Hip-Hop Rumors: Was Lil Reese Forced To Say Sorry?

Lil Reese


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Lil Reese. I don’t even know this person. All I know is this dude is human waste to me at this point. He beat and stomped on a defenseless girl. The homies watched. Cowards.

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After the fact, he tweeted that people were trying to hate or stop him from getting money, because the video was old. And from what I understand, the boy is on Def Jam. OK, we know his name now, sadly. Now, he is saying sorry for beating some chick down like she was a rival gang member.

Damn, No ID. This ya boy?

This ain’t the days of NWA where cats like Ice Cube were rapping about beating down babes. These dudes are doing it. Good thing that ladies aren’t falling for the okey DOKE. I’m hearing that the truth is the boy got told to apologize on Twitter. Fact is, you don’t do something like that and really feel sorry about immediately after unless all you are concerned with is the punishment.

Based on his grammar,  a tutor would be well served on the tour bus. Black boys lost.

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