man behind Backstreet Boys and ‘Nsync.

The New Root: I heard Erykah Badu crowned 9th Wonder to be the new governor of North Carolina at the Roots concert. Apparently, some poor person in the front row had a bad seizure in or near the front row.

Lil and Big! The newest Fast and Furious is not going straight to DVD. So Lil’ Wayne will get his shine on the Big Screen.

International P: Do you all remember this dude International P? A former host of the New York battle scene was on Law and Order playing a street thug.

A New Hip-Hop Super Group: I am hearing DJ Khalil from Self Scientific and Jay Electronica are a part of alternative group call The New Royales.

Early Bird Gets The Mariah: Rumor has it Nick Cannon was trying to hang out and wifey pulled him in by 1 am.The Game Secretly Loves 50: He has exactly 51 tats and when he found out he had 50, he had to get one more so he didn’t have the same as his rival. Listen to it right here.


OH BOY! Tina Turner let Beyonce have it in a recent interview:

“She was one of the ones that were sitting in front of her little television, her little self looking at the big screen when I was Tina in the Ike and Tina Turner days and she took from all the stars at that time.”

Here is the second part of that doozie.

“Diana Ross influenced her, I influenced her. What I like about her is that she knows what she is doing, she really did her homework and decided to stay elegant. She’s not rock ‘n’ roll – she’s totally elegant. Unless you’re rock ‘n’ roll from the heart you can’t mimic that. The stance, the movements, it has to come from the inside.”[Illseed note: I thought elegant was good.]

An apparent message from Jean Grae on her new video/song “Love Thirst.”

“U mean the video I said NOT to put out? WORD??!?!?!” [Illseed note: I like it!]

There will be no clashing with T.I. and Shawty Lo according to a PR rep for the “Birthday Bash” by Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 on June 14th:

“I’m not one to perpetuate beef but T.I. and Shawty Lo are indeed scheduled to perform. However, I’m not aware of any heightened security measures. The Philips Arena (in ATL) is very secure as is.”

Beyonce on the bad side of fame:

“I can’t really go to church any more, which is a shame. People have come up to me in church during the sermon and, of course, people watch everything I do. They come up and take my picture on their mobile phones. They’re very nice, but I think God understands if I miss Sunday service.”


Sharon Tendler met Cindy 15 years ago and the pair would go on to get marred in 2006. The love at first sight scene was something straight out of a Tom Hanks flick. Well Sharon married Cindy and he broke out immediately. Why? Cindy is a dophin! Sharon is a British citizen who was allowed to marry the dolphin with a white dress and everything. “It’s not a perverted thing. I do love this dolphin. He’s the love of my life,” she said to the AP. Well, it didn’t last long. Cindy went out and father mad other dolphins in the region and Cindy, a “one dolphin woman,” found a human to give her what she needed. Last things last. Cindy was fairly old for a dolphin and passed away – but not before experiencing love at first bite of tuna.


A nice video that plays out like a short film. “Hard Times” by Bishop Brigante. Directed by The Sharpshooter.


Opio, member of Souls of Mischief, has is about to drop his sophomore solo album, Vulture’s Wisdom, Volume 1. But I am getting that Opio is going to be dropping a total of three in this series. Here is “Stop The Press,” a dope song for the real Hip-Hop era.


Kanye is in there too, but John Mayor plays the guitar over “93 ‘Til Infinity” right around two minutes in. I wish I could play an instrument.


Very, very classic.



Click the pic to go to the gallery to comment on it.


“This is alllllll mine.”

Luda and Chaka look like grown a** men! Hip-Hop is really growing up!

MOP is still the rawest. This is a pic from last years Breeding Ground show for AllHiphop Week.

The Game and The Muscle…I mean, The Manager Jimmy Henchmen!

Why the sad faces, Rev Run and Kid Rock?

Classic Photo!

Last night J. Period, AllHipHop and a lot of others held a private party to celebrate the birthday of the Notorioous B.I.G.

Oh yea…


They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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