“Institutional Constraints” Aka Racism Apparently Stopped Obama From Talking About Police Murder Of Blacks

Obama is being criticized again.

Recently, Obama said that institutional constraints stopped him from remarking on the police killings of black people in America. The conversation was set to the police killing of George Floyd. But it’s spun into another conversation about what Obama could or couldn’t have done while he was president. Remember, there were a number of high dash profile police murders when Obama was in office. He said a few things but he didn’t make any super push against police brutality and or police terror or even institutional racism. He did, but he also didn’t. He could’ve done more, he admits but says that basically systemic racism stopped him. Not sure why that’s so hard to believe, but people are giving him significant flack.

Here’s what he said:

“I did not in any way want to endanger their capacity to go in, investigate and potentially charge perpetrators, which meant that I could not come down or appear to come down decisively in terms of guilt or innocence. Keep in mind, in 2012, I won. But I didn’t win congressmen and we didn’t win a bunch of governorships back. We didn’t win a bunch of state legislators back,” Obama said “And so, all the reform initiatives that we were coming up with, and the ideas that had been generated, we weren’t able to translate into as bold a set of initiatives as I would have wanted.”

Here is what I said on rap forum Boxden:

Damn, you hate to see it.
I can’t diss Obama because that man would be dead if he got revolutionary in the LEAST. Being Black and president was a revolutionary act. I don’t think we can imagine the pressure of being in that spot knowing that anybody that ever tried to push the line got his noodles splashed.

But, Obama was a real Black president. He just had to play the game. And yall act like white supremacy ass Trump and the KKK republicans are are some kinda of symbol of power. No. They are just a symbol of white male terror and racism. The same MFers that razed Black Wall Street. Yall act like we didnt fight back. And you act like Obama did nothing. All lies.

I am not loving this, but also the slander is ridiculous from people on a damn message board in a lazy boy.

That said…I maybe dumb and blind but I am not gonna cape for Trump as some “super guy that lets his nuts hang” over Obama who had to be absolutely perfect just not to get murdered. FOH.

What do you think???