Hip-Hop Rumors: Wayne Sublim Disses 50? T.I.’s House Arrest? G-Unit Hugs Lil’ Kim!

STOP THE VIOLENCE! Scott La Rock was killed 20 years ago. Here is the rumor, then the information. Everybody (including myself) thought that KRS-One did the song “Stop The Violence” after the death of Scott La Rock in 1987. WRONG. That was actually one of a few songs that would eventually make it to Boogie […]


Scott La Rock was killed 20 years ago. Here is the rumor, then the information. Everybody (including myself) thought that KRS-One did the song “Stop The Violence” after the death of Scott La Rock in 1987. WRONG. That was actually one of a few songs that would eventually make it to Boogie Down Productions second album, By All Means Necessary. So, even before he was killed Scott and Krs had a plan.

Here is the info.

KRS-One has officially re-started the “Stop the Violence” Movement. It’s not a rumor. Its real and Hip-Hop is coming together to get it started and keep it going. Those involved include Ludacris, Fat Joe, Pastor Troy, Cassidy, Busta Rhymes, Whodini, Lil Wayne, AllHipHop, Dougie Fresh and many more!

Click here to listen to the first “STOP THE VIOLENCE” public service announcement Part 1. (Krs-One, Fat Joe, Ludacris, Doug E. Fresh, Jalil of Whodini, Pastor Troy, Hakim of Channel Live and more!)

PART TWO – Click here for Busta Rhymes, Cassidy, Rick Ross, sharing testimonials about violence. Deep!


This clip is hilarious like Hill Harper. Ok, Hill isn’t hilarious, but you get what I mean. There has been a Cam’ron sighting that seems to fall in the category of “Marketing 303: How to sustain a buzz.” Click here to see this so-called sighting of the Monster. Cam is like the 07 Loch Ness Monster. Word to Nessie. Anyway, he’s supposedly calling his next CD Public Enemy, not Killa Season 2. (mad disrespect to the real Public Enemy.) Anyway, look for this at the top of the year and a mixtape sooner.


Check out what a reader told me happened last night. This isn’t me, this I just somebody telling me what’s going on.

I was at the Q-Tip show last night at the Blender Theater in Manhattan. Because Phife was obviously not there due to his health, Tip was looking for someone to come on stage and rap Phife’s part of Check the Rhyme. He didn’t want anyone to just get up there are not know the words. The legendary DJ Scratch, got on the mic and said, “We need someone who knows the words, not someone like Lupe!” The crowd just lost it. Hysterical.

Wanna hear some REAL MC’s SPIT IT? Check out Common, Skillz and Q-Tip spit it. Gotdamnit, Hip-Hop is RIGHT HERE!!!!!! WE’RE NOT LEAVING!


I don’t know how true this is, but I heard that Lupe Fiasco has been put on a serious gag order from the office of Atlantic Records. Apparently that Fiascogate was doing some wear and tear on the image? I don’t know, they say all press is good press so the fact that I’m talking about him now is good. Therefore, I will now only refer to Lupe as Wolfboy. If you aren’t a regular reader, you won’t know who the hell Wolfboy is. I also will no longer refer to Wolfboy as Lupus, because that is a serious ailment. J. Dilla had it and they say Michael Jackson has it now.

***Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease that can be fatal, though with recent medical advances this is becoming increasingly rare. With Lupus, the immune system attacks the body’s cells and tissue, resulting in inflammation and tissue damage.


People are saying that Foxy got some guy to run up and threaten the wife of her own lawyer. Hmmmmmm…I have to ask why she would do that? Anyway, the news reports never said that Foxy did it, but I guess people think that rappers are so wild they doing stuff that makes no sense?


My homey sent me this about Cassidy. Now, why would Cass say such things about Jay? I know Cassidy is dope, but I don’t think it’s a good deal to drop the same day. I think some people might have gotten it confused with the whole Kanye / 50 Cent thing. I don’t see Jay-Z pushing his CD back for Cassidy. I do urge you all to go buy both, because that’s Hip-Hop!


People are saying that T.I. might get house arrest if he pleads guilty. People are so anxious for Tip to get out of jail that they are just pulling what they want out of other reports. I heard a different variation saying that he might get house arrest until his trial, which I believe started with gossip maven Sandra Rose. That’s more believable. The government just doesn’t release felons that they think have mad machine guns and silencers.


Remember how I told you Aunt Vivica Fox lost her $2 million deal with Cadillac? Well, GM makes the Caddy and the Chevy, the people that T.I. has his endorsement through. Well, if Aunt Viv’s drunk driving was cause for dismissal, it’s looking very bad for T.I. Rumor has it, the fine car makers at GM are close to severing ties, but want to see what happens before doing so. Styles P said, “There are consequence and repercussions to everything.” Be safe.


Just when you thought the Hip-Hop police were going to come down and smack up Diddy: NOT! Diddy was accused to punching Dame Dash’s boy Stevie. They said after that, Diddy duffed him out more but had the bodyguards there just in case. Well, everybody assumed that Diddy was about to go to get slapped for a assault. The two guys were apparently hanging out and chopping it up like nothing ever happened. The papers and police are speculating that there was an exchange of money. I say, we get over stuff faster than y’all do. 😉


It must be a sweet deal being Jay-Z’s right hand homey. It’s like having nine music industry lives! Anyway, the word on the block is that Memphis Bleek is back and he’s about to go super hard with this Roc-A-Fella stuff. I always thought Bleek was dope, but just had the pressure of being the next Jay-Z. Anyway, I don’t know when, but I would assume next year, but the marketing and promotion starts NOW.


I heard a good one. I heard that Lil’ Kim and G-Unit have completely ended their beef. You remember what happened? After 50 and Kim did “Magic Stick” (which was originally for Trina), they had a falling out. I think it was 50 refused to do a video for it. Anyway, 50 would go on to say stuff like, “I’m convinced man something really wrong with these hoes, I thought Lil’ Kim was hot then she start f****ing with her nose.” Anyway, all that is in the past. I heard that Lil’ Kim will be featured on the next G-Unit compilation CD Shoot To Kill, to drop this December. The song is called “Wanna Lick.” I wonder what that’s about?

I also heard that 50 will not be on the whole CD to enable the other acts their proper shot to shine. I heard that all of G-Unit will be on there, but M.O.P. is shaky. Trick Daddy might also be on there, as well as LL Cool J. I don’t know much else, but I’d be interested in seeing what Lil’ Kim has to offer. I know the title is misleading so, No, I didn’t hear that KRS is on G-Unit. I DID hear that KRS might appear on this album.

I heard this video got the ball rolling with G-Unit and KRS. I don’t know, I can’t call it.


A scientist has determined that Black people aren’t as smart as White people. Hmmmmm…I smell a racist with a degree. Here are excerpts from the article on the man that believes such foolishness. Meanwhile this dude is only a few years older than Minister Louis Farrakhan but looks like he’s been in a liplock with death. SMH. (Hoodgrown, good lookz!)

One of the world’s most respected scientists is embroiled in an extraordinary row after claiming that black people are less intelligent than white people.

James Watson, a Nobel Prize winner for his part in discovering the structure of DNA, has provoked outrage with his comments, made ahead of his arrival in Britain today.

He said he hoped that everyone was equal, but countered that “people who have to deal with black employees find this not true.”

The scientific community has already shot down the notion. I maintain that the Chinese are smarter than us all. (I’m kidding)

“I am sure the scientific community will roundly reject what appear to be Dr Watson’s personal prejudices. These comments serve as a reminder of the attitudes which can still exist at the highest professional levels.”



Check out this “Beyond Reasonable Doubt” song from Kanye West  “A Million.” Click here to hear it.

Check it out – I have been informed that there will be a national Black Out on shopping on November 2nd. This is in protest of the continued persecution of the Jena 6.

The Hip-Hop police follows rappers? The Village Voice examines! How did this get past me?

On that same note, Kevin Hackie, a former security guard for Death Row, has admitted to being an undercover for the FBI from 1992 – 1996, all while he was working for THE ROW. SMH! People have to smarten up and even then…wait…you aren’t as smart as While people so forget about it.

By the way, before you call somebody a fake journalist, you have to be able to write a sentence legibly. People crack me up thinking they are technologists in the wireless world and don’t even know Basic English.

I heard Rakim is just about finished The Seventh Seal, his anticipated comeback CD.

Man, they’re saying that Eddie Murphy still won’t see his child by Mel B. I think its time for that other fellow to step in and be the Daddy if this rumor is true. Where is Ed OG when you need him!?

I apologize to Boss Up in advance. On Wendy Williams, they said that Chris Brown and Superhead are still doing things together. She allegedly bagged him by forcing her face in the netherworld and he’s been hooked ever since. SMH (if this is true.)


When I first listened to this song “Gossip,” I was like, “I like this song ‘Gossip.'” Then a homey hit me up and said, “Yo, ill…he really got 50 Cent good on ‘Gossip.'” I then listened to it about 300 times (its just that good) and decided that it could be a song dissing 50 – but in a tasteful way. Shout out to Wayne. Check out the video.


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