Hip-Hop Rumors: Which Child Pop Star Turned Reality Star Got Dropped From Her Record Label?

Which child star who was a singer and actress then reality TV star got dropped from her record label?

Word on the street is that this now grown up child star who had some heaters in the 90s along with a TV show, and even collaborated with Mase got dropped from her record label. I’m told that said singer/actress was not included on the label’s 2014 roster and that things just aren’t the same as far as the talent they’re interested in supporting, aka, they’re more about that ratchet.

No word on said pop star’s plans but she did have a good run on reality TV until deciding to focus more on music, motherhood and acting, which has also been lucrative for her. Even if going the indie route doesn’t work out, given the other talent and credentials we know she’ll be fine. She’s definitely not starving for checks at the moment.