Hip-Hop Rumors: Why’d They Stop Jhene Aiko’s Performance?


The Def Jam 30 concert was all the rage on Twitter yesterday. Be there or Be square! Needless to say….I wasn’t there. But I heard that the pretty, young thing Jhene Aiko’s was supposed to be there and never happened! Now, one might think it was because of some drama related to her being a diva, but nothing could be father from the facts. She allegedly stopped herself from performing, because a female member of her crew was physically assaulted at the venue!

She explained on Insta:

Jhene responded: Unfortunately me and my camp were told to “get the f*** out” by “workers” while I was waiting to go on stage, ….after this “worker” (male) physically assaulted a member of my management (female) ….we had to leave due to the disrespect and hostile environment. If there’s one thing I can’t rock with, it’s disrespect…. if me and my band members were any of the rappers that were performing there, we would have never been talked to or treated in such a way. I’m sorry that I was unable to perform for you tonight…. hope to see you soon!”


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