Ice Spice Responds To Sex Tape Rumors

Ice Spice

Recently, there was a sex act in mass distribution on social media. The hair looked like Ice Spice, but she said like Shaggy – “It wasn’t me!”

I wrote about it. I was shocked to see it, but Ice Spice is saying “It ain’t true.” A couple days ago Twitter was on fire, because Ice Spice supposedly had a sextape for all to see on the social network. As I said, I wasn’t about to post such filth on AHH. Nevertheless, it was crazy to see! Now, this supposed Ice Spice was seen in at least two capacities that I saw. Neither one gave a clear view of her unique face, but it did seem to have her unique hair.

Some people even suggested that it was Drake that did the leaking of this tape. Now, I definitely find that crazy. I do not think that Drizzy would leak his own privates for the world to see just to expose a fledgling rapper. Anyway, that is out.

She says this ain’t her in the sex tape.

I totally missed this yesterday. It seems like she ain’t tripping off it.

As nothing as this is, it did not stop people from having fun with it and I don’t mean playing with themselves.

She also posted some stuff of her and Big Tigger on the latest iteration of Rap City.