Is Boxer Jermall Charlo On “That Stuff”? Talks Canelo Alvarez Fight On Live

Jermall Charlo

Boxer Jermall Charlo was expected to fight Canelo Alvarez, but instead we got a drunken explanation why his twin brother Jermell Charlo will do it.

What is going on with Jermall Charlo!?

Jermall Charlo, in a video shared on social media, appeared to be slurring his words and expressed his intention to let his twin brother Jermell fight Canelo Alvarez before him, stressing they wanted to maximize their earnings. Uhm, ok. But it did not stop there.

However, Jermall’s current state doesn’t seem suitable for facing formidable opponents like Canelo or even fighters in his own division. Canelo and Premier Boxing Champions should carefully consider whether it’s wise to involve him in a fight at all after seeing these videos. While such a match could generate revenue if the priority is solely financial, it is expected that Canelo would easily defeat an impaired Jermall. And what about Jermall’s situation? Where are his true friends!?

In the video, Jermall’s speech was slurred, and he appeared unfocused and disoriented. It’s unclear what exactly is afflicting him, but he doesn’t seem ready to face any opponent, let alone the undisputed super middleweight champion Canelo. In the video, Jermall mentioned “psychedelics,” a term historically associated with LSD or Acid.

It’s unclear whether he was referring to that particular substance or using the term in slang.

Look at this mess!

At least in this video, somebody told him to get off live.

I hope he can do this again: