Hip-Hop Rumors: VH1 Introduces New Love & Hip-Hop Cast Additions

Vh1 introduces us to new Love & Hip-Hop cast members who are replacing Jen the Pen, Olivia, Raqi, Thunda, Consequence and Lore’l.

It’s a wrap for Raqi Thunda, Jen the Pen, Winter Ramos, Consequence, Rashidah Ali, Lore’l and Olivia on Love & Hip-Hop, who are being replaced by Amina Buddafly, Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace and Erica Jean.

Tara Wallace is Peter Gunz’s girlfriend and a friend of Rich Dollaz. She’s currently the manager of a club in NYC and has two children with Peter Gunz. Oh and, she wants to be an actress. Speaking of actresses, Erica Jean is also an aspiring actress and she has a son. In the spirit of Olivia, Amina Buddafly is a singer who used to have a  group called “Black Buddafly” with her sisters. These days she’s taking a crack at solo stardom.

Same formula, different people. Peter Gunz’s phuckery is probably going to be epic though. I’ll keep my ear to the streets and report back.