Ice Cube Raises Eyebrows With Trump, Biden & Proud Boys Comments

Ice Cube

Ice Cube is talking, but what is he saying about the presidential debate and the proud boys?

After the debate, I thought I would have heard a lot from Ice Cube. But according to a single tweet, it wasn’t apparent that Cube had a lot to say OR he just didn’t see the debate. At any rate, the West Coast overlord has people talking about what he’s not seeing with regard to the debate. Joe Biden and Donald Trump were embroiled in a squabble of epic proportions last night which was supposed to be a presidential debate on the issues facing the United States of America. It turned out to be one big colossal mess! One would expect someone as overtly active in getting folks to recognize the power of the Black vote would have more to say than this:

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Ice Cube talks Joe Biden Donald Trump debate
Ice Cube made it seem like the Proud Boys were just a regular racist group. And that Donald Trump and Joe Biden were just two presidential guys vying for the leadership of the country. But this is not the same ol’ same ol’, as evidenced by the year 2020. This is a special year with special circumstances and a lot is on the line for your average everyday person, which O’Shea Jackson is not. He’s a damn LORD – READ: “Lord” Ice Cube Could Now Be Repping Scotland With Land Purchase!

So, I am hopeful Ice Cube will come from the castle and holler at some of us because our views are very different from his views. And our needs are much different than a multi-millionaire rapper and actor. By the way, here is Ice Cube’s Federal Plan For Black America.