Hip-Hop Rumors: Where’s Cam Part 300! Was Common Dissin’ 50 Cent? More illseed!

WHERE’S CAM’RON PART 300 Yesterday there was a Cam’ron sighting in New York! Cam was spotted leaving the EMI Music (Virgin, Capitol Records) in New York on 5th Avenue and 20th street. In Manhattan. From what I understand, Cam was visiting Virgin Records, which is on the third floor of the building. No pictures were […]


Yesterday there was a Cam’ron sighting in New York! Cam was spotted leaving the EMI Music (Virgin, Capitol Records) in New York on 5th Avenue and 20th street. In Manhattan. From what I understand, Cam was visiting Virgin Records, which is on the third floor of the building. No pictures were taken and nobody I know really got to chat with Cam. Questions are raised at this point. Is he planning a move to Virgin?

Shout out to White Pete! You’re a rebel with a cause!


Lil’ Wayne has a beautiful daughter and that’s something to behold. In the new issue of VIBE, he reveals how he came to have his daughter at such a young age – 15.

A year after Rabbit was gone, I was on tour like crazy with Cash Money, and my momma said she was bored, alone, and scared in the house by herself. She was like, ‘Why don’t you just have a baby with somebody? Just tell the little girl’s mom I’ma take care of the baby, don’t worry about that.’ I was like, ‘I don’t have nobody I like like that!’ She was like, ‘Just find somebody! You don’t like Toya?’ I was like, ‘Alright, I like her then.’ Toya was 14 when she got pregnant, and I was 15 asking 14-year-olds. Toya’s the only person that agreed outta all the ones I asked. I said that my momma wants a child. And they was like, ‘That’s your momma’s problem!’ So Toya was like, ‘Shiiit, when we due, boo?’

I think they could have just got mom a puppy.


You know, LL Cool J IS HIP-HOP. I will explain that in a minute. But, let us start with the gossip. Well, this seems to be mostly about fact and how LL plans to deal with his situation at Def Jam. He recently told New York mag writer Jada Yuan that he wasn’t really looking for a drag-out beef with Jay-Z or Def Jam.

He said: “We need to meet and figure it out. It’s tough. Let’s be real. You know, they have an artist (Jay-Z) running a label full of artists. Okay? That’s like Calvin Klein running a fashion label and Varvatos and everyone else is underneath him. What kind of sense does that make? This hierarchy? It doesn’t work for me.”

“I’m going to approach [the situation / meeting] from a positive, optimistic viewpoint. Hopefully it will work.”

What is interesting is LL’s next CD will be called Exit 13: The Icon Versus the Wolf Pack. It is a concept CD where LL battles the very rappers he put on in the game. I want him to battle the older guy…lmao!


You remember when it looked like Common was about to go to war with 50 Cent? Well, he never did. If you heard a line like, “with twelve monkeys on stage, it’s hard to see who’s a gorilla, you was better as a drug dealer” you kind of think he’s talking about 50 Cent. AllHipHop.com got to the root of the line and Common explained:

AllHipHop.com: Speaking of love we know Common is all about peace and love, but what did you mean when you said that “gorilla” line on Finding Forever? Why you starting stuff?

Common: Nah, people keep thinking I’m going at somebody [50 Cent!] and I’m not really even going at nobody specifically. It’s just that I see a lot of rappers and they always got a lot of dudes on stage and you don’t get to see them perform, because you don’t know who is who. I just gave the example using monkeys, because I was just making it real raw and sayin’ it the way I would say it

AllHipHop.com: Oh ok, so that wasn’t some subliminal G-Unit diss?

Common: No, I’m a live and direct dude, you know, if I got something against somebody I’m probably gonna say their name. Any time I had a battle you’d know who I was coming at.

AllHipHop.com: Speaking of battle rap, would you battle rap now, because I know a lot of established rappers who aren’t tryin to battle because they don’t want to get played by some young hungry up and comer?

Common: Yeah, if I felt the urge. I was a battle rapper, but you gotta be smart with it

AllHipHop.com: Not even on some beef stuff but who would you like to battle?

Common: Kanye (laughs)

AllHipHop.com: That would be a good one.

Common: Yeah, and because you know it would be friendly and it’s still love, but we could go because that dude got a lot of good raps in him.

I don’t know if I believe Common! Shout out to Octavia Bostick for the interview that I have stolen for my own purposes.


One of the most important facets of being a president is keeping the nation’s secrets. Well, this might be where Hillary Clinton falls short. Russell Simmons just turned 50 (actually he turns 5-0 tomorrow) and all his friends and family had a surprise party for him. On Saturday night, Russ was at the Black Caucus thing I couldn’t afford to go to and Hillary hollered at Russ like, “Sorry I won’t be able to make your party.” Russ had no clue what she was talking about, assuming the potential president was talking about another random party. So, being clueless turned out to be an asset and the party went off without a hitch. The show offered performances by LL Cool J, Musiq and others…so much fun being filthy rich.Here is Mr. Simmons and his lovely daughters.


Shout out to SLUG fam from Toronto! The homies told me that Elephant Man did perform in Canada with Nas and eluded his detractors. Also, Ele brought a huge chick on stage that I heard was no less than 250 pounds. They tried to dance. But, when she was riding up on him he lost his footing and they fell, knocking over the DJ’s equipment. I heard the whole crowd was in stitches at what they saw. And, you won’t get any elephant jokes out of me. I like bigger girls.


Keyshia Cole heated people up with this interview she did with 92Q Jamz in Baltimore. Click here to listen. She really clashed with the DJ on the mic, but they came back and cleaned it up. People are really talking about it and so should you. LOL. Key Key just had a bad day!


I heard that not only is he working with Nelly Furtado, Bjork, Justin, Celine Dion and others, but Timbaland is now working with Duran Duran on some stuff. But, there is nothing new about this. AHH chatted with Tim-collaborator Danjahandz and he broke it down proper.

“The actual process of making the album [with Duran Duran] was cool,” Danjahandz told AllHipHop.com. “We just went in there as musicians, I think that’s what was beneficial for me, playing those instruments, came into play. Because I had to become a musician, not a producer a beat maker, I had to become a musician and write songs. It was just an easy thing for me, the dudes were real open for me and where I was taking them. It was just a cool experience.”

Back in the day, Duran Duran was the sure shot. Here is something they did that I always felt was very Hip-Hop.


See this. (She’s more of a pimp as well.)


Rumor has it, Kanye’s next CD will be called Masters Degree. I think it should be called First Job, Pay Off Loans.

There is a silly rumor going around that Alicia Keys suffered a mild stroke. Silly rumors.

I heard Beanie Sigel recently signed a pair of female rappers named Paperdoll and Nina Ross. I can’t verify though.

I heard Mya recently had an interview where she dissed 50 Cent by stating that his new CD, Curtis, was a coaster on a table to her. If you don’t know, Mya was in the middle of the 50 / Game beef for a second.

Eva Longoria’s got a sex tape on the internet – they say! I saw part on TV, but there isn’t much of anything online yet. We’ll see.

Halle Berry’s biracial baby with Gabriel Aubry has been threatened by heathens! She has beefed up security.

My boy Allen told me that Hollywood is planning to do a new version of “The Karate Kid” with Will Smith’s son.

This night be old to you, but it’s new to me. I heard that Shaq’s wife bought that trainer a $650K condo in Miami! What the devil is her problem?! And how big is the trainer? I wouldn’t want Shaq mad at me. LOL.

Keith Murray and Francis Ford Coppola [of “Godfather” fame] have something in common. Coppoloa got his laptop stolen from thieves in Buenos Aires. In it was the script for his upcoming film Tetro.Britney lost the kids. That girl is a MESS.

Eve ain’t coming out ‘til 2008. Why is it so hard for artists to get any traction in this climate? Same thing for David Banner and his The Greatest Story Ever Told.


Now, when David Banner was at AHH’s Social Lounge, he was very passionate and articulate. In fact, the people that attended really felt him and what he was saying. A few days later, after AHH Week, Banner goes before Congress to speak regarding controversial lyrics, misogyny and a bunch of other things that they feel Hip-Hop promotes. I heard that Universal Records, the parent company to SRC, wasn’t very pleased at Banner being on the panel. What isn’t clear is what actually upset them. I heard the higher-up’s weren’t happy about WHAT he said more than him actually being involved.

Here is a bit of Banner and Master P going at it at the Social Lounge.


I miss Scott Sterling from a Boogie Down Productions from a fan point of view. Ever ask yourself “What if Scott La Rock Had Lived?” Click here to read the piece of fiction.

Check out this really cool interview with Soulja Boy. I know, people hate on the kid, but this was really cool. It is like a lesson in “Creating A Buzz 101.”

Cool & Dre! Last time we got them, one of them was in the hospital after a car accident or something…so we got “him.”

Young Jeezy talks about the Pimp C situation. Very interesting.

Want to see what JR Rotem’s take on Britney Spears, click here. You all might recall, he dated the pop-wreck briefly. That girl needs Jesus.

Read my rumors from yesterday!


Two brothers stab each other in front of their own mother on her birthday. They are both in critical condition. SMH.

Two brothers in their late 30s remained hospitalized, but were expected to live, after they stabbed each other with knives in front of their mother on her birthday Sunday night on the Southwest Side.

Both men remained hospitalized early Monday, but they are expected to live. No charges have been filed.

It was unknown what the two were fighting about, but they eached used knives to stab each other in the abdomen area in front of their mother on her birthday, according to Harrison Area police.

The two men, 37 and 39, stabbed each other during an argument outside their home at about 7:45 p.m., an Ogden District lieutenant said.

“I don’t know if alcohol was involved, but they got mad and stabbed each other,” the lieutenant said.

Two people were taken in critical condition to Mount Sinai Hospital after being stabbed in the 2600 block of South Millard Avenue, according to Fire Media Affairs spokesman Rich Rosado.

JENA PART 2 HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. — A noose was found dangling in the headquarters of a suburban police department that prides itself on its diversity, the police chief said.

David Banner was so right…SMH. Read here for the full story on the noose hanging in the New York police department.

Aries Spears Makes Fun Of R. Kelly!

I have to admit, I didn’t think this was all that funny, but a lot of other people did.


I heard Nas was dropping an album on the same day as Jay’s American Gangster and I discounted it. Now, I see where the rumors originated. Nas apparently has a greatest hits CD dude. See the cover and tracklisting below. They really could have left “Oochie Wally” off.

1. Less Than An Hour (with Cee-Lo)

2. Untitled New Track

3. It Ain’t Hard To Tell

4. NY State Of Mind

5. One Love

6. If I Ruled The World (with Lauryn Hill)

7. Street Dreams (with R. Kelly)

8. Hate Me Now (with Puff Daddy)

9. Ether

10. One Mic

11. Got UR Self A….

12. Made You Look

13. Oochie Wally

14. Bridging The Gap (with Olu Dara)


I love Mya to death, but I am not sure this is the desired look for her career-wise. I have to admit, I was doing the peanut butter stomp after seeing this video.

ILL PICS!The homey Montigo and the super homey Chuck D of Public Enemy. Pink is wild as ever! Here, she shows off her pierced nip nip. Can’t show you, but its like a needle through a light colored raisin. Shout out to Mike, an armed service man…16 years! He saw Meth over in Hawaii! Chillinnnnnnnn!TOMORROW, WE LOVE YOU!

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