The Internet Believes Tory Lanez Took This Hilarious L!


(AllHipHop Rumors) I swear y’all wan’t let Tory be great!

As you know people have been divided when it comes to Tory Lanez since he hit the scene. He has some nice songs….did good flips on samples, but not all are receptive of him especially for his inflated arrogance, and Drake loud and soft disses.

Tory has also been accused of not having his own sound and of sounding like everyone else. With all of this said, the net seems to believe the singer/rapper has taken another L in a video that has surfaced that shows men in a street fight with people believing the man in the black to be Lanez.

I don’t believe this is Tory, but if it is, he certainly threw a lot of punches, but none of them connected.

In the grainy clip, you can see a man that some say resembles Lanez try to kick a man and fall. He stands back up, and tries to throw some punches while two other men keep fighting.

The alleged Lanez keeps trying to throw punches but they just hit the air.

Even if Lanez doesn’t really have those hands, I would like to believe that his hands are better than this, especially the way he super hero climbs venues when he’s performing. Speaking of that, WTF is his insurance policy like.

Whether this is Tory or not, it sure is pretty hilarious! Check out the clip and you decide.