Pusha T Sends Sub-Diss To J. Cole!

The big homie of the South sends shade to another big homie of the south! J. Cole versus King Push is here.

(AllHipHop Rumors) There are beefs everywhere! Dems vs. Republicans! Liberals vs. Dave Chappell! Black people vs. Everybody! And now there is Pusha T vs. J. Cole!

Pusha T got everybody talking as he levied a subdiss to J. Cole…but is it shade or what? Look at this and you tell me:

Personally, I don’t see it as a diss…as it is written. However, we know there is more to this whole thing. First of all, King Push simply says he is speaking to BROTHERS that did NOT go to college like J. Cole. Those dear brothers that did NOT have a silver spoon or a BANKROLL! Those brothers that did what they had to do! They made something out of nothing! 

So what- J. Cole went to college? So did I. So did a lot of Black men. No biggie. Oh, but you know this is more than that, family! J. Cole has repeatedly taken shots at Kanye West and he and Pusha T have history.  First of all, it hs been stated that “Middle Child” is a Kanye West AND Pusha T diss. Check this out.

That sh*t goes HARD! Anyway, Pusha T ain’t one to let that sh*t ride! And he’s been taking shots ever since, but on the low doe. What do you think?

Listen to the OTHER new Pusha T song right here…and Kash Doll is on it too.