Hip-Hop Rumors: Which ‘Blood Sweat and Heels’ Cast Member Pretended to Have a Job For Cameras?

Blood Sweat and Heels

Rumor has it that someone in “Bravo’s Blood Sweat and Heels” faked a career for the show.

Bravo’s Blood Sweat and Heels premiered on Sunday and for the most part, it seems like the show’s reception has been warm. However, like with any reality TV show, behind-the-scenes gossip about who did what and who’s fake and who’s real, etc, has been running rampant.

Let’s backtrack.

Blood Sweat and Heel’s is Bravo’s latest docuseries following former video vixen Melyssa Ford and a group of other female professionals in New York City, who work in various fields, as they pretend to be friends.

Apparently, someone in the cast was basically unemployed at the time producers came a’knocking. They loved her personality but having a career was a vital part of the show so they almost had to pass. So, guess what she did, because she didn’t want to lose out on those Bravo checks? She began pitching herself to various companies. The deal was, they pretend that she actually works for them and she gets to shine on TV. That way, both parties could gain some exposure. Word on the street is, the company that actually agreed to doing it is in financial straits and the owners are desperate for any exposure they can get. So, there you have it.

My source won’t allow me to reveal who the woman in the cast is but I will say, don’t be fooled by people’s glam appearances.  Then again, the show is doing well, so it’s safe to say she’s working now.