Ice Cube’s Big3 League Ratings Put NBA Summer League On A Poster In Spite Of Investor Spat

Ice Cube BIG3

The Big3 League ratings just so happened to spike amid beef with NBA.

Ice Cube’s Big3 league surged in ratings over the NBA’s Summer League action.

The global three-on-three basketball league is known for its fiery performances from former NBA stars such as Nick “Swaggy P” Young and Joe “Iso Joe” Johnson. Additionally, the 2023 season of Big3 action includes the added attraction of a tribute to the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop.

In essence, the Big3 is the only place right now where you can see artists such as Ja Rule, KRS-One and NLE Choppa perform while Michael Beasley posterizes a casual as if it’s 2008 again. Bro, Cube even suited up and shared the stage with Choppa.

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Apparently, that formula has been enough for the Big3 to eclipse the impression of the NBA’s annual Summer League competition. The league’s recent stop in Memphis generated a 46 percent increase in viewers per the massive three-and-a-half-hour broadcast window. And no, NLE Choppa did not perform “S### Me Out” so you can’t try and say Cube hit the Gen-Z, TikTok demo glitch.

Not even the No. 1 overall pick, the Parisian seven-foot stretch-five hybrid forward Victor Wembanyama, getting cooked and put on a poster could draw fan’s eyes from Big3 action. Cube and the Big3 really “messed around and got a triple-double” ratings-wise — and in the midst of the moment, took a second to talk spicy numbers on Twitter.

“Where’s our coverage from the Gatekeep—- I mean, Sports media????????,” Cube wrote in part. “Week 4 @thebig3 viewer stats: BIG3 had 600,000 viewers on CBS.” Cube continued, “Up 75,000 from Week 3. NBA Summer league on ESPN at 3pm did 309,000 and at 5:14pm did 356,000 viewers MLB on FS1 at 4pm did 369,000 viewers.”

For Cube and the Big3 “It Was A Good” after all! And we talking about the OG version, not the Logic one. No disrespect Bobby Valentino but it’s the NWA vet’s time to shine.

With all this new data at hand, Adam Silver might want to consider meeting Cube’s demands of the NBA dropping a bylaw preventing team owners from investing in the Big3. Nah, on the real Silver better tighten up before Cube has LeBron James sneak him into his next LeGM meeting with Jeanie Buss, Rob Pelinka so he can apply that Mt. Westmore pressure.