Is Afrika Bambaataa Back Outside Despite Sexual Allegations?

Afrika Bambaataa

Afrika Bambaataa is still being charged with grooming boys and other cases. Nevertheless, we hear Bam is “outside” as Hip-Hop celebrates 50 years!

Hip-Hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa has been almost written out of the culture’s history. And, I have to admit, that’s a shame. The reality is numerous people have accused him of sexual improprieties around young boys. That’s no rumor, even though he’s never been convicted of any crimes. Often times, the statute of limitations has lapsed or the case is never pursued legally.

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Nevertheless, several people have talked about it, and others have submitted anonymously to us what has allegedly occurred. Nevertheless, Afrika Bambaataa defended himself publicly in several key interviews. And when the dust settles, he’s still a free man and innocent under the law—the court of public opinion is a different story. As we celebrate 50 years of Hip-Hop music, we don’t hear his name mentioned very much. And the crazy thing is, he’s the founder of the Universal Zulu Nation, which is an international movement started in the Bronx. On top of that, he’s also a pioneering genius musician and one of the pillars of this thing of ours.

We haven’t seen him doing very much outside of being talked about in back door conversations. Is that going to change soon? Outside of the U.S., I would imagine Bam is not as disgraced. I’m getting word he’s now booking shows in other places. I’m not going to promote the place, but I’ve seen the bookings and he’s paired up with other legends. I wonder, as we get close to the 50th, will he “come outside” here in the States?

On another note, The Universal Zulu Nation has disputed the “birthdate” of Hip-Hop. They basically say they started before that infamous party that Kool Herc and his sister Cindy Campbell held at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in the Bronx.

Here’s a refresher on Bam and what he’s done for Hip-Hop.