Who Is Out To Kill Hollow Da Don?

Hollow Da Don claims somebody is trying to kill him, but why? And Who!?

(AllHipHop Rumors) In battle rap, people get killed all the time. They kill more people that most genres of music. Hollow Da Don is known to be one of the illest battle rappers around, but things have just gotten a bit too ILL. The rapper claims that somebody is out to kill him! 

Usually, people deal with this stuff on the low or the c### back the hammer and brace themselves for what comes next. But this is why I am thinking it is real, because he almost seems desperate to get help. He is not going to the cops, but this is absolutely the distress signal those laws may need to pick up the case. Is that considered dry snitching? I don’t think so (I don’t know for sure), because although Hollow raps, he may just be a law-abiding citizen. That makes him able to go around the rules of the streets. Right? Check this out! 


Here’s the message in case it gets deleted because he answers ALL the stuff I just mentioned!: 

“Yall can make all the jokes you want but I left the streets in 2015, I conduct business. I don’t sell drugs and I dont hang out with people that do illegal activities. I’m putting out this video because I truly feel my life is in danger and I spent all morning thinking about getting an assault rifle. Then I thought about my son and started at the thought I’d be willing to take someone life over clothes and money. He gonna grow up without me because I was scare to look corny and just tell the people I’m scared for my life. I don’t know what else to do. I don’t want to go back to prison and I don’t want to die. So it’s either this or read “Battle Rapper Hollow Da Don go caught with a Ar-15” “Battle Rapper Hollow Da Don shot and Killed”. I’m here alone in Los Angeles, I have no enemies here and I bother no one. I’m sorry to the people I did bad business with. Things have gon too far when you are spending thousands of dollars to try to take someone down. Invest that into building yourself up and bringing out the God in you. You can make a brand 10x bigger than LOM with this time, money and energy that has been spent. It’s doing on 2 years now. FYI this is called dry snitching for people that’s in the street. I pay taxes and don’t qualify for the streets. I’m a square. Period, I like life better that way at 35. I’m not a kid, and the people doing this are mid 40’s that what so crazy. Please dont text me, I’m turning my phone off.”

May the good Lord be with him!

Now, what do you think? Could this ruin him as a rapper? I always thought his name represented “hollow point bullets” or something. If that is the case, this is over. I hope the brother is safe and lives long enough to get roasted at a battle over this! 

At the day’s end, he’s a father…nothing really beats that. 

Stay safe!