How Ja Morant Played Himself Terribly!

Ja Morant

Ja Morant had it all and he blew it, but he may have made an even bigger transgression according to street law.

By now you know the NBA delivered a 25-game suspension to Ja Morant, effectively ending the NEXT season for the Memphis Grizzlies superstar. That’s right, this all takes effect at the beginning of the next season. Whether or not this is fair has been the subject of much debate. All of this is the result of dude displaying a firearm during an Instagram Live stream. What made matters worse was that he had recently been suspended for a similar incident in a nightclub in the Denver area. To make matters even MORE complicated, Morant personally reassured NBA Commissioner Adam Silver TO HIS FACE (yes, all caps and italics!) that he would change his behavior.

But now there is a sudden plot twist.

On May 14, Ja Morant recorded a video of himself holding a TOY gun, aiming to clarify to his family and friends that he did not have a real tun in the video in question. TMZ Sports has recently acquired the footage and the revelation is stunning. So, we are now looking at a scenario where he is losing a year’s pay, endorsements and more. The “toy” was actually a lighter that he used to light candles.

Oh man, so…all of this over a fake gun? The crazy thing is this was already suggested by Claudia Jordan and apparently some individuals within Morant’s circle made this reveal to her. The whole EFF, B? So Ja has not fully confirmed that this is the case yet. Why? I would imagine that he would have even more egg on his face if “the streets” found out that he wasn’t even packing heat. He had a toy? Oh, now you are a whole clown out here!

No matter what…here we are.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver issued a 25-game suspension to Morant as a consequence. In response to the ban, Morant expressed his apologies and pledged to exhibit better behavior, stating his intention to be “a better man than what I’ve been showing you.”