Hitmaka Gets Accused Of “Something Very Bad” By Tink


Hitmaka And Tink Are Going Back And Forth On Alleged Abuse!

Tink. What a talented artist. I am pretty sure she is getting more attention now that JUST with her music. She recently went live saying she had to defend herself from Hitmaka. He says he hit her, BUT she threatened to “expose” him if he releases the video. Oh lord! Is that extortion? How did we get here?

Before we do that, let us give the producer his moment.

Hitmaka took to Instagram Live to address the allegations made against him by Tink. Although his response was somewhat ambiguous, it all appeared to center around their partnership. It seems to be a t########### that was laced with financial disputes and a physical altercation. Hitmaka stressed he had no intention of sharing any alleged footage of the incident, but I also think her threat kept him in check. “I don’t even know what that girl is talking about,” he said. Hitmaka disclosed that he had not spoken to the rapper in approximately ten months, which makes for a weird dynamic. Why is this happening NOW, why have their been no charged filed and why are we seeing this in our faces on a easy-going Sunday?

Hitmaka did hint at taking legal action, but he did not state explicitly that Tink was his target. He emphasized that he did not wish to “speak ill” of her and still had love for her. AND YET he insisted that she would face consequences for her recent moves. I do not know a lot about Hit or Tink, but apparently she had been warned about him. In the comments, there seem to be some concern with him. Again, I do not know enough about it to say.

These two are from the same city – SAD. I hope they fix it or just stay away from each other. I do not want to see Tink like that ever again.