Is Bill Cosby Going To Jail?

Jail for Bill?

I can’t say how this case against Bill Cosby has me astonished. Thus far – and I could be wrong – nobody has produced a shred of evidence. There have only been allegations. Now that is not to say that Bill is innocent, but just a statement of fact. Of course he could have done it. There are like 15-20 women accusing him of heinous acts of rape and deception. So, why would Bill be facing jail time? Some have theorized that he is going to catch a case. Well, somebody is accusing him of doing something in 2008, which would mean, IF there is an investigation, Bill could catch a case. I am thinking Bill in 2008 is not really screwing mad chicks in the Playboy mansion. But, this is what Chloe Goins, 24, is saying. She claims when she was 18, Bill drugged her and when she woke up, he was licking her toes. I can’t call it, but at least one of these claims has to be opportunist. At this point in history, anybody can get it.

But, on lawyer said the most that will come out of this is a massive, career-ending shame-fest. No charges.