Hip-Hop Rumors:The Game Disses Christina Millian! Did Floyd Mayweather Shut Down Rick Ross?

DISCLAIMER:   All content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. Click here to read the rumors from earlier! DID RICK ROSS AND FLOYD MAYWEATHER CLASH IN VEGAS? Shout out to my homeboy the original youngmoney Hayden! He […]




content within this section is pure rumor and generally have no factual

info outside of what the streets have whispered in our ear. Read on. Click here to read the rumors from earlier!


Shout out to my homeboy the original youngmoney Hayden! He was in Vegas and witnessed something go down between Rick Ross and Floyd Mayweather. Here is the scene. Remember, I told you about 50 Cent and Floyd balling out at Club Pure? Well, after that…it was over. From what I understand, 50 Cent went about his business and Floyd moved over to Club Vanity, which is also in Vegas. This place is the same place that Diddy had his party. Now, this is straight from the sources…Floyd “punked” Rick Ross in front of everybody. They said Nelly and Jadakiss were there too. Now, everybody knows Vegas is Floyd’s town. He lives there and won’t even fight anywhere but Vegas so I am quite sure he was super deep. I’m not fully sure what being “punked” entails, but I assume it means moved out of VIP or something.

For those under a rock, Ross and Mayweather started to beef in 2009 after the rapper said something slick about Floyd’s money looking “funny in the light.” This goes back to the allegations that Floyd was making it rain with fake Benjis.



RadarOnline.com is lifting a mighty veil! They are charging that Shaquille O’Neal was in a high-end, long term affair with model Vanessa Lopez. The chicks is reportedly taking Shaq to court! She thought she was pregnant and she claims that Shaq harassed the hell out of her. And, therein is the issue..it all comes out. “It went to the extremes of the police getting involved and a report being filed,” the insider told RadarOnline.com exclusively. Maybe Shaq will just cut a check and make it go away.


Lil Duval apparently served his Christmas in jail. Dude said something like, “I’m too famous for this!” Well, that statement stood out in my brain, especially as it pertains to rumors. On New Years, Duval apparently showed up and went straight to the VIP of the Velvet Room. Well, the bouncers would not let him in! My sources say he called T.I. or somebody he was with called T.I. Not sure, but whoever he called didn’t help much and he just left. Jail on New Year’s would be the ultimate fail. Smart man, Duval is.


Man if you don’t stop posting those lies about Masonry. I had to send you my Masonic Diploma so that you know I can speak on it. And yes we do get Diplomas and if you don’t have that certificate # and that golden seal then unfortunately its a fraud. With that being said, let me address a few things that was in that video referencing all types of crazy stuff. Ok, the Knights Templar female reference. That’s crazy! History will tell you that there were no female templars! And in order to be a Knights Templar, you must have become a Master Mason first and woman are not Masons and Templars had red crosses on their armor. The Black cube…lol SMH there is no black cube. What he may be trying to reference is the 47th Problem of Euglid. It was invented by a great Freemason by the name of Phythagoras and it teaches us as Masons to be general lovers of the Arts and Sciences. Also, the blood drinking, lmao I must have missed that part when I became a Mason…Man we don’t drink blood. The handshakes, not one of them was correct even if a person knew the “secret handshake” a true Mason will know if its true or not.

That’s my Masonic lecture for the Illseed community b/c this Illuminatti crap and relating it to Freemasons is just crazy. Two totally different ideals and structure.


O-Solo is going all out. He’s dissing Jim Jones, Soulja Boy and even dudes like DJ Unk…lol…He’s barring nobody!

For more info, contact contry at davidccheek@gmail.com.


I have to admit, Tahiry is cool, but what did she do to be a celebrity? Anyway, she is so lets deal with it. Here, she answers a bunch of sex questions.


Here is some Illuminati Trivia from a knowledgeable reader in England. What bible did George Bush and George W Bush use to be sworn in to office? The same freemason bible that George Washington used on April 30, 1789.

Fans have a reason to celebrate! Michael Jackson has a new duet with Lenny Kravitz that leaked online recently!

Gilbert Arenas of the Washington Wizards didn’t have a license for the four guns he stashed in his NBA locker. When are dudes going to smarten up?

Pres. Obama appointed the first transgender as the Commerce Dept’s senior technical adviser. Amanda Simpson is forever in the history books…and so is Obama.

Keyshia Cole is reportedly engaged to ballplayer Daniel Gibson! He asked and she said, “YES.” Congrats.

Lil Boog of B2K (Jarell Damonte Houston) was recently arrested for fighting with the mother of his children. Oh man…poor dude.

Mikey T The Movie Star is getting around the town. Here are some rumors that he just sent me!

Bang ‘Em Smurf recently did an interview and he indicated that he’d be doing something with Benzino. With Royce and Crooked-I in arrears with him…I dunno.

Rumor has it, Jim Jones has let Max B go in his contract. This means Max might be able to put out music. Kinda sucks that he is in jail for 75 Christmases.

DJ Lazy K is supposedly releasing new Mase music…you know, stuff on Mase’s comeback. But, isn’t he still on Bad Boy technically? Anyway, this new Street Treats HD DVD will include new Max B, French Montana and Maino talking about Mike Beck.

Mikey T has more on deck. Stay tuned.


Read this report from the AP, about parents that gave their children homemade real tattoos. Shout out to Jose for sending!

Patty Jo Marsh and Jacob Bartels have tattoos. They decided that six of their children should have them as well. But tattooing children is illegal in Georgia, as is giving tattoos without a license, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The couple was arrested on December 28th and charged with tattooing and reckless conduct, both misdemeanors, and cruelty to children, which is a felony, according to the arrest report. They were released on December 29th on a $10,000 property bond.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the homemade tattoo machine Marsh and Bartels used is made from “electrical cord, spliced wiring and a guitar string for a needle.” The Free Press reports that Marsh and Bartels used the machine on themselves the same day, all with the same needle/guitar string.

The couple has seven children in their care, ages 17, 15, 12, 11, 11, 10 and 7. The 7-year-old did not receive a tattoo because Marsh and Bartels decided he was “too young,” Chattooga County Sheriff John Everett told the Free Press in an interview. Everett also said that he thought this case was “unusual,” and that he has “never seen parents tattooing their kids like that.”

People have gone plumb loco!!!!!!


Vanity Fair darkened Tiger Wood’s skin on the cover of their rag mag. What for? So he could look more sinister and menacing? More evil? Also, a Tiger Woods sextape is on the way. These hoes got Tiger good…but at the end of the day, dude was weak.

(for the record…he looks about the same color to me!)They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!


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