Hip-Hop Rumors: Young Buck Blasts G-Unit! Somebody Spreading Dirt On Jay-Z?

DISCLAIMER: All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on.YOUNG BUCK CALLS G-UNIT – “HATERS” I hear Young Buck is going to be releasing a lot of tracks going at G-Unit. I’m not sure if he should do […]


All content within this section is pure rumor

and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have

whispered in our ear. Read on.YOUNG BUCK CALLS G-UNIT – “HATERS”

I hear Young Buck is going to be releasing a lot of tracks going at G-Unit. I’m not sure if he should do things that way. 50 Cent could get all “diddy” on him and we’ll all be starting the “Free Young Buck” movement. I think they should just all be cool and go their separate ways.On “Laugh Now, Cry Later,” Young Buck says:“I’m glad they kicked me out the f**king group/ ‘Cause now the world sees I’m the mother f***in’ truth/ Now the streets like ‘Damn, homey, what happened to you/ I bet this conversation now/ I bet they tappin’ it too / I get paper, if you so major / You’re team ain’t s**t without the number one player!”I know you heard it, but I just got it last night. Young Buck indirectly comments on G-Unit on the remix of “Game’s Pain.” I have inserted where I personally think he is talking about his former friends.“I’m talking ‘bout Scarface, Outkast and 8Ball / UGK all day is what we would play, dog / I was in the blind like my name Ray Charles / Things you go through, Game, is what makes stars / All of my enemies, I don’t hate y’all / ‘Cuz I understand that it’s me that makes Y’all/”“You don’t (50 Cent and G-Unit), but all the real folk roll with me / You won’t so I’ma hold down your city (stab)/ You want me, shawty, now the time to come and get me / I’m Makaveli training and we on that old Biggie. What’s funny is The Game said, “Welcome Home,” but isn’t “home” G-Unit or Cash Money? Perhaps Game was being metaphysical and “home” is a mental state of being or mental freedom? LMAO. One thing is for sure, Buck isn’t free from the G-Unit contract yet.  DIRT ON JIGGA’S NAME?Why are are the Papz trying to mess up Jay-Z’s wedding game already? The gossip sites are reporting that “Young H-O” was seen having a quiet dinner with Alesha Dixon, a singer from the UK. Apparently, they were spotted at London’s Zuma restaurant. Beyonce was nearby, from what I heard. She definitely joined Jay at the Festival yesterday, where he defaced the reputation of that dude from Oasis. Jay is still a newlywed. He can’t be trying to get no tail from a young chickadee already. He probably wants to sign her to Roc Nation.[:H]FANTASIA GETS DROPPEDAmerican Idol Fantasia has been dropped. Not by her label, but by her managers, 19 Management. Seems like they have something called “creative differences.” I think it is more than that. Why? For all her funny faces, Fantasia is a marquee act that always manages to move units. She’s sold books, she’s an actress and normal people are interested in her – even if they are clowning her. With that said, I wonder what the real reason for the split is?HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KIM KARDASHIAN!Well, it wasn’t Kim’s birthday, but I thought it was a better draw that it being Khloe Kardashian’s 24th birthday. No disrespect, Khloe!  The Kardashians came through to  Pure nightclub in Vegas with all sorts of people like Reggie Bush and my imaginary ex-girlfriend Lauren London. People tried to say that Jeezy is dating Khloe, but nothing can be farther from the truth. So, they aren’t dating, despite the gossip mongers.ILLSEED’S QUICKIESWtf? Formula One racer Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger are an item now. This dude is some kind of mack. He keeps a famous broad. Shout out to Bossip.com on this one.Another One Down: Joy Bryant went and got married to David Pope, a stuntman of all things. They got hitched yesterday in the Hamptons, NY right on the beach.Speaking Of Weddings: Ruben Studdard got married yesterday too, but he was very traditional in a church. He had 20 groomsmen! That’s a lot! What wasn’t traditional about Ruben is that he met his wife in Wal-Mart as he signed CDs.What Happened? Can anybody tell me what happened to Miss Jones? She was recently booted off Hot 97’ morning show. Congrats to Big Boy on scooping the new gig though.Shout out! I can’t believe The Game has Big Daddy Kane, Dougie Fresh and KRS-One on his LAX Cd! WOW! I still can’t conceive paying $480,000 in child support per year.WORD? Even thought Rick Ross and Foxy Brown (aka Roxy) have denied it, people are saying they are engaged. Ross even said he is “married to money.” I wonder if money ever fronts like, “I have a headache.” MTV, Really? MTV has said they may still consider letting Brit Spears play the VMA’s even after her drunken performance last year.20! Rev. Al Sharpton has lost 20 pounds in six months. What’s the secret? Is it all that marching? U MAD? According to rumor, Bill Clinton gave Oprah Winfrey a very cold shoulder at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday celebration in London. Oprah went over to where Bill and Bill had next to nothing to say! U MAD, BILL? WOW! Keyshia Cole’s mother is supposedly writing a book.DAMN DMX! RISE UP DOG![&]I just have a hard time processing how far DMX has plummeted. I can honestly say – from the bottom of my heart – that I hope he can pull out of this. If you don’t know, DMX was arrested for trying to buy about $45 of cocaine in an undercover narcotics investigation. The cops said DMX want “30 Powder & 15 Weed,” which apparently means cocaine and marijuana.

There is HOPE! Look at what Whitney Houston used to look like!

N THE N-WORD?A young girl’s mother decided she wanted to make a statement about the N-Word and it backfired. An 8-year-old Long Island girl walks into her school with “N the N-word Its Time” on her shirt, a protest statement for change. Mom thought it was a good idea, but the school didn’t. They told her to go back home and change it. I’m not really sure what to make of this, but the ACLU has jumped in defense of the girl’s right to wear the short. Maybe the “N-Word” is


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