Is Chris Brown Considering Cohabiting With His Daughter's Mother?


Photo via TMZ/Getty Composite

Is Chris Brown taking his father duties serious? Does he plan to move his daughter and her mother Nia into his home?

Side note: Are we the only ones that still wonder has a paternity test been done?

According to Hollywood Life:

They have learned that Breezy’s 9-month-old daughter, Royalty, and her mother, Nia Amey, may be moving in! A source told Hollywood life that Brown and Amey’s relationship is a lot stronger now that they have a better understanding. “And yes, her living with him – it’s on his mind and he’s trying to figure out just how that would work. He knows Nia wants to move to LA. It’s a lot cheaper for him to move her in with him that it would be to set her up on her own,” adds the source. Fortunately, it’s not just financial reasons that could influence Chris’ living arrangement. For the new father, Chris’ main reason for inviting Nia to move into his home would be for Royalty’s sake.

“That doesn’t mean he’s about to start sleeping with her again or even laying in the same bed. It ain’t going to be like that. If he did this, Nia would have her own separate room. No funny business would go on. It would be for the sake of the baby only,” the source continues. “He’s not sure how it would work, but he’s going to make it happen. If there’s one thing in his life he’s going to take seriously, it’s his daughter,” revealed the insider. “Chris is actually really glad and thankful he has a daughter. He’s told Tyga “for once in my life, I can’t be selfish. It ain’t even about me no more, it’s about Royalty now,” our source tells us.

I don’t think anyone is surprised that Chris Brown got someone pregnant by now………but this chick? We’ll keep you posted.