Is A Kodak Black Interview Threatening to Become A Hit Song?

“My name Kodak Black, but when you see me I’m white.” – Kodak Black

Of course, the internet is an incredible instrument. For the most part, it has the uncanny ability to transform the mundane into the extraordinary. So, is a recent Kodak Black interview threatening to become a hit song?

Absolutely, it is. Thank you, Sir. As of late, Snipe sits down with Sundae Conversation; there, he chops it up with Caleb Pressley. To begin with, this epic interaction quickly becomes enthralling.

Coming up, on Feb. 25, Super Gremlin’s pending LP, Back for Everything drops. Thus far, the public is appreciating a few of its catchy singles. “My name Kodak Black, but when you see me I’m white. Kodak Black, but I might f### your white wife” raps Mr. McFly.

Soon, the former football player stoically asks, And how come?” Needless to say, Kutthroat Bill maintains his composure. Again, he spits what appears to be metaphorical bars, “I bring the biggest gun to the knife fights, Burn a lot of money and I smoke a lot of Spice.”

Well, since Hip-Hop celebrates poetic license, it is unclear if everything the GAS rapper says should be taken literally. Although, a figurative nod is definitely worth discussing. Whatever the case may be, besides a slight controversey here and there, Lil Black stays winning.

Overall, the Painting Pictures poet possesses the coveted ability to transform sounds into memories. Ultimately, for those interested individuals, they may check out the interview in its entirety. Do, enjoy.