Hitman Holla Gets In Massive Beat Down With Known Shooter!

Hitman Holla

Hitman Holla might need Nick Cannon’s money in a recent case of a man that allegedly stalked him into a beat down.

Hitman Holla, the star of Nick Cannon’s Wild N Out, is the latest battle rapper in the news. We don’t know what happened exactly yet but, the battle rap lord was engaged in a HUGE BRAWL that resulted in a man getting beat down in the worst way imaginable. About 10 of Hitman‘s guys jumped on this single dude beating him senseless. The man’s alleged name is Byron Blake and he took this L at an Atlanta gas station.


Hitman Holla has a lot to lose these days, so why would he risk it all for violence? Well, it seems like Byron Blake – the alleged victim – and he have some history and that this was a clear case of revenge. Hitman alluded to this one social media: he said that he was beaten down previously by the man and his crew.

“Last time speaking on this.. a guy made a million blogs bragging on how 10 of his homies jumped me, followed my lil bro around sneak recording saying how he was caught lacking & woulda harmed him, clout chasing so much he pulled up to my place of WORK (MY BATTLE) to do god knows what yesterday (that happened at the venue before the battle) can y’all tell me a better reason a guy who wanna do harm to me showed up?”

Hitman Holla

This was on social media so he was basically admitting to a crime, but defending himself. I don’t think that’s too smart.

And now it seems the Internet is talking about this the guy. They are saying that he’s a real Street Dudes The Hommy’s actually be the type to shoot back. Now if I was him, I would take the legal route and put the Gangsta Waze aside. Why? Because this is 2021 and there’s no need to do football numbers in the latter years of your life. Just get to the money!

Here’s the explanation from Hitman!

He continues!

And here is the rumors of the man being somebody that may hit the hitman and make him holla!

Hitman Holla ain’t no sucks, but be easy! Be safe!