Hip-Hop Rumors: What’s Really Going On With Shawnna And DTP?


The good old days…look how young 2 Chainz looked.

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This little situation isn’t really going on too far, but there are some people that are talking about it. It just FEELS crazy! Apparently, Shawnna has made some claims that insiders are saying simply aren’t truth. Well, apparently – my sources tell me – that Shawnna and only Shawnna own Shawnna’s music publishing. Also, (I didn’t read the Shawnna interview – just keeping it real) there seems to be a notion that there are some millions of monies owed to her, but I’m hearing that’s not the case at all. For the most part, thesee folks close to the situation are not cure where this whole beef is stemming from. They said that Shawnna left DTP for T-Pain and that was a pretty disloyal act considering Luda put her in the game. On top of that, Luda’s Battle of the Sexes album was meant to jump off Shawnna’s career, but after it fell apart, Luda snagged it up. At the end of the day…they are saying its probably a ploy to get some burn in this harsh music game, because as dope as Shawnna is, its not easy to get a spot in the light these days. This is all kind of weird. I wonder if they will work it out. The world needs to hear from Shawnna…but we also need to hear from Luda too. Both of them should drop albums in 2015 and patch things up.

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