Irv Gotti Hints At Problems In Tupac’s Estate


(AllHipHop Rumors) Irv Gotti just brought some attention to the Tupac estate.

Irv has been campaigning hard for his Hip Hop anthology series ‘Tales’ on BET.

The series takes the stories of classic Hip Hop records and turns them into episodes.

Irv posted a classic Tupac photo that shows Tupac after he was shot at Quad studios with a caption that read,

“Tupac. Immortal. Icon. #mood #talesonbet #tidal #visionaryideas #hiphopculturedtv #talestuesdays #coldhearted Follow @visionaryideas and @murderincrecords Snapchat irvgotti2626

A fan then told Irv that he should make a “Dear Mama” episode to which Irv replied explaining that he actually tried to do a Tupac episode, but there had been a roadblock.

“@wslongbeach_ I tried to do Ambitionsz Az a Ridah man. But when his mom died. His estate is in shambles with people fighting over who owns it. So I couldn’t get the clearance. I’m hoping it will be situated for next season. Y’all know I love Pac man,” said Irv.

Irv went on to expand on the hold up when he told another fan,

“@dream.cee when his mom died. She was still legally married to someone she was getting a divorce from. And I believe that man wants to own a piece of Pacs estate. I am not 100% sure. But it’s something like that.”

Ahhhh man. It’s been a crazy year for Pac’s legacy with the release of a biopic that many are divided on, and his estate allegedly being in shambles!

We hope Irv get’s to do a Tupac-inspired episode!

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