Ice Spice Fan Hands Rapper The Bible Following Her Halloween Weekend Performances

Ice Spice

Ice Spice living rent free in the minds of Christians is WILD!

It’s safe to say Ice Spice broke the internet this weekend—but apparently she might need the presence of the Holy Spirit as a result. Assuming your timelines weren’t flooded with endless clips of Ice Spice’s derriere, the rapper made multiple cameos at Philadelphia’s Powerhouse 2023 concert.

On Sunday (October 29), she opted for a Halloween costume, taking the stage in a teenie-tiny Betty Boop costume. But her outfit for Saturday’s (October 28_ performance was just as short and revealing as the aforementioned ensemble.

Of course, Ice Spice went viral after multiple camera angles caught her serving up unadulterated cake and posts about it sprung up like wildfires on social media. But it appears her blatant display of cleavage did more than entice the mind. In a story she posted to her Instagram account, Spice revealed a fan had given her a whole Bible following her performance in her Betty Boop costume. “Why a fan gave me a bible after the show,” she wrote in the caption of a photo of The Good Book.

While it’s yet to be determined whether Spice actually needs Jesus, the data is irrefutable concerning her ability to translate sex appeal into the marketability of her music. For example, one Twitter user highlighted that her breakout “Deli” single garnered more than 700,000 streams the same day she brought out the slinky Betty Boop costume. So, in a sense, she’s racking up streams for serving up her assets and it’s working in her favor right now. Whether that’s sustainable is one of those “known unknowns.” While we figure it out, peep more footage of Ice Spice tearing down the stage while wagging her wagon below.