Hip-Hop Rumors: Will 50 Cent Push The Game Back? 50 Vs Alicia Keys and Young Buck?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. YESTERDAY’S RUMORS!Click this link to get all the recent rumors!RAPPER VL MIKE SLAIN   Rapper VL Mike was fatally shot in the Gentilly section of New Orleans Sunday […]



content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.

YESTERDAY’S RUMORS!Click this link to get all the recent rumors!RAPPER VL MIKE SLAIN


Rapper VL Mike was fatally shot in the Gentilly section of New Orleans Sunday afternoon. VL Mike, real

name Michael Allen, was exiting a vehicle about 1 p.m. on April 20 when a man

shot him, according to published reports. The 32 year old rapper died shortly

thereafter at University

Hospital. An autopsy is

forthcoming. The death of VL Mike marks the seventh person murdered in New Orleans in a four day

span. I don’t know if you all remember this young man, but he used to be down

with BG and his beef was one for the ages. Anyway, I heard that his mother and

family are heartbroken and she informed them of the death yesterday.

If you know any more of what is going on, let me know. Thanks! 



I know this dude has a hardcore base of fans. Well, I am

happy to announce that Immortal Technique is one the way back as a voice in

Hip-Hop we need to hear. Well, dude is dropping The 3rd World on the

same day as The Game and G-Unit are expected to drop – June 24! Look for features from Chino XL, Crooked I, RasKass, Psycho Realm, Diabolic and beats by Green Lantern,

Southpaw, Buckwild and Scram Jones. Nice! I still

want to know what happened to The Middle Passage, his unreleased other album.


WILL THE GAME GET PUSHED BACK? (APPARENTLY NOT)I got an update on this and I have been notified that The Game’s date is FIRM and it will be dropping on June 24. Thing is, I hear 50 claims it has been bumped back…we’ll see! Now, the question is, will 50 Cent stand firm on June 24? Could this be Kanye vs 50 Cent: The Gangster Rap edition?


So, you know 50 Cent and how he gets down. You also know, as

I just stated, that he is dropping a new album with G-Unit on the same date as

The Game, a former G-Uniter. Well, I am hearing a

buzz that 50 Cent has simply resigned to moving The Game’s release date back

for him. You know 50 Cent exercises his power like that here and there. I heard

that’s what happened to Styles P. Anyway, we’ll see if this is the case.




I know you probably saw this on all the bloggies

and radio stations, but I thought I would add it for today anyway. Here is what

50 Cent said about Ms. Keys notion that gangsta rap

might have had some help getting popular.


“I don’t like

Alicia Keys no more though … the same reason why I said that I don’t like Oprah

Winfrey,” 50 Cent toldThe Showbuzz.

“I’m prejudice(d). I don’t like people who don’t

like me. If you don’t like the content that I write because of my experiences;

I am being who I am when I am writing it. I fall into that ‘label’ as far as

you considering artists creating ‘Gangsta music,’ we

fall into that.


“If she don’t

like that, (then) I don’t like that classical music s— she be doing. At some

point she’s playing some s— that don’t relate to me. … We listen to it and

try to figure out why people actually enjoy it. I am trying to enjoy it. That

statement changes my perception of Alicia Keys totally. But the magazine is

standing behind it, which means they probably have a tape of her in

conversation saying it. It’s just not really a bright comment anyway.”

TORI’S TAKE ON IT ALL…Tori Lala is one of my good bud’s and she’s got an opinion. Check it out right here as it pertains to 50 Cent and Alicia Keys.This is a little late too, but people acted shocked and

outraged by the things Alicia Keys said. Biggie’s mom

has basically said the same thing. I can’t remember which one but in one of the

documentaries, while still at the hospital, Big’s

entourage were approached by FBI/CIA suit types, who showed them surveillance

pictures of just minutes before Biggie was shot, asking questions about the

people in the pictures. If they have pictures of just moments before – why

don’t they have pictures of the Impalla? Also, this

isn’t a new technique. Prodigy said basically the same thing happened when he

got arrested, that they wanted him to give information on 50. And back in the

day, the FBI and the CIA used to have undercover people at Black Panther

rallies to start a riot so they could issue criminal charges against the group.

The theory is, if you take down enough of the bigshots, eventually the movement will stop, so I could see

why they would try to kill the noise makers of hip hop.




You might not believe it, but Hillary Clinton can still win

the Democratic bid for the president. Click here, you haters.



you see Barack get the dirt off his shoulder? Toooooooo funny!


Rumor has it that Kanye and Alexis

are no longer engaged. He even allegedly asked for her ring back. Hold it down



Everyone’s heard about the supposed tiff between Beyonce and Jay-Z…you think this is true? A public fight? Thanks



I heard Violator management has signed an artist named Nathan

from the UK

and he’s already started working with Busta Rhymes.




50 Cent on Young Buck’s alleged habits (MTV):


“Buck’s probably high right now. He doesn’t even get

high anymore — he just maintains his [high]. You have to get sober to be high. When

they say, ‘Party like a rock star,’ he goes beyond what they are talking about.

Multiple, different s**t.







This is so nasty, that I had to include it.


In Crownpoint, Indiana

a truck driver created quite a stink on Indiana Highway 55. Dude was driving

and accidentally let a truckload of human feces spill onto the road. Read the rest

of the report from the AP:


The driver told police

he was hauling treated human feces from a water recycling plant in Portage when the load

spilled about 10:30 a.m. Thursday.


The Lake County

hazardous materials response team came to clean up the mess, along with the Crown Point Fire Department and Indiana State



The northbound and

southbound lanes of the highway were closed during the cleanup.


The Indiana Department

of Transportation cited the driver for an unsecured load.


There are better ways to drop a load, G.


READ SIGNS PART II: Man killed after freestyle battle goes wrong. This is “you mad ‘cause

I’m styling on you” times 1000.




You just cannot hurl racist comments to a group of Black

people! They will swarm you! I no longer advocate violence as a response to

ignorant people. If they attack you or even touch you is

another story…but peep this.






What do you think of this? I am not offering any judgment.








Oh really? The movie industry is definitely

looking to get a lil’ push via Hip-Hop. I wonder if Soulja Boy will get into a fight over this?



I am a lil indifferent to the

rumors right now so I might add more later if/when Lady

Drama jumps in. Or maybe some of my other budding assistants. 🙂YESTERDAY, WE LOVE YOU!

They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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