Illseed’s Quickies: From Quando Rondo To Andre 3000 To Kevin Gates

Kevin Gates, Courtesy Of Atlantic Records

Quando Rondo, Andre 3000 and Kevin Gates all have something interesting to say.

Let us just get this out of the way. Andre 3000 enjoys the flute more than rapping right now. Yes, André 3000, also known as André Benjamin, a member of the hip-hop duo Outkast, a Rap God, is known for his affinity for playing the flute. You might not remember but he played the instrument on the group’s (really a solo hit) “Roses” Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. That was 20 years ago, folks. André 3000’s flute playing has become a social media hotbed, because it seems to always garner him attention. We have another sighting. This time Japan.

It seems like Quando Rondo has done a lot of growing. People are praising him for taking a bunch of trauma and pain and turning it into something positive. Still, that does not stop him from doing his interview with “Off The Porch” in a remote, more secure location. Basically, he did his interview in a dark blue room. If you so care, check it out. This. is a far cry from the leaked record by Lil Durk. On another note, Durk has shown a lot of growth too.

They tried to put dirt on my bro Kevin Gates’s name! Well, damn it, that man is not the man you thought he was. He has evolved considerably. So, even when you try to say he’s gay or something like that, he’s got a highly-evolved response for you suckers. But there is also some street stuff mixed in here, where they are calling him a snitch. If he had not addressed it, I probably could have looked past it. Check out what he says.

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So, here are more details and context.

During a recent interview, Lilah Gibney, a transgender woman, shared her ALLEGED experience involving Gates. Lilah stated that she engages in direct messages with famous rappers for the sole aim of getting money from the. According to her account, she went on a dinner date with the Louisiana rapper and even ordered caviar for the first time. This human being says Gates took her back to his home and introduced her to his wife, Dreka Gates. That’s interesting. That would mean his wife would be able to corroborate or deny this. Anyway, she says they retreated to his room for “doing the do” and revealed her transgender status with him. She said that the rapper noticed her “differences,” but that did not stop them from doing it. He blocked her afterwards. Be very clear, I am rocking with the soldier on this rather than somebody with all sorts of motive to lie on him. I won’t even even post the interview.

I will post OUR interview with the good brother Gates!